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Chic camping getaways in the sun

If you and your gal pals are looking for some extraordinary advice from some ladies who know how to throw a classy bachelorette adventure or ladies getaway, then meet Megan of Glamour and Grace.

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For inspiration, how-to’s, and know how to make a glamping getaway the best last ladies event before walking down the aisle, this blogger has got all the knowledge and expertise.

This summer Megan and her friends went on a trip to visit the deluxe cabins at River Farm in Virginia, and you can catch her review of the getaway, here. Find out more about her must-haves this fall and advice on traveling with your gals below.

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What are your top must haves when glamping in the fall?

Fall is my favorite season! I love the rich colors and all the fun accessories that come with the time of year. Great boots are a must, and I am a big fan of a felt floppy hat!

How does your travel style change between seasons?

Styling with the seasons is all about layering. My style has really evolved lately into a few key neutral pieces that I can mix and match and use accessories for fun pop of color and texture.

How do you plan your vacations? Around destination?Around style? Around accommodation?

I’m a foodie, so my favorite vacations always revolve around food. I love traveling to new places, but being well fed makes or breaks a trip for me. Italy and Ireland are big favorites with their comfort food that is always a winner!

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Are you an overpacker or underpacker? How so?

I’m a just enough packer! Oddly enough, for shorter trips I will pack more because I have more room in the suitcase and I like to have options. But if I have a longer trip, I definitely know how to pare down to the basics. One thing I’ve learned is to always pack a swimsuit. Doesn’t matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, I always pack one (you never know if you might come across a hot tub even on a winter trip!)

What is your favorite piece of fall apparel?

You can’t go wrong with a great denim jacket. I have this one cropped one from Gap in both light and dark denim that has become a staple in my wardrobe.

How do you advise fall glampers to plan their wardrobe?

Again, layering is key. Some light weight jackets and scarves, paired with jeans and boots are all you need to be stylish in the fall.

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What is your favorite type of accommodation to style for?

I’m an old soul at heart, so I love anything with history, it gives everything such a great character. There is always a good story in an old place.

How would you describe your glamping style? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

I’m probably more chic and stylish, but I love a bit of whimsy too. The yurts or tree houses or old cabooses that are modernized are that perfect blend of vintage and chic for me!

What are some of the highlights from your most recent glamping trip?

I loved getting together with my friends over wine around a fire pit making s’mores. The best conversations usually happen when there’s a warm fire and good wine.

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What are the things you look for in planning out your glamping stay?

I’m a planner vs a spur of the moment traveler, so searching out activities with things to do and see in the area are a must. I’ll make an itinerary for a trip to be able to fit in all the must-dos, but leave it fluid enough to be relaxing.

How do you match your glamping stay to your style and personality?

For me, the best glamping stays are the perfect blend of old and new. You get all the history and character, but the comfort and connection of the modern age.

To read more about how glamping can make for the perfect bachelorette getaway and more, check out Megan’s blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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