Find Your Romance in the Wild

By Abby Jeffords

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and men and women in America are beginning to prepare, reserving tables for two at fancy restaurants, selecting the perfect pieces of jewelry, thinking about how many roses are too many, and pondering whether heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are still relevant gifts of love. But romance isn’t just about one day of the year and it certainly can’t be contained just within the confines of America. So for the other 364 days of the year and for the rest of the world who don’t follow the Hallmark-card traditions of Valentine’s Day, what can we do to prove our affection to our loved ones? Well, how about trip to the sizzling South Pacific! Glamping Hub has discovered some of the most romantic places in the world in remote corners of Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia and India. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate love in one of these spectacular places?!

India: Luxurious Oasis Camp in Indian Jungle - Sher Bagh

New Zealand: Charming Gypsy Caravans Tucked Away in Romantic Garden in Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Indonesia: Beautiful Papuan Water Cabins in Indonesia

Thailand: Wooden Bungalows/Cottages Amidst Exotic, Privately-Owned Rainforest, Southern Thailand

Thailand: Elephant Rides, Jungle Exploration, and Exotic, Luxury Tents in Thailand

Australia: Stanthorpe Luxury Tent with Outdoor Spa in Queensland, Australia

Bali: Where the Rice Paddies Meet the Jungle - Rice Water Bungalows in Central Bali