Best Rain Gear And How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Essential Items in 2021

woman on solo glamping trip in lightweight rain jacket for travel

The good news? We’re one month closer to Spring. The bad news is that the rain is still going to continue to fall no matter what! Don’t let the rain, well, rain on your parade! Take a look below at the best rain gear and ways to protect your gadgets when you’re out in nature glamping, camping and  hiking. 2021 promises to be a good year if you can make sure your spring glamping adventures are as dry and as comfortable as possible, keeping you going until you catch the first sight of those May flowers.

Discover the best waterproof phone case 2021 for camping in the rain

We’ll start with the most important thing to keep dry on holiday…your phone! From simple things like Instagramming that delicious pão de queijo in the streets of Rio, Brazil to making an emergency phone call to your friends because you got lost in Yosemite National Park, there are hundreds of situations where you’ll want to make sure your phone is in working order. So find the best waterproof phone case for you for any upcoming adventures camping in the rain or and even glamping!

iPhone owners can look good while protecting their devices, thanks to Ounne’s sleek and translucent shockproof case made from TPU-based materials that allows phones to be submerged under 6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, everyone can enjoy Vansky’s universal floating phone case, which can survive depths of 100 feet for up to 30 minutes—all while keeping its touchscreen functionality, the ability to plug in headphones, and a wrist strap for extra security. Now go and get that kayaking selfie!

image of one of the best waterproof phone case options for 2020 and camping in the rain

Nice passport covers don’t come much more practical than this for world travel 2021

Nice passport covers like this are killing two birds with one stone this year for your adventures experiencing world travel. 2021 will likely be another year of trips abroad. Perhaps the only thing more important than your phone, especially if your travels take you abroad, is your passport. This, as well as various other travel documents, like boarding passes and insurance documents, can turn into a nightmare if damaged or lost.

Where possible, these should be left somewhere secure and dry to be collected later, but if you have to take them with you, keep them safe with this waterproof passport locker from Witz. Not only is it completely waterproof and crush resistant, but it also floats!

one of the best and nice passport covers for world travel 2020

Get your hands on the best waterproof gear of 2021 with an excellent waterproof camera bag

While most of us are happy to take snaps of our travels on our smartphones, others prefer the customizable settings and features of traditional SLRs (or DSLRs), as well as the wide variety of effects they can produce. These cameras need love, too, and are often much more susceptible to damage than your average phone, due to the different removable parts. That’s why it’s important you have the very best waterproof gear for 2021 glamping, traveling, and more!

Cases like this waterproof camera bag by Luniquz protect both the camera and the lens from water with durable and scratch-resistant TPU and PVC materials. While it will protect water from entering if dropped into a lake, for example, it is not recommended for underwater photography. It offers similar protection against snow, dust, and sand, however, so you really can take your camera everywhere!

waterproof camera bag and some of the best rain gear for 2020

The best rain gear has to include your essential waterproof backpack when exploring the best rainforests in the world

Where are you going to put your brand spanking new waterproof gadgets while you hike through the best rainforest in the world, such as the rainy Hoh Rainforest? In a waterproof bag, of course! The yellow bag you see above is the Waterproof Dry Bag by Earth Pak and uses a roll-top design that is popular with hardcore kayakers, due to its small size and ability to float. It’s by far the best option for any activities taking place on a body of water, like sailing or whitewater rafting and amongst our top picks for the best rain gear this year!

It’s not the biggest, however, and its single strap is a turn-off for people who will be carrying their bags long distances, so another, more ergonomic option might be the Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack. Featuring the same roll-top design as the Earth Pak, it boasts two straps so it can be worn with ease, has a 20-liter capacity for all your stuff, and features various inner and outer pockets sealed with watertight zips.

man wearing essential waterproof backpack during adventure travel 2020

Make your music waterproof with some of the best gadgets 2021 has to offer: portable bluetooth speakers

The sun is setting, and you’ve arrived back at your safari tent after a day of hiking, cracked open a well-deserved beer, lit up the barbecue, and sat down for a few minutes. As the conversation (and beer!) begins to flow, you begin to realize something is missing… music!

If you’re anything like us, you can’t play the guitar, and music playing from a tinny phone speaker just doesn’t cut the mustard. With a waterproof bluetooth speaker, like the one above from FUGOO (one of the best gadgets 2021 has to offer), you can listen to your tunes anywhere in the world—without worrying about water damage from heavy rain, waves, or waterfalls.

one of the best gadgets 2020 has to offer, portable bluetooth speakers Waterproof with a 40-hour battery life, this waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for any trip.

Prepare for the rainfall with the best lightweight rain jacket for men  and women looking for wet and windy travel, 2021

We’ve been looking at ways to waterproof your valuables, but now we’re going to look at protecting the most precious thing of all… you! There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being soaked and sodden—wet clothes clinging to your skin, slowing you down, and making you cold and miserable. A good waterproof jacket provides your vital organs with defense against both the pounding rain and howling wind, as well as is absolutely essential for most travels. Of all the waterproof garments available, they are rivaled in importance only by a good pair of boots.

The Marmot PreCip for women boasts one of the best quality-to-price ratios on the market, offering a breathable and water-resistant shell for around $100. It also packs away neatly, so when the sun starts shining again, you can easily stow it away in your bag.

The best lightweight rain jacket for men  comes in with a heftier price tag of around $200, but rest assured, you will be buying a top-of-the-line garment and potentially the best lightweight rain jacket for men. Adjustable hood and sleeve cuffs seal off all entry points , but moisture and heat can be vented, thanks to its armpit vents on the sides, which offer superior water resistance while remaining extremely breathable.

two of the best lightweight rain jacket options for glamping 2020

How to stay dry in the rain: best Timberland boots for top trails hiking—2021 best rain gear

As the connection between your body and the earth, your feet are going to bear the brunt of the elements, including rain, streams, and mud when hiking 2021’s best landscapes. Just a few hours of exposure to cold and wet conditions can lead to cases of blisters, frostbite, and even trench foot, causing major discomfort. A good pair of waterproof boots will prevent all of this, enabling you to enjoy your journey to the max and go wherever the wind takes you.

These Timberland boots don’t just protect your feet from water, they look good, too! They boast the classic Timberland style, while utilizing a waterproof seal and rubber soles for traction in slippery conditions. For more extreme and muddy conditions, you might want to consider a pair of wellington boots as your choice for the best rain gear in town. What you lose in portability, you more than make up for in practicality, as evidenced by their popularity among those in agriculture—a famously wet and muddy profession. Check out Hunter Boots for some stylish options.

the best rain gear for hiking 2020 includes these excellent Timberland boots

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