Blogger Spotlight: Carla Meadows

Look out Texas—Glamping Hub has a new partner and she is taking the glamping scene by storm. You definitely want Carla Meadows of Mommy Minivan Monologue
taking a visit to your property. Whether it is sharing her travel experiences on Sirius XM or sitting down with NBC Universal, Carla is sure to get you excited about the latest and greatest glamping spots to hit this summer.


Carla recently explored this unique villa rental and toured this family-friendly tree house, both of which are near Austin, Texas.

Traveling around the world with her family and and chasing her aspirations, Carla Meadows has definitely gotten the swing of glamping and has some fun stories of her travels, advice for new glampers, and could teach us all a thing or two about adventure.

Check out some of her summer favorites below!


What are your favorite summer glamping accommodations?

Although I’m partial to all glamping accommodations, I really enjoy tree houses, cabins, and unique living spaces in remote locations.

Why should people go glamping in the summer?

People should go glamping this summer, because it’s one of the best ways to get unplugged from technology and tuned back into nature. Best of all, you can still enjoy your creature comforts in luxe surroundings.


What are the absolute must-visits on your list?

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas, is a definite must-see. These unique tree house accommodations are absolute artistry and offer an array of opportunities to enjoy the splendid natural wonders that abound. In addition to staying in the tree house and enjoying the activities on property, you can also amp up your adventure by taking a zip line tour right at the same facility.

This gives visitors a true birds-eye view of what life is like above the canopy. It’s a wonderful way to blend your glamping experience with an interactive appreciation for nature.


What are the best regions to visit during summer and why?

My picks are the Texas Hill Country, which gives you a chance to enjoy the variety of glamping accommodations and soak in the rich history of the area; and southwest and north central Colorado, to engage in the luxe glamping offerings combined with river rafting and hiking experiences.

You’ll make memories in both regions to last a lifetime. When you go glamping, you can do as much or as little as you like. The glamping accommodations give visitors access to a variety of amenities and vacation activities for everyone to enjoy.


Have you ever glamped in the summertime? If so, tell us about it! If not, tell us what your favorite season to glamp in normally is and why.

Since I enjoy glamping all year long, I might be classified as a “habitual glamper.” Although I especially like spring, summer, and fall travel, I can always find an excuse to take a road trip. That might include traveling with my family, a romantic escape with hubby, or a girls’ getaway with fellow mom friends.

Each trip is a different experience, and glamping through each season is the perfect match for all these travel experiences. That’s the beauty of glamping year-round, because each season offers a new opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in all its glory.

No matter if I’m trekking through my home state of Texas or traveling to the mountains, I know each trip is going to be a one-of-a-kind adventure. To me, “every season is a reason to go glamping.”


How do you choose just one accommodation out of thousands?

That’s a really hard choice, because there are so many awesome accommodations on Glamping Hub. I try to match up the needs of my family or traveling companions to what I know they will like most. I also look at what other amenities the property might offer, like spa treatments, outdoor activities, and unique local attractions that are nearby.

Couples getaway or a weekend away with friends? Which would you prefer and why?

Again, that’s a tough one, because both make awesome glamping experiences. The Living Waters on Lake Travis (LWOLT) is a great example of a Glamping Hub partner that does both exceedingly well. Not only does LWOLT offer special accommodations for a tranquil romantic escape, but it’s also a wonderful venue for a yoga, scrapbook, or ladies retreat. This just gives me another reason to revisit this amazingly relaxing property to enjoy both the couples getaway, as well as the girls’ retreat.


Small intimate accommodations or open, spacious rentals? Which do you prefer and why?

I prefer the intimate accommodations. Most have exceptional personal touches, like private areas just to relax, read, and recharge in. I enjoy the solitude of nature in a place that incorporates the beauty of the local environment as part of the design and the overall guest experience.

Inland or coastal accommodations? Which would you prefer and why?

So far, I’ve only experienced inland accommodations, but I know Glamping Hub offers many coastal options. I look forward to branching out to try a coastal destination in the future (maybe fall/winter). I’m also excited that many of the accommodations now allow pets, because my golden retriever is always up for an adventure. Our dog will be a great glamping companion—make no bones about it.

To see more of Carla’s travels and adventures check out her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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