Blogger Spotlight: Leslie Yip


This spring we partnered with the talented and adventurous Leslie Yip, a travel writer for the Toronto Star and EliteGen Magazine. With a desire for adventure in Southeast Asia, Leslie set off for Cambodia to visit these unique bungalows near the Angkor Wat temple.

Her journey and travels have been shared on her social media and will be shared this fall on her travel publications. After taking a look at her pictures and videos, you will see why working with Leslie was such a great experience. Leslie is being featured as one of our favorite bloggers and has shared with you “How to Choose a Glamping Destination,” so you all can start planning trips as glamorous, luxurious, and unique as hers.


Where are your favorite spots to travel?

I love visiting places with interesting history or landscapes. I was recently in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Seeing the Angkor Wat in person was a definite highlight. I also highly recommend Dominica. The volcanic landscape on the Boiling Lake hike is really impressive.

What is important to you in choosing a travel destination?

As editor for luxury magazine EliteGen, I try to seek out places with luxurious accommodation that is authentic, yet offers world-class pampering.


What types of accommodations do you think make great summer spots?

Anywhere you can kick back and daydream the day away. This year, I am thinking about a summer getaway in the mountains.

How would you prefer to travel to your glamping destination?

By car, by train, by bike or by plane…as long as it takes me there, I am good.


What do you look for when choosing an accommodation?

Air-con in hot weather! I was in Cambodia this April, and it was 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Thank God my glamping spot at Sala Lodges had not one, but two air conditioners in each bungalow!

What blogs do you read, websites do you look at to find more information, or people you consult on your destination before booking?

I just Google.

What is your favorite part about planning a trip?

I like to prepare a little pictorial itinerary for my trips. It includes photos, background notes, and practical info, somewhat like a mini travel brochure. Preparing this itinerary builds up anticipation, and when I come back, I can share my itinerary with my friends easily.


For someone who is planning a glamping trip for the first time, what would your main piece of advice for them be?

Glamping spots are not just travel accommodations. They can be destinations themselves.

You can follow Leslie and the rest of her adventures on her Portfolio, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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