Blogger Spotlight: Tegan and Lindsay

This week we have something super fun and special to share with you, glampers! As we move along with summer, Tegan and Lindsay, of Treasures and Travels are here to help you all prepare for your summer glamping getaways. Two sisters from Vancouver, British Columbia, these gals have now visited two of our properties: this upscale log cabin in Oregon and these luxury tents in B.C.

(Left: Lindsay, Right: Tegan)

Not only are these two lovely bloggers some of our absolute favs, but they get glamping and how to make any vacation adventurous, unique, and unforgettable. "L & T" have a thing or two to teach glampers who are looking to become seasoned summer glamping pros.

Here is what they have to say about "How to Pack for a Glamping Trip."


What are the five things you have in your suitcase for every glamping trip?

A cozy sweater, dry shampoo, a camera, a few books, and a big bottle of wine!

How does climate and weather affect what you pack?

Tegan: The funny thing is I find that I pack less when it’s cold weather! You usually have to cover up and look like you’re wearing the same thing anyway. (Hello, big jacket.) So I usually pack a few sweaters and go for cozy.

When it’s somewhere HOT, I want to bring every piece of summer clothing I own because it just doesn’t get enough wear. At least they don’t take up as much room!

No matter where I’m going though, I always bring my cozy slippers and a Camp Brand sweater, because comfort.


Comfortable and casual, or chic and trendy? What’s your travel style, and why?

BOTH! We love to be comfortable, especially when we are traveling. We try to pack light, but at the same time, bring enough so that you feel comfortable in any weather. Living in Vancouver really has trained us to be prepared for temperamental weather changes. This usually means bringing a cute dress that you can throw a sweater over if the clouds come, or bringing jeans and tank tops! We always try to throw a pair of shorts in our suitcase.

What kind of amenities do you make sure the glamping site provides before you pack them, and why?

Plates, cups, and cutlery. This is something we always forget to consider when we go out to make meals in our Glamping Hub stay. It is awesome if the site provides it, because it can be bulky to pack, but it makes meals so much easier if you have the basics.


Overpacker or underpacker? Why? Also, do you have any special tips on how to avoid being one or the other? What are they?

Overpacker. It’s hard to find that balance of comfort and trendy—and sometimes it fills your bag right up so fast! We find it super helpful to plan ahead. Plan your outfits for the getaway so that once you are there, you don’t need to think too much about it!


What are your favorite things to bring glamping and why?

A disposable camera! It is so fun to have those special photos that you can develop after the trip is over. We also love going out and buying a bunch of fruit and making smoothies or simple cocktails while you are away. It adds a fun touch to an evening, and fresh is best.


To follow the rest of Tegan and Lindsay’s travels, check out their blog Treasures and Travels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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