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We heard there is nothing quite like Canada in the summertime—and we think you should check it out, too. Grace of Color and Grace took advantage of the amazing weather this summer and headed up north to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the U.S.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Meet Grace, Founder of Color and Grace, and stylist by day and night.

Calling this cozy cottage rental—with its very own private lake!— a home away from home for a couple days was just what she needed to reconnect with nature and have a blissful glamping escape.

Check out her story on her blog as well as the inside scoop on her getaway below.
Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

The interior of this cozy cottage is a haven of comfort.

What was your initial reaction to arriving at your glamping retreat?

Looks even better than the photos online! You have to be there to feel the lakefront and the vineyard—just so breathtaking!

What are your top 5 travel must-haves?

  • Personal Wi-Fi hotspot if I travel internationally or a good Wi-Fi and cell phone reception if I travel domestically.
  • SPF 100 sunscreen, since I always like being outside or soaking up the sun.
  • A pair of super comfy and pretty walking shoes.
  • A pair of good looking and good functioning sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.
  • Hand sanitizing wipes and mosquito spray.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Glampers will be enchanted by the colorful nature surrounding their accommodation

What is your most important piece of advice in planning a glamping getaway?

Do lots of research before booking anything. Don’t book it just because the site or the accommodation is very pretty. Make sure there are plenty of activities that you love near where you may stay.

What are the three words you would use to describe your glamping accommodation?

Beautiful, comfortable, and homey.

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

London. It is on my bucket list.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

With this kind of view, glampers are sure to feel relaxed and at ease.

Where do you want to go glamping next? Any accommodations in mind?

A real tree house!

What is your favorite memory from your glamping getaway?

There were a few. One was the yummy breakfast I cooked using the farm-fresh eggs at my cottage. We were chased by a group of roosters at a farm when we tried to take some photos. I chatted with many people while wine tasting and one place didn’t even charge us.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Cheers the night and another fabulous getaways in the books.

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For more of Grace’s adventures, check out her blog and Instagram.

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