Blogger Spotlight: Amy Wren


For blogger and photographer, Amy Wren, hot weather, and vibrant destinations are firm favorites. Amy is making unforgettable memories throughout this Australian summer season. From colorful brunches in Brisbane to adventures at the waterfalls in Bali, this busy travel gal, spent her first weekend of the New Year at one of Glamping Hub’s most stunning Australian accommodations yet. After catching up on her unbeatable trip to this gorgeous glass house mountain rental in Queensland, we are dreaming of a visit one day too.

To find out more from Amy Wren about her trip, check out her blog to read all about her stay, and catch some of her summer travel favorites below for some major tips and a just a twinge of envy.


What is your favorite thing about end-of-summer traveling?

Less tourists, better travel deals, and you can get five times the accommodation at a cheaper price!

How do the type of accommodations you choose differ between the two seasons?

For summer, I love staying in beach huts and beach resorts, and in the fall, a beautiful cottage in the countryside.


What kind of places do you prefer to visit in the summer? In the fall?

In summer, I love beach destinations; my favorite summer hot-spots are Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Greek Islands!

In the fall, I prefer doing two- or three-day city breaks. When I lived in London, it was the perfect time to escape to Berlin or Amsterdam and explore over the weekend before the weather got too cold! And I usually use all my annual leave on longer trips during the summer and save the weekend getaways for the fall.


How does your packing style vary from fall to summer?

Summer is endless bikinis—I own so many! I buy a new bikini every summer; it’s getting a little excessive. In fall, invest in good boots and a decent coat that’ll take you through to winter.

What is your biggest piece of advice when planning a vacation in the summer? In the fall?

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen & weather appropriate clothing; there’s nothing worse than getting sunburnt on the first day and having it ruin the rest of your trip. Also focus on one thing and stick to it—sometimes people get caught up trying to do it all.

If you want a city break with the noise and the buzz of the city lights and late nights, then cater for that. If you want to relax and rejuvenate, book a cottage or luxury cabin away, and be really clear from the beginning of the planning process what you want to achieve from your break.

It can be easy to get carried away in the early stages of the planning process, so I think it’s best to have your intentions clear from the start to avoid getting overwhelmed.


How does weather affect your travel plans?

I think it’s best to always have a backup plan for bad weather and be open to experiencing new things you might not have planned to do. If it’s raining, go and explore a local art gallery and never forget to pack a good book!

Tell us about one of your favorite summer trips.

I recently went to Bali with my cousin Holly, and this was by far one of the most fun trips I’ve had. We spent hours snorkeling, finding waterfalls, and island hopping. It was magical.


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