Win a Tiny House Stay: Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole

By Chloe Stein

This contest has ended—good luck to all who participated! Stay tuned for the winner's announcement, which will go live on December 11th.

The tiny house from the exterior.

Ever wondered what it would be like to "sleep tiny?"

We've teamed up with the incredible Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to give you and your glamper of choice a spectacular getaway in one of our most prized tiny houses.

Enter to win this giveaway, and you'll receive a two-night stay at the Kamp Cabin tiny house!

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The bedroom in the tiny house.
Located in Wilson, Wyoming, and just a short drive away from Yellowstone National Park, the owners of the Kamp Cabin tiny house have turned their resort into one of our top destinations in Jackson Hole—not to mention, the ultimate honeymoon destination.

Inside the tiny house.
The Kamp Cabin tiny house is certainly a romantic getaway. It's close proximity to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, however, make it the perfect weekend vacation for any adventurous duo—just take a look at it's surroundings!

Inside the tiny house.
Its top features include a sturdy wood-paneled floor, large windows which let in the morning light, and a charming fire pit for evenings under the stars.

Inside the tiny house.
But that's not it, their accommodations on site are also sustainably-built and LEED-certified cabins, all of which redefine luxury lodging as a whole.

The tiny house from the outside at nighttime.
More than all that, the Fireside Resort provides guests with an unforgettable stay—enveloped by nature and coupled with a five-star, boutique-hotel experience. Enter to win a stay at this tiny house today!

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Win a Tree House Stay: Treetop Hideaways

By Chloe Stein

exterior of luna loft tree house at night

This giveaway has ended. Stay connected with our blog for an announcement on our Tree House Giveaway winner. Thanks to all who participated—good luck!

Have you been looking for the perfect excuse to sleep in the trees?

We've teamed up with the crew from Treetop Hideaways to give you and your glamper of choice a spectacular experience in one of our most prized tree houses. Enter to win this giveaway, and you'll receive a two-night stay at the Luna Loft Tree House.

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exterior photo of the large windowsLocated 10 minutes outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and close to the Appalachians, the owners of this tree house have turned a small piece of land to a haven for guests looking to explore this area.

exterior of the tree house during the dayThe Luna Loft Tree House is an incredible destination for couples looking for their first glamping adventure. Just take a gander at it's interior.

tree house interior in tennesseeIts most notable features include a custom-crafted interior, constructed out of vintage whiskey barrels and local aged wood sourced from a 1860s barn.

photo of surrounding natureMost importantly, its structure has been built to work with the natural tree growth and surrounding woodlands—making it not only a charming escape, but also an eco-friendly, sustainble structure.

photo of the tree house beams and lights

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Staff Picks: Chloe's Top Five

By Chloe Stein

Staff Picks: Every two weeks, we'll be bringing you one of our staffer's favorite glamping sites. This week, Chloe is here to share which accommodations she's chosen!

When working at Glamping Hub, not a day goes by without oogling and ogling over a newly-listed tree house, a funky yurt or a charming shepherd hut—and don't even get me started on tiny houses, they're utterly praise-worthy.

So, let's begin our first week of staff picks with two things in mind. One, prepare to be amazed, and two, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a tiny house.

1 - Tree House: Misiones, Argentina

This new sign up is the bee's knees, his legs, and his arms. Why do we love this Argentinian tree house? I mean, isn't it obvious?

2 - Tented Cabins: Rhone Alps, France

These tents are our second choice as they are available year-round—withstanding winter, spring, summer and fall. Also because we can always get down with a glass of Côtes du Rhône, from the Rhone Alps, with love.

3 - Safari Tent: Kanab, Utah

This third pick makes our list for many reasons, but the number one? Location, location, location. This destination is right next to the immaculate Grand Staircase National Park, as seen in the second photo below.


Photo by Kane County Office of Tourism

4 - Private Island: Little Diamond, Maine

If we were to pick one region in the world to camp for the rest of our days, it would probably be New England—which brings us to this private island rental in Maine.

5 - Tiny House: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Don't say we didn't warn you! This gosh-darn adorable tiny house is what dreams are made of. Is that going overboard? Personally, we think not. All hail tiny houses!

Like what you see? Stay tuned for our staff picks in the weeks to come or, if you're feeling adventurous, create a free Glamping Hub account and start your own wishlist today!

Most Underrated Cities to Travel to in the U.S.

By Chloe Stein

Photo of Providence Rhode IslandPhoto by: Estately Blog

Which city is your number one?

New York? San Fran? How about Chicago? Well, from Sinatra tributes to killer hot dogs, these guys get a lot of credit. Isn't it time we shed a light on some of the underdogs?

So, if you're much like Frank himself, and also left your heart in San Francisco, maybe it's time you pick yourself up and discover new pastures?—and by that we mean trendy coffee shops.

Travel to some of these underrated—yet oh, so beloved—cities and re-discover our top Davids of Goliaths, if you will.

Asheville, North Carolina: "San Francisco of the South"

Photo of Asheville, North CarolinaPhoto by: The Reserve at Lake Keowee

Why visit: Set against the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is where it's at. This southern gem is known as the San Fran of the south for three reasons—great art, good food and funky breweries. From the historic Biltmore House to its vibrant arts scene, this city oozes character and—on top of that—its quite the looker, if we do say so ourselves.

Where to stay: Eco-Friendly Bungalow

The eco-friendly bungalow in North Carolina from the outside.

Park City, Utah: "Festival City"

photo of Park City, UtahPhoto by: Sotheby's International Realty

Why visit: Just east of Salt Lake City, we can see why Park City can often go unnoticed. In spite of these obstacles, Park City shines in our book as a lavish ski destination and the pinnacle of cozy winter relaxation. On top of that, there's hot chocolate on a stick. What!? how!? why1?—you ask? Well, we're not entirely sure of the how, but the why is quite obvious.

Where to stay: Luxury Cabin

A cozy shot of the interior of the glampign cabin in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Madison, Wisconsin: "Madtown"

photo of Madison, WisconsinPhoto by:

Why visit: Madtown, with its bounty of college students, is an absolute treasure for those who love local music venues, chic coffee shops and water views. From boating events to mouth-watering food trucks, this city is a divine mix of everything that's good in the world—plus, The Great Lakes, farmers markets, and outdoor concerts. Can it get any better than that?

Where to stay: Barn Rental

An exterior shot as night sets over the barn rental on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

Providence, Rhode Island: "Renaissance City"

photo of Providence, Rhode IslandPhoto by: Ed King Photography

Why visit: If you consider yourself quite the foodie—or even shrug at the word foodie—you can bet your bottom dollar, this city will satisfy your distinguished palate. Among its charming architecture, this city is a gastronomical-hub, consistently blossoming with new and culinary treasures. Furthermore, it just a drive away from the Martha's Vinyard ferry and the beautiful beach town of Newport. Summer getaway, anyone?

Where to stay: Luxury Cabin

A sofa and armchair to cozy up in at this luxury rental in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.Click above to see this listing!

In the mood to explore? Click here, and check out all of our U.S. cities, both far and wide. Or, if you're in the mood for something a bit more exotic, take a gander at our Glamping Guide to Sri Lanka.

Where to Stay for Presidents Day Weekend 2017

By Chloe Stein

It's 2017, and President's Day is just around the bend! You know, that Monday in February when you have off and the weekend instantly becomes twice as nice? Oh yes, that one.

But before you start planning your Sunday night shenanigans, be sure to check out these properties. Because what better way to spend your three-day weekend than at an all-American cabin or an undeniably bold dome in Idywilld, California?

Check out these top five glamping sites, inspired by our first five executive powerhouses, the charm of their puffy wigs, and even one highlighting a quite prominent First Lady.

1. George Washington - Virginia

This cabin has two things in common with our beloved founding father: it is located in the first President's home state, and it's ivory white exterior gleams just like Washington's infamous (not-actually-made-of-wood) dentures.

2. John Adams - New England

As the first president to officially live in the White House, we're pairing up John Adams with this villa in Vermont. Set in the endearing New England region, it overlooks the Green Mountains and boasts a regal presence that just screams executive glamping.

3. Thomas Jefferson - Virginia

As a lover of both innovation and technology—of his time—we believe that this alternative, two-story tree house is the perfect Jefferson pick. Additionally, it comes certifiably tech-approved with a 40-inch LED HD television, a Blu-ray player, and even Netflix. House of Cards and chill, anyone?

4. James Madison - California

Fourth on our list goes out to James Madison's main squeeze, Dolley Madison. Popularly known as Washington D.C.'s most killer hostess, we're dedicating this California dome to her. Why's that? Well, she singlehandedly saved some of Washington's most coveted documents, during the British invasion of 1814. Her brave actions can only be expressed by the boldest of glamping sites—this dome in Idyllwild.

5. James Monroe - Louisiana

For our fifth and final pick, we're venturing down South. As the head negotiator for the Louisiana Purchase, this glamping site embodies James Monroe's Lousiana triumph and is located on a historic bayou near the oh so charming French-influenced New Orleans. Fit for a President, it is chic, spacious and, dare we say, très beau.

If these downright Presidential sites did not quite "fit the bill," by all means, explore on! Click here, for more glamping sites across the globe and back!

Host Spotlight: Rosemary

By Chloe Stein

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Rosemary, who manages this property nestled among the rainforest in Mount Glorious, Queensland.

1. When was the first time you heard the term glamping?

About three years ago.

2. What inspired you to have your own glamping site?

After a lifetime living in the city, Russell and I wanted to get away to a semi-rural environment, with a "non-retirement" plan that would provide a reasonable living and a pleasant lifestyle in a beautiful setting. We have had the cottage accommodation on our property for 10 years.

3. If you could describe your property or the glamping experience you offer in three words, what would they be?

From our guest feedback, the most common responses are peaceful, relaxing, and welcoming.

4. What was your first glamping /camping experience?

I love being in the bush, but I camped a couple of times as a young student—forty years ago—and hated it! Since then I have only stayed in cottages with running water and indoor toilets, so I guess I was glamping before anyone knew what it was!

5. Why would you recommend people to go glamping?

You can experience the beauty of the natural environment, without having to rough it.

6. What should people expect when they come to your glamping site?

Cozy private cottages set in 15 acres of rainforest. Cool, fresh mountain air, national parks, beautiful birdlife, peace and quiet. Our cottages are comfortable, with everything you need in them—we have a policy of staying in our own accommodations, so we can "road test" it and iron out any glitches.

The decor is tasteful, with lots of wood, much of it from our property, fireplaces for cold mountain nights, and personal touches, such as fresh flowers, candles, port and home-made chocolates.

7. What makes your property unique?

Within 40 minutes of leaving the central business district of Brisbane, you can be at Mount Glorious, a tiny village surrounded by National Park, 2100 feet above sea level, with cool fresh mountain air, amazing wildlife, and absolute tranquility. For all those busy city people, we try to provide the most relaxing getaway possible, close to the city, yet worlds away!

8. What’s your favorite part about owning a glamping property?

Living in a beautiful rainforest environment and being able to share that with others.

9. What makes your property eco-friendly?

Sustainability is a major commitment on our property. Just some of our eco-friendly practices include water efficiency—such as collection & storage, ensuring no dependence on bought (town) water—and we also reuse timber milled on site for the floors, bench tops, wall linings, etc.

Recycled materials are used wherever possible. We utilize natural building materials (light earth, stone, aged timber) that blend with the environment. You'll find environmentally friendly cleaning products, zero or low VOC paints, finishes on all new internal surfaces, as well as the following features:

• Low energy consumption—supplemented with photo voltaic solar power;

• Being able to offer our guests home grown produce whenever possible;

• Buying Fair Trade goods, which offer a better deal to farmers in the developing world;

• Maximum recycling of household waste including composting; and

• Only buying Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, which sends 50% of its profits to WaterAid providing clean water in developing countries.

Interested in a glamping escape to Mount Glorious? See more of what Rosemary's rainforest property can offer, here & here!

Guest Spotlight : Ali & Drew

By Chloe Stein

This week, we're bringing you a guest spotlight featuring Ali & Drew, a California-based couple who love to escape the hustle and adventure together, hand in hand.

Our Interview with Ali

Choose three adjectives to describe the glamping site you stayed at before your trip and another three words to describe it post-stay. How did your expectations measure up to reality?

Pre-trip: Unique, peaceful, and relaxing.

Post-trip: Romantic, genuine, and beautiful.

Our expectations were blown out of the water by this oasis. It was such a rad experience to get to escape reality and kick back together. We got to spend the most amazing times together, staring into the open landscape and literally just talking about our dreams. It was absolutely amazing to get away for a minute.

Who did you go glamping with, and what was your favorite memory that you made together during the stay?

I went glamping with my boyfriend, Drew Primrose. He surprised me for my birthday and had wine and a card waiting. Our favorite memory was on the first day. We decided to Jacuzzi and watch the sunset. Wine in hand, Jack Johnson on, cotton candy skies, we walked down to the hammock and sat and talked, laughed, and cried. We actually fell asleep it was so peaceful.

What was the best part about the accommodation? How does it compare to past places you’ve stayed?

THE BATHTUB. It's heavenly.

Describe to us the area around the glamping site. What do you think the perfect time of year to stay here would be, and why?

Very rural. Warner Springs was a place where I was expecting cows, horses, apple trees, etc. It was very desert-like. The perfect time to stay would definitely be spring. I could just imagine how amazing the breeze would be and perfect 70s and 80s temperatures. especially with the Jacuzzi and a fire. AMAZE.

Tell us one thing about your first glamping experience that surprised you and why.

IT'S SCARY! Drew has a deathly fear of snakes, and I'm just constantly paranoid, so sometimes when it would get extremely quiet and we would here anything move—even a stick—we would hide under the blankets and act like five-year-olds.

If you could have invited a famous celebrity (dead or alive) over to your glamping site, who would it be, and what would you have done together?

We probably would have loved to have Bob Marley come over to our site. We love his music and carefree way of life. A live concert wouldn't be too shabby either.

What is your ideal food item and beverage for a glamping trip, and why?

We usually go for hot dogs and beans, super typical genuine camping food, but that is when we are in a tent. [Drew] is a big beer guy, and I'm a wine-o, so we enjoy our beverages.

We also have a tradition where we drink a bottle of whiskey and fill it with the sand or dirt where we are staying. This time, we stepped it up for my birthday.

It was so nice to have a FULL BLOWN kitchen in our getaway. We made homemade pizzas with unique toppings, tacos, sandwiches, and picnic snacks with my favorite coconut cake!

Do you prefer a more active or more relaxing getaway? Which did you opt for at the glamping site, and what was the best related activity in the area?

We like activity. This summer has been very hectic, so it was nice to get away and relax, but we are usually super active people and love experiencing new adventures. This trip, we went to a couple wineries, had a picnic at Vail Lake, went to dinner, and hiked a little bit. It was 100 degrees almost every day, so being out in the hot, hot sun so inland called for more wine and the cold Jacuzzi.

Fill in the end of the sentence: “This glamping site would be the perfect place for ____________________.¨

Wanderlust lovers.

Would you recommend glamping to family and friends? Let us know why!

HELL YES. Camping, glamping, adventuring, anything—we are down. Drew and I are both huge beach bums, so our next destination will definitely be by the water.

Stay tuned for more Guest Spotlight features, and to book the safari tent where Ali and Drew stayed, click here!

Summer Like a Celebrity

By Chloe Stein

With summer nearing to an end, we are reflecting on some of our the most glorious vacation spots and wondering to ourselves, "Why on earth haven’t these people gone glamping this summer?" Maybe they haven’t realized just what glamping can offer them.

To that we say: Celebrities all over the world, now is the time to gear up and glamp your heart out.

*Pictured: Jay-Z and Beyonce. Photo from [*](

Kristen & Dax

We shall start this post by mentioning the phenomenal Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. After their hilariously entertaining and downright riveting music video covering their safari trip and set to Toto’s well-acclaimed "Africa," we think the world could use an encore.

*Courtesy of [](*

Maybe a music video featuring a walking tour in Australia complimented by the one and only “500 miles” by The Proclaimers—just an idea guys, just an idea. But in all seriousness, Kristen and Dax, we are begging you.

*Photo from [Glamping Hub](*

Beyonce & Jay-Z

This summer "Lemonade" has put us through the ringer. Our hearts are going through a roller coaster of emotions, and while we sit back and watch the love story of Bey and Jay unfold, we are hopeful that maybe a romantic getaway is just what they needed.

*Photo from [](*

Although we find Hawaii to be beautiful vacation destination, we think these two need a place that is magical, mysterious and unique, much like the pair themselves. We are thinking the next destination for this dynamic duo should be Slovenia—a fairy tale-esque wonderland that will have Jay saying “Becky who?” (Too soon?)

*Photo from [Glamping Hub](*

Taylor Swift

Last, but not least, Taylor Swift. With the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian social media explosion that erupted in mid July (when will these two ever make amends!?), we think she could certainly benefit from a secluded tree house in the mountains or maybe a tent along a secret beach cove.

*Photo from [](*

How about this beach spot? Set in Tuscany, this glamping site is a secluded coastal property, making it a complete paradise for celebs looking to escape the spotlight. This is the perfect place to splash around with new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, while Instagram-ing photos of yourself having the time of your life, T-Swift. We'll make sure you remain the envy of all who view your social media—don't you worry!

*Photo from [Glamping Hub](*

Haven't gotten your celebrity fix? Click here & here for glamping weddings and much, much more.