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When you can live out your hobby and passion through your full-time day job, what more could you ask for?

Meet Tracie of Tracie Travels, a travel photographer and blogger full of wanderlust and with a eye for all scenes and destinations—visually inspiring people across the globe. Having visited a number of countries, while documenting amazing sites and capturing the most beautiful photos, Tracie headed down to visit this eco-friendly cabin in Hawaii.

As summer winds down and fall comes rolling in, Tracie is starting off our Fall Favorites series with some of her best travel tips. Check out her fun and informative comments on how to transition from summer to fall, pick out the best destinations for the season, and some of her most unforgettable moments on the go.


What is your favorite thing about end of summer traveling?

Most summer family vacations are done by that point, so destinations tend to be less crowded. I try to avoid masses of people as much as possible! I like my peace and quiet.

How do the type of accommodations you choose differ between the two seasons?

It really depends more on the climate than anything. If it’s Southeast Asia for example, I’d prefer a place with air conditioning and a pool, no matter what the season. I get pretty squirmy about big spiders, so in places like that, I tend to opt for fully-enclosed accommodations unless the view is just too pretty for me to care! During the fall in most of the U.S., I’d probably choose an accommodation with sufficient heating—maybe even a fireplace for that cozy atmosphere!


What kind of places do you prefer to visit in the summer? In the fall?

I often enjoy visiting places that have a different climate, sometimes just to escape the weather that I’m experiencing at home. During my summer here in Seattle, I like going to colder places, like Alaska or Iceland. In late fall, when it starts getting pretty cold, I like visiting places like Central America or Southeast Asia.

However, if I can only see something during a particular season, then that’s when I will travel there. For example, the Northern Lights in Iceland are only visible from late fall through early spring, because there is too much sunlight during the rest of the year. I’ll brave any weather for the chance to photograph something like that!


How does your packing style vary from fall to summer?

I love packing for the summer, because clothes are smaller and lighter. They don’t take up as much space, and you don’t need nearly as much to be comfortable. Traveling in the fall requires strategically packing lots of layers. Fall is one of those seasons when you can’t really be sure if the weather will be warm or cool, so you have to come prepared for anything. Unfortunately, all those extra clothes take up a lot more space!


What is your biggest piece of advice when planning a vacation in the summer? In the fall?

If you don’t have a place in mind yet, try picking a few favorites and narrowing them down based on when the low or shoulder season is for tourists. If you are already set on the destination, try to schedule your vacation to avoid the high season. Destinations often have specific attractions that vary by the season. If the things you want to see definitely depend on the season, then you may just have to bite the bullet and join the crowds.


How does weather affect your travel plans?

As I mentioned, I try to travel to places that have the opposite climate or weather that I’m experiencing back home, so the only way the weather can really affect my plans is if a storm prevents me from catching a flight. This is why I tend not to travel in certain places during the dead of winter!


Tell us about one of your favorite fall trips.

I once took a road trip from Seattle all the way across the country and back in three weeks. I went with two friends and managed to pack a lot of camping gear into my tiny, two-door car. Two of us started in Seattle and picked up our friend in Manitoba. From there, we crossed back into the U.S. and continued through most of New England.

New England is famous for it’s pretty fall colors, so it was a great time for us to be there! The weather was comfortable most of the time too. Not too hot, not too cold. It was a very memorable trip, but next time I would go for longer and take a much bigger vehicle!


What are some of the highlights of your most recent glamping trip?

I was hired to photograph a wedding recently on Hawaii’s Big Island, but I couldn’t leave without exploring for a few more days. I made sure to see as much lava action as possible—especially since it had just started flowing into the ocean again for the first time in three years!

I took a thrilling, doors-off helicopter flight over the lava, and I biked and hiked to the ocean’s lava entry point to get some photos. Those were both incredible lava encounters!

I was also lucky enough to swim with some wild dolphins during my time on the island! Even the Glamping Hub cabin that I stayed at for part of my trip was a highlight, because it was the perfect place to recuperate from all of my activities. It was so beautiful and peaceful!


What are some pieces of advice as glampers start transitioning from summer to fall glamping?

I know Glamping Hub offers a wide range of options, so I guess this really depends on what kind of glamping accommodation you want to choose. I would recommend looking into the heating and cooling amenities before deciding on a place.

You should also make sure that the climate in the area you’re going to is what you expect, so you can plan accordingly. Even if your destination is in the desert, the nights could get pretty cold!


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