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What sounds more romantic than a luxury getaway to a vintage chic caravan on the French Riviera with your special someone? A romantic luxury getaway just a week after Valentine’s day—that’s what!


Keep reading to find out more about Helene Sula and her glamping experience

Blogger Helene Sula and her hubby took a break from chilly Germany to spend eight days strolling around Northern Italy and the French Riviera, to explore some of Europe’s most gorgeous vistas and learn a thing or two about the history of these lands.

While making this the ultimate vacay by giving glamping-a-go, she shares with us all the special ins and outs of her stay and gives us all the reasons to pack our bags and head to France faster than you can say bon jour!



What is your favorite thing about travel and glamping in France?

France is so incredibly dynamic. From it’s pebbly beaches in Nice to the hillside caverns in Gougins, there is so much to see and do. When I explored the French Riviera, I knew about the beautiful beaches, but I had no idea that there was a rich history.

That’s why it’s so special to go glamping. You get to really immerse yourself in the culture and history of this beautiful place. My favorite part about glamping in France was getting to see what life was truly like in Provence and get a slice of the way of life.



Does the time of year affect your preference for accommodation?

I went glamping in late February, which I would say is an ideal time. No, you can’t go swim in the ocean, it’s too cold, but it’s much less crowded and you’re really able to explore. I know the summer is also a popular time, but really the French Riviera is beautiful anytime!

What is your go to-must-have for traveling?

When I’m traveling, I always carry a backpack. I want to be able to carry everything in an easy way that makes it carry all my gear (camera, tripod, and lipstick!). I actually have a whole post on what I pack, here.

What is your absolute favorite activity to do when glamping? Why?

The unique part about glamping is getting to be in a unique location. My favorite part of glamping is getting to try the local cuisine. With my experience in Mougins in the French Riviera, the staff at the caravan property had an on-site cook who made one of the most incredible meals of my life!



If you could pack your bags to go glamping anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

I would definitely go to Austria to see the beautiful igloos—such a cool experience and many people don’t realize that they can do something like this!


Do you prefer glamping trips with a couple people or a large group?

I love glamping as a couple because you really get to have a unique experience together. But I could also LOVE glamping with a group, especially somewhere with tents or campervans so you can all enjoy your time together.

This glamping site would be perfect for …

anyone that wants a unique experience unparalleled to anything else. This will fit anyone’s budget, with so many options and locations all over the world. Truly, one of the best experiences you can have and something I will do again and again in the future.



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For more of Helene’s incredible adventures, visit her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A visit to Austria may just be on the horizon!

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