Blogger Spotlight: Jeanette and James

Grab your sweetie, and get glamping! That’s exactly what Jeanette and James of Traveling Honeybird did this January when catching the last rays of summer in the vineyards of Victoria at some of Australia’s most charming bell tents.

If you are still looking for a way to make your summer travels last, then Australia is the place to be! Get the scoop with James, Jeanette, and their sense of adventure on how to make your travel goals happen.


Where are your favorite spots to travel?

Oh, this is a tough question! It’s almost like asking which one is your favorite child. There are so many different elements that make a spot special. I always love an area that’s near water—mountain streams, rivers, or even the simplicity of the ocean. I’m not a great swimmer, but I love getting my toes wet, splashing around, and just enjoying the general beauty around water.


What is important to you in choosing a travel destination?

I am always aware of who I’m traveling with when I’m choosing a travel destination. Not everyone shares our sense of adventure. I like to choose a travel destination that will keep all members entertained and hopefully happy! For James and I, well, we’re an active couple. So for us, it’s important that a destination has a lot of activity happening. It doesn’t always need to be a big, huge, hustlin’ bustlin’ city. A place that has great food, wine and coffee is always a winner for us. Throw in some culture and maybe some outdoor adventures, and we are in!


What types of accommodations do you think would make great summer spots?

I love areas that let you experience summer in all of its glory—the sun, the warm nights, and generally longer days to enjoy yourself. That’s the joy of spending the night in a tent and off glamping. You get those little extra nice bits but still have an amazing adventure.

I love any type of accommodation that allows me some peace and quiet to read a book, which is probably why I dislike hotels. The thin flimsy walls and hearing your neighbors—it doesn’t always end up with the most relaxing evening away.

How would you prefer to travel to your glamping destination?

Living in Australia, we pretty much have to drive anywhere and everywhere. Long road trips are a part of our regular travel routine. Though I wouldn’t say no to arriving on horseback or yak…

What do you look for when choosing an accommodation?

Cleanliness! It really is next to Godliness. I really like to see bright photos that truly represent the accommodation on offer. Not everywhere is going to be five-star, and that’s ok! It just needs to be a true representation of what’s on offer.


What blogs do you read, websites do you look at to find more information, or people you consult on your destination before booking?

I’m usually the travel directory reference for friends and family. I have to admit to being a bit of a Google fan. If I’m in the travel planning mood then I start to google areas and accommodation options. Throw in a few keywords like “experience” or “review,” and you can get some really good blogs and websites to look at.

What is your favorite part about planning a trip?

ALL THE PLANNING. I love planning, plotting, and scheming. And then the final steps of booking everything. I think it’s the wonderful dreams that you get to have along the way. I know we won’t ever spend $1,000 a night on a hotel, but it doesn’t hurt to look and dream.


For someone who is planning a glamping trip for the first time, what would your main piece of advice for them be?

Don’t be afraid. You can do all the research in the world, read all the books, and think you’re prepared—only to turn up and discover you’ve forgotten socks, jocks, and your toothbrush. (True story: it’s happened to me before.) In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Just go out there and enjoy yourself. Life’s too short for bad coffee and terrible travel.

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