Best Winter Escapes in the U.S

By Amy Lloyd

When it comes to the conquering the chilly winter months, we all dream of indulging in a steaming mug of hot cocoa and cozying up in our knits, while watching the silent snowfall blanketing the ground outside. Peppered around the best winter destinations in the U.S., these cozy camping cocoons make those winter dreams a reality.

Think snow-cloaked mountain tops, ice-kissed forests, and stunning scenery, and you’ve almost conjured up the postcard-perfect panoramas enveloping these winter rentals. To fully experience these best winter escapes, though, you need to brave the below-zero temperatures, and seek solace in one of these breathtaking properties.

Secluded Luxury Cabin on Romantic Private Lake, New York


Where better to snuggle up with the apple of your eye than in the Big ‘snow-capped’ Apple itself: New York. Tucked away in 85 acres of frosty forest, this secluded cabin is the perfect place for you and your loved one to spend some quality together.

With a snowy smorgasbord of hiking trails and winter activities, you and your sweetheart can enjoy strolling hand in hand through this winter wonderland. With a private lake also close by, a wintry lakeside picnic makes for the perfect way to round off the day, before retreating to the confines of your winter love nest and cuddling in front of the glowing stone fireplace.

Spacious Luxury Rental at Ski Resort in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado


Nestled in the craggy landscape of the Rocky Mountains, this luxury winter rental in Colorado is an ideal winter escape for all the family. This luxury property can accommodate up to 14 guests and comes fully equipped with a gourmet kitchen and a private hot tub, ensuring a luxury winter pampering unrivaled by any other.

Located in a deluxe ski resort, it is a winter haven for all the winter sports and adrenaline junkies out there. With skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing being just a few of the activities on offer here, you really will be spoiled for choice with what to do this winter.

Spacious, Pet-Friendly Cabin in Great Ski Area, California


This characterful cabin is located off the beaten track in the wintry wilderness of Bear Valley, California and promises a winter escape like no other. With powdery pines and a thick carpet of snow surrounding this vacation rental, you will easily find serenity throughout the snowy months.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this is perfect for glamping groups who want to spend some festive family time together, and the double-pane windows, together with the blazing fireplace, guarantee to keep Mr. Frost at bay. Deep inside the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is no surprise that there is a spectacular ski scene here, so if you fancy hitting the pristine pistes, this Californian rental should be at the top of your list.

Cozy, Family-Friendly Cabin Rental in Mount Baker, Washington


Abscond to the alpine wonderland that is Northern Washington and discover an enchanting winter escape in Glacier. A traditional wood cabin complete with fully equipped kitchen, cozy fireplace, and private hot tub, this winter retreat ticks all the boxes.

Located in the winter-kissed woodlands of the Pacific Northwest, this cabin rental is in a prime location for accessing the Mt. Baker ski area and is guaranteed to whet the winter appetite of any couple or family this year.

Charming and Secluded Cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire


A frosty feast for the eyes, this warm and inviting cabin is snugly embraced by New Hampshire’s stunning White Mountains, making it the perfect East Coast winter escape. As the biting winter wind blows a blizzard outside, you can relax, recline, and relish the toasty confines of your winter cabin.

With one master bedroom housing a cozy queen-size bed and a second bedroom with bunk beds, this cabin is private enough for a romantic getaway and spacious enough for a family adventure. The added perks of a crackling wood fireplace and hot tub make this winter escape pretty hard to beat.

Whichever hibernation haven takes your fancy for this year’s winter escape, we promise that when choosing from this list, your next brrr!eak will be full of winter wonder and warm vacation memories.

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