Budget-Friendly Luxury Stays in Australia

It’s time to reassure your wallet that you can take the plunge and plan a trip to Australia without going for broke. There’s no reason expensive and vacation have to go hand-in-hand, and these glamping sites in Australia that are all under $150 a night ensure a thrilling getaway is possible without breaking the bank. Take a peek at our top 10 budget-friendly luxury stays in Australia, and start planning your destination vacation Down Under today.

Amazing Cabanas In The Rainforest Tucked Within Queensland, Australia
Starting from $38/night.

Unique Hexagon-Shaped Couples Cabin in Warburton, Australia
Starting from $76/night.

Eco-Friendly Tented Cabin in the Rainforest, Australia
Starting from $82/night.

Luxury Tent for Couples or Groups, New South Wales
Starting from $99/night.

Beach House Overlooking Sand and Surf at Boomerang Beach
Starting from $102/night.

Mongolian-Style Yurt with Spectacular Views in Victoria, Australia
Starting from $104/night.

Pop-Up Glamping in Luxury Tipis throughout Southeastern Queensland, Australia
Starting from $121/night.

Luxury Tipis in Secluded Private Habitat Reserve, Tasmania
Starting from $126/night.

Luxury Tent Lodge Accommodation in the Karijini National Park, Western Australia
Starting from $132/night.

Romantic Cottage with Veranda in Rainforest, Australia
Starting from $148/night.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about all that Australia has to offer! Get inspired by our Australia Holiday Rentals page today.

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