A New Spin on Destination Weddings

By Abby Jeffords

Have you been to a wedding lately? If you have, then you may have noticed that things have changed a bit. The days of the traditional and more formal church nuptials haven’t disappeared completely, but many happy couples are choosing entirely different ways to celebrate their eternal bond. Wild destinations, casual dress, friends and family members officiating. The days of grand ballrooms, overcooked chicken, and post party honeymoon departures are fading fast and a new era of exotic landscapes, organic vegetables and khaki suits has arrived.

Destination weddings, although not a brand new concept, are one of the most popular diversions from conventional celebrations. For decades, couples have hauled their cakes and comrades to romantic spots around the world to exchange their vows. The sands of Hawaii and the Bahamas have seen more ceremonies than we could ever imagine. But although sunny resorts with spa services and chic beachside hotels with celebrity chefs do the trick, a new kid is in town—glamping.

Want to take your outdoor wedding to the next level and make it an adventure your guests will truly never forget? Commandeer a luxury camping site. Have your ceremony on a secluded Spanish beach or in a Norwegian forest glen or on a towering cliff overlooking the Pacific. Party into the night in a spacious candle-lit yurt or under a fabric tent so thin you can see the stars. Send your guests to bed in a deluxe safari tent or soaring tree house, complete with feather beds, private soaking tubs and champagne breakfasts. The options are endless and each more fabulous than the last.

Everyone will remember your wedding because glamping is an utterly unique experience that puts an entirely new spin on the concept of destination I do’s. Not every glampsite accommodates weddings but there are many picturesque and exceptionally romantic ones that do. Check out this recent Glamping Hub blog post to get a bit of inspiration.