Blogger Spotlight: Annette Vaughan

To kick off August with a bang, Annette Vaughan of Run Oregon Blog ran over to this tree house cabin at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington for a first-time, firsthand experience at glamping.


In partnership with Run Oregon Blog, we have the pleasure of working with several of their most active, adventurous bloggers to get a brand new perspective on roughin’ it luxury-style in the outdoors. Run Oregon is a community for runners in the Pacific Northwest Region to come together and share positive news with the running community. We are thrilled they stopped by one of our listed tree houses to share their exciting trip.

What are the best glamping getaways for the end of summer?

I like Central Oregon for end-of summer getaways, because the weather is sunny and warm, and there are plenty of outdoor activities in the area.


Tell us about your ideal summer vacation.

My ideal summer vacation involves sunshine, a body of water to cool down in and lay out next to with a good book, and plenty of activities like hiking, biking, running, kayaking, etc.

What things do you hope to cross off your summer bucket list while glamping?

I don’t really have a summer bucket list. I just want to enjoy some time outside in the sun with my husband.


How many glamping trips do you hope to take or have taken during summer? Where? Why? Which was your favorite?

I have only taken one glamping trip. It was to the this tree house in White Salmon, Washington. We decided to try it out as a new adventure—and an adventure it was!

What advice do you have for glampers trying to get in one last trip before fall creeps in?

If you are looking to squeeze in a glamping trip before fall, I would recommend enjoying someplace sunny. Look for what outdoor activities there are in the surrounding areas, so that you can get outside and be active. It won’t be long until the weather turns, so enjoy it while you can!


Where are your dream destinations?

I don’t really have any specific dream destinations. I am happy if my destination is at least 80 degrees and I can be outside doing fun things during the day while working on my tan.

Great running/biking trails nearby make it even better. And if I can time my stay with a race in the area, that’s a real bonus! I also like to have a variety of restaurants nearby to enjoy in the evening.

You can follow the rest of Annette Vaughan’s adventures as well her fellow runners’ experiences on Run Oregon Blog, their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat: run_oregon.

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