Blogger Spotlight: Nuria

A restless globetrotter, fearless adventurer, creative director, Nuria cannot be beat when capturing what glamping really is all about.


Having visited two of our most off-the-beaten-path luxury getaway locations, this luxury tent in Morocco and this cozy mountain cabin in California, she can share with us all a thing or two about finding the best glamping stay.

Before the summer finishes and we get ready for fall, we got the chance to ask her about some of her best end-of-summer glamping advice.


What are the best glamping getaways for the end of summer?

For me, the best glamping for the end of summer would be a tree house in the mountains.

Tell us about your ideal summer vacation.

Summer means beach, sun, and friends, so I’d do a mix of those things to get the perfect summer.


What things do you hope to cross off your summer bucket list while glamping?

Some surfing days and having a tent near the beach.

How many glamping trips do you hope to take or have taken during summer? Where? Why? Which was your favorite?

I’m going to L.A. in September, so I’m hoping to take a trip to the desert and experience a glamping getaway there!


What advice do you have for glampers trying to get in one last trip before fall creeps in?

Getting a glamping accommodation where you can watch a nice sunset and sunrise is such a special experience.

Where are your dream destinations?


Tell us about one of your favorite glamping getaways.

A desert experience in Morocco! We had the chance to spend a night at the tents in Merzouga in the middle of the dunes.


Be sure to catch the rest of Nuria’s many adventures on her Instagram, Freckles Nur. And for any Spanish-speaking readers, check out Nuria’s June post on Condé Nast Traveler about the most amazing places she has ever slept across the globe!

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