Founder of Glamping Hub Goes Glamping

You have seen all the bungalows by the beach, dreamt while sleeping under the stars from a of one-of-a-kind tree house, and snuggled up by the fire outside your woodland yurt. Glamping Hub founder, David, also had the opportunity this summer to visit some of California’s most unique glamping getaways.


*Glamping Hub founder, David*

Four years after the launch of Glamping Hub and just months after launching Glamping Hub for Pets, David is still constantly striving to bring glampers and travelers alike the opportunity to connect with nature from the comfort of a luxurious accommodation.

After visiting a few glamping properties in California this summer with his family and friends, David gave us a little insight on his vision for the glamping industry and where his passion comes from everyday.

Check out an exclusive with David below.


David’s son and dog glamping at this safari tent near San Francisco

What are all the sites you have visited since launching Glamping Hub?

I have visited anything and everything from Airstreams in Northern California and bell tents in Panama to tree houses in Southern California and yurts in Tarifa, Spain.

What kind of accommodations would you like to visit in the near future?

There is a really unique tree house/bungalow structure in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, that provides a really cool way to connect with nature. This is a side of Mexico I would like to explore.

I want to visit more of the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, there is a glass house property that I am hoping to visit.


*[Luxurious Tree House Perched on the Mountains of Julian, California](*

What have been the highlights from your most recent glamping trips?

Having the chance to be with my family and grill on the barbecue right outside our safari tent in the Mendocino region or looking out at the millions of stars from the beautiful sky in Southern California while enjoying the hot tub on the patio of our tree house stay—these are the moments you know you are going to remember for the rest of your life, especially when surrounded by friends and family.

At one of the accommodations we visited in Southern California, the drive to get to the glamping site was incredibly scenic, around a lake, in an area that was really secluded and unlike anything else I had ever seen there before. It reminded me of something I would see in Southern Italy.

What are the trends in the glamping industry you most looking forward to?

One of the most beautiful things that the Internet has provided over the years is options. People now have the opportunity to choose the type of vacation that is most relevant to them. People saying "Yes, I want to connect to the outdoors, and yes, I want to be comfortable", but tying it into an activity, for examples yoga retreats and certain hiking and climbing spots, thus increasing the depth of their experience.

Glamping and the type of accommodations we provide allow people, for example climbers and extreme sport enthusiasts, to be close to the experience and setting. People being able to browse and choose specific activities and envision the type of experience they want is something that has taken travel and vacations to a whole new level.


*David at this [luxury airstream site near San Francisco](*

If you were to build your own glamping site, what kind of accommodations would you have and why?

A tree house. My dad built a tree house for us when I was 11 years old. My dad was a MacGyver. I remember the excitement of the tree house, the height, and I felt really alive in those moments, so being able to recreate that would be really appealing to me and something to share and create for my son as he grows up. There is something magical about seeing the world from up in a tree house and creating something in your mind and imagination.

What are your glamping essentials?

I always bring this huge blanket that my cousin brought me as a gift from India. I bring it with me any time I’m going somewhere outdoors. I can set it up for my friends and relatives. I always bring my swimming goggles to be able to jump into any body of water—lake, river, ocean, you name it. And lastly, my camera, to capture the moments that will last a lifetime.


David and our office pup, Brooklyn

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