A Message From the Glamping Hub Team

Glamping hub company statement

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are dedicated to helping our community. We are doing our very best to ensure that we are simultaneously keeping all of our guests and hosts safe and trying to minimize as much damage and impact to our Glamping community as possible. 

Advice for our hosts and guests

We are encouraging our Glamping Hosts to adopt more flexible cancellation policies to those who wish to cancel due to travel restrictions as well as concerns over their well being. We also ask our guests to support our Hosting community, many of which are small business owners and try to re-arrange travel dates.

What to do if your trip is affected

If you have any upcoming booking with Glamping Hub, please refer to our FAQ’s on COVID-19 so you know what to do if your trip is impacted by COVID-19. Please reach out to [email protected] if you require any assistance. 

Most importantly, Glamping Hub is family; please stay up to date with the latest information and take care of yourselves and everyone around you.

The Glamping Hub team

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