Adventurous Road Trips Across Australia



As the sixth largest country in the world, there’s a lot of territory to cover on a glamping getaway to Australia, and what better way to see it all than by car? Get swept up by the spirit of the open road, rent a vehicle, and choose your path. You’re sure to encounter a luxury rental to your liking in every spot you go along your adventurous road trip across Australia.

There are many different highways one can choose for an Australian road trip, but here are our top three with their accompanying glamping accommodations:

The Stuart Highway

Take Australia on from top to bottom with The Stuart Highway, starting in the Northern Territory and making it all the way down to South Australia. The trip will begin with a stay at these spirited, eco-conscious cabins on Bremer Island, leading to a bed and breakfast eco-cottage in Wilpena, and finishing off the trip with these unique, modern cottages with ocean views in Bald Hills.

Spirited Cabins on a Remote and Stunning Island

Bremer Island, Northern Territory

Bed and Breakfast Eco-Cottages Overlooking Wilpena Pound

Wilpena, South Australia

Unique, Modern Cottages with Ocean Views

Bald Hills, South Australia

Perth to Broome

Sticking to the Western coastline, the Perth to Broome road trip route will give you an authentic, off-the-grid feel of Australia, allowing you to experience the country’s beauty without an overwhelming amount of other tourists trying to do the same. We recomend starting with these unique rentals at a spa retreat just past Perth, moving to a luxury tent lodge in the outback, and topping off the trip at a luxury villa near Cable Beach in Broome.

Spa Retreat in Antique Train Carriage

Pemberton, Western Australia

Luxury Tent Lodge Accommodation in the Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Gorgeous Villas near Turquoise Waters of Cable Beach

Broome, Western Australia

Pacific Highway

Indisputably forming part of the most popular region of Australia, the Pacific Highway runs between two major cities—Brisbane and Sydney—allowing you to stop off and experience the hidden nooks and crannies along the country’s eastern coast. You’ll begin by luxury tent camping in the location of your choice near Sydney, switching it up to an authentic tipi at a family-friendly glamping site with a plethora of activities for glampers of all ages, and rounding out the road trip with a stop at a secluded rainforest suite right outside of Broome.

Cozy Tent Rentals with Flexible Location For Tent Camping near Sydney

Kingswood, New South Wales

Group Luxury Camping Getaway in New South Wales

Krambach, New South Wales

Intimate Private Suite with Astounding Rainforest Views

Mount Glorious, Queensland

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