Blogger Spotlight: Sarah Bianchi

Finding beauty and something unique and special in every crevice of the world, next in our fall blog series is fashion and travel blogger Sarah Bianchi of Chic Neverland. Currently living in Venice, Italy, Sarah turned this glamping lodge near Venice, Italy, into the perfect end of summer staycation.


A visit to these luxury tents was her first glamping getaway with us here at Glamping Hub, but Sarah already has a keen eye for the perfect luxury campign destination. Keep reading to hear her take on travel and how to plan the best vacation according to the year. We definitely are looking forward to see where she’ll be off to next this fall!

What is your favorite thing about end-of-summer traveling?

What I prefer the most about end-of-summer traveling is the beautiful light of this period and the possibility to walk in nature or around cities enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays with lower temperatures. Also, sunsets have incredible colors at the end of August.


How do the type of accommodations you choose differ between the two seasons?

Both for summer and winter, I choose accommodations with large windows to enjoy the view; I love to wake up in front of a beautiful panorama. During winter, I usually look for something with cozy interiors, while in summer, I love open air places, with white curtains and walls.

What kind of places do you prefer to visit in the summer? In the fall?

In the summer, I prefer northern countries if I want to visit cities, while I choose beaches and seaside if it’s all about relaxation. In the fall, I really love to travel to natural places, because tree and leaves colors are gorgeous in this period. And to NYC also—I love autumn in the city so much.


How does your packing style vary from fall to summer?

Well, this is easy! In summer, my bags are full of backless tops, short skirts, and light dresses, whereas in fall, I usually use cozy, over-sized knits and gray sweatshirts with jeans. This is my kind of uniform.

What is your biggest piece of advice when planning a vacation in the summer? In the fall?

It always depends on the destination of the vacation. In the summer, I always suggest to stay hydrated, especially when planning long walks or any kind of sports. Sometimes we think this is overrated, but it is definitely important.

For fall, I can suggest to not let the weather upset your plans. It doesn’t mean to go in the woods during a storm—just don’t panic for a couple of raindrops!


How does weather affect your travel plans?

I’m not as much of a free spirit as I’d love to be, so when I plan something and it rains, I usually get angry with the weather. It lasts a couple of minutes, then I try to find a quick solution, and I get back on track!

Tell us about one of your favorite fall trips.

As I said previously, my favorite fall trip is New York. Everything here becomes orange, from the leaves in Central Park to lovely pumpkins on doorsteps around the blocks. You can smell cinnamon lattes walking around and get lost with the breezy wind.


What are some of the highlights of your most recent glamping trip?

My last glamping trip has been great. It was my first experience, and I’ve been really impressed by the emotions I felt living and sleeping totally in touch with nature.

[The place I’ve been to](( was in the countryside near Venice, and the luxury detailed accommodations were more comfortable than many hotel rooms I’ve been in in my life.

What are some pieces of advice as glampers start transitioning from summer to fall glamping?

I suppose the only tips I can share are to get ready for any weather condition, since it rapidly changes in this period, and to fully enjoy the amazing landscape you’ll have the chance to see.


To find out more about Sarah and her travels across the globe check out her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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