Blogger Spotlight: Holly Connors

This May, Holly Connors of Four Across the World, and her family took an amazing vacation to visit this restored train carriage in Queensland, Australia, as part of her partnership with Glamping Hub. From working with her to plan a great stay to seeing the final product about her once-in-a-lifetime vacation that she shared with her family, we had a great experience sending Holly on a brand new adventure.

As part of our summer campaign, Holly has shared with us some of her best glamping tips, from favorite spots to how to start planning. This girl really knows her summer how-to’s.


Where are your favorite spots to travel?

We love traveling around Europe and try to visit every couple of years. This is partly due to Simon being of Polish background and the family connections in Europe, but also because of the history. But closer to home, we enjoy the natural beauty of our home country of Australia.

What is important to you in choosing a travel destination?

Since becoming parents a few years ago, finding travel destinations that are family-friendly is essential to us now. We look for places that will appeal to our wanderlust, but also have fun experiences on offer for our kids.


What types of accommodations do you think make great summer spots?

Beaches are always what come to mind for me when planning a summer holiday, so we really enjoy an accommodation that gets us close to the beach. Holiday homes are a great option for self-contained travel, and an option we choose often when holidaying with extended family. Family holiday parks are also great fun, with a variety of accommodation options to suit different budgets, from tents and caravans to cabins and self-contained units.

How would you prefer to travel to your glamping destination?

Having our own car transport is ideal when glamping, because in most cases, you may be a little off the beaten track, so having your own car means you can explore the surrounding areas without being restricted by limited transport. This is definitely a plus when traveling with kids too. Although when overseas, we tend to rely on public transport rather than hiring a car.


What do you look for when choosing an accommodation?

We look for somewhere that will be comfortable and family friendly to stay, that is ideally close to local attractions or in a scenic location near beaches or mountains, so there is always something nearby to do.

What blogs do you read, websites do you look at to find more information, or people you consult on your destination before booking?

Tripadvisor is a great website for finding recommendations for destinations and the things to do when visiting. I’m also a big fan of using Pinterest to create my own themed boards around destinations we plan to visit, as it’s a really great way to collect articles and tips before we travel.


What is your favorite part about planning a trip?

We always seem to be planning a trip, which in itself is exciting, but I think researching the destination and the things to see and do is most fun. That way, we can work out all the things we most want to experience when in the area and plan our trip around it.

For someone who is planning a glamping trip for the first time, what would your main piece of advice for them be?

Before glamping for the first time, it’s important to know what type of travel you most enjoy. If the thought of having only basic amenities or being somewhere quite isolated does not appeal to you, this might not be the ideal type of glamping location for you.

Once you have an idea on what holiday essentials are important to you, it makes it much easier to decide on a style of glamping to suit your travel style—whether it be a safari tent in the desert or a luxury eco-cabin in the woods. There is definitely a glamping option to suit everyone!

But I also believe in giving new things a go. You won’t know how much you love it if you don’t give it a chance!


You can follow the rest of Holly and her family´s adventures on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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