Take Advantage of Post COVID Travel and Book Summer Vacations 2021: Top Vacation Deals

Discount travel preparation with map, camera and bag for last minute travel deals

Owing to COVID, travelling hasn’t been at the top of anybody’s list. However, the end is now in sight. Have you had a think about your future plans with your new (re)found freedom? Do your New Year goals include traveling and discovering more of the world around you? Take advantage of that and travel to popular destinations such as Victoria in Australia, California in the US, and many more destinations.

Traveling is something many of us would love to do more of, sure. However, with limited holiday days and the price of accommodation often less appealing than we’d like it to be, it can be hard to achieve our travel goals affordably.

Grab the best vacation deals for glamping worldwide now

Whether it be a tree house in South America or a log cabin in New York, anyone looking to discover a new country, state, or region should do so in the type of accommodation which was built for traveling. After spending your day traveling, you won’t continue to be amazed by your surroundings if you stay in a hotel or even many hostels. Summer vacations 2021 should be planned well in advance and now is the perfect time to do so!

Head to our site and find the best places to visit for post COVID vacations 2021.

Top glamping sites and inspiration from around the world

If you needed any more reasons to take advantage of Glamping Hub’s discount travel, just take a look at some of our top picks from around the globe.

Our first top pick includes one of the best cabins Upstate NY has to offer

When it comes to glamping in New York, you can’t fail with luxury and affordable lake house rentals. Upstate NY is a hub for quality camping rentals and has the natural surroundings to keep families and couples entertained during their stay here. As one of the best cabins Upstate NY has to offer, this four guest capacity rental is exactly the type of glamping site with which guests can make the most of their discount travel. Check out this cabin rental and see for yourself!

Picture of blue boat by the lake on property of one of the best cabins Upstate NY has to offer.

Use your discount travel for a Hawaii beach house

Book your Hawaii beach house and discover what it’s like to go camping in complete luxury. When it comes to picking a vacation spot with discount travel, where better to go for a tropical getaway? With a stunning beach oasis literally on your doorstep, this paradise rental on Kauai will make you want to return as soon as possible. Hawaii beach homes have an appeal and attraction like nowhere else in the world. Take advantage of your discount travel and discover your own paradise.

Summer vacations 2021 in this Hawaii beach house with discount travel

Explore worldwide with discount travel on a romantic Victoria bell tent, Australia

When we think about the luxury tents Australia has to offer to travelers, this Victoria bell tent always comes to mind here at Glamping Hub. With adventure on all sides, this is the perfect couple’s romantic bell tent. Australia continues to grow every day with glamping sites all over the country but you can start with great accommodations like this one for a very affordable price. So take advantage of discount travel and explore the world for Summer vacations 2021!

Exterior shot of canvas bell tent, Australia glamping

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