Blogger Spotlight: Victoria Watts Kennedy

As we continue with the summer season, blogger spectacular, Victoria Watts Kennedy of Bridges and Balloons, is here to share her best advice for glamping this summer.


Whether it is hiking the hills of Montueka to visit this eco-friendly yurt in New Zealand, bundling up for a winter weekend getaway to these woodland cabins in England, or falling in love with the endless views of tree seas from this tree house on the New Zealand coast, you know she is up for an adventure.


Not only do we love her gorgeous photos, thanks to her impeccable eye for the best shot, but she also provides Glamping Hub with amazing reviews of the many properties she has visited when working with us. This gal knows her stuff, so let’s see what extra glamping info, tips, favorites, and more she can give the world.

What are the five things you have in your suitcase for every glamping trip?

An AeroPress, a handheld coffee grinder, a paperback novel, a camera, and a yoga mat.


How does climate and weather affect what you pack?

It’s all about layers. Lately, I’ve been traveling in places where it can go from warm and sunny in the morning to cold and rainy by lunch. The only way to deal with that kind of weather is with layers. In really cold weather, a down jacket is amazing, as they pack up really small.


Comfortable and casual or chic and trendy? What’s your travel style and why?

I always prioritize comfort (soft clothes are the best), but not at the expense of style. I’m definitely not a fan of the classic dowdy hiking gear, and I don’t really see a need for it—there are plenty of stylish alternatives these days.

You can generally find me in one of two outfits: a vintage dress/skirt and top or a pair of leggings with a shirt. Then add a woolly jumper, a pair of boots, and a hat for the wintertime!


What kind of amenities do you make sure the glamping site provides before you pack them, and why?

I love to cook while glamping, so I make sure they have all the necessary equipment. It’s good to check if there’s salt, pepper, and oil, or if you’ll need to bring that yourself.

Overpacker or underpacker? Why? Also, do you have any special tips on how to avoid being one or the other? What are they?

I used to overpack a lot, but after many years of traveling, I’ve got a lot better at that. It’s especially hard if the weather is unpredictable, but for me, the key is bringing different items of clothing that work well together and can be layered.

For example, if I’m bringing my denim jacket then I won’t bring my long cardigan, as they don’t match, and it makes more sense to bring a short cardigan, so I can wear both if the weather gets cold. It’s good to plan your outfits in advance so you can forget about that once you get there.


What are your favorite things to bring glamping and why?

My yoga mat; an AeroPress and coffee grinder, so I can make a perfect cup of coffee in the morning; and a paperback novel, so I can spend some time relaxing in the surroundings, away from anything digital.

To check out more of Victoria’s adventures and travels, check our her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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