5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Galentine's Day

By Hayley Donigan


Hooray for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single, in a long distance relationship, or simply looking to celebrate your friendships this year, it’s time to embrace the newest twist on this classic holiday: “Galentine’s Day.”

You wouldn’t be you without your closest gal pals by your side, so change up your usual weekend plans to incorporate this adorable new trend into your annual celebrations. We’ve got five great ideas for you to plan an unforgettable Galentine’s Day, so prepare to make everyone on Instagram jealous!

Idea #1: A Classy Brunch


What could be funner than getting together with your best friends for a classy champagne brunch? Dig out all of your cutest mugs and host it at your house, or turn it into a picnic if the weather is nice! We recommend crepes, fresh fruit, and lots of croissants for the menu.

Idea #2: A Gift Exchange


Who says that a friend can’t be your Valentine? Embrace the principles of “Secret Santa” and have a “Secret Cupid” gift exchange with your pals. Don’t be surprised if the present you get is better than any present a boyfriend has ever given you!

Idea #3: A DIY Party


Gather up all of the nail polishes, face masks, and beauty treatments between you and have the DIY party to end all DIY parties. Scour the internet for ideas, and pamper yourselves with whatever you’ve got on hand. After you’ve all had makeovers, put on your nicest clothes, and head out for a night on the town!

Idea #4: A Wine Tasting Night?


Crack out the cheese board, and put your basic wine knowledge to the test by having a wine tasting night with the gals. Send out classy invitations, and ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and get dressed up. Once the conversation gets flowing, you might all decide to turn this into a regular plan.

Idea #5: A Weekend Getaway


Present your best friend with a Glamping Hub gift card, so you can plan an incredible adventure for just the two of you! You can book somewhere for Valentine’s Day, or you can spend the day dreaming of all the possibilities for where you can head.

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