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*”There is something so whimsical about waking up amongst the trees. With bird’s chirping as your natural alarm clock, the sun shining as your solar-power source and a roaring fire as your old-fashioned stove, life feels blissfully simple when you’ve got trees for company.”*

This year, we have had the pleasure of partnering up multiple times with the very talented Louise Claire Johnson of Glampers are going to adore some of the luxurious sites that LCJ has traveled to including this tree house in Vermont; this yurt in Ontario; this tree house near Toronto; and these tipis in the Mojave Desert of California. How could we not send her on multiple trips when LCJ lives and breathes the Glamping Hub brand?

We got the chance to chat with Louise about some of her "glamping musts" during the summer. When looking for pro trips while planning any trip, this glamping gal is definitely one to trust.


What are your must-haves to bring on a glamping trip?

My glamping necessities vary depending on the climate, but my main must-haves are: cozy slippers for tired toes after hiking/exploring, a notebook to jot down memories (plus extra pens in case the ink runs dry), a camera to capture what words alone can’t articulate, coffee for the morning, and red wine for happy hour!


How do your essentials differentiate depending on the area you’re glamping in?

I’ve gone glamping in cold climates with snow still on the ground, and then I recently returned from a stay in the Mojave Desert where I had to be careful to avoid dehydration from the sweltering heat.

My essentials for colder environments always include cozy clothes: hats, mitts, long underwear, thick wool socks, and a big scarf that doubles as a blanket (I’ve heard people call it a “Blarf” but I have trouble saying that word seriously).

I’ve also found it handy to toss in a box of matches for fire-starting. In warmer climates, a reusable water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, proper hiking shoes and bug spray have been lifesavers!


What do you do on the days leading up to your trip?

Leading up to a trip, I write a quick checklist of everything that I’m bringing and try to squeeze it all into a backpack. Traveling light is ideal when you’re glamping. I also always print out directions, because GPS never seems to work when you’re adventuring off the beaten path!

How do you prefer to travel to your destination and why?

I love road-tripping to my destinations! There’s nothing like driving with the windows down, music blasting, and only the horizon ahead. It’s a good way to decompress and clear your mind before gearing up for glamping.


How do you research the accommodations amenities and features while preparing?

I always peruse the Glamping Hub website for each accommodation to map out the amenities and activities in the area. Speaking with the hosts before the trip for any last minute questions, tips, or advice is always a good idea. They’re great at providing insider information about interesting pockets to explore.

What kind of events and activities do you plan before you arrive at the site?
Which do you prefer: a daily itinerary or a go-with-the-flow game plan? Why?

I always have a few “must-see” or “must-do” activities on my radar before I arrive at a site, but I think it’s important to leave room for spontaneity. While I was in the Mojave Desert, the host took us off-roading where we witnessed the most mystical hidden gems, including secluded hot springs. If I had a scheduled itinerary mapped out, I wouldn’t have been as open to leaping into the unknown and learning about the landscape from a local perspective.


You can learn more about LCJ and her travels around the globe by following her digital paper trail on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

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