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People always say that life is too short to bypass the things you want to do, and this is one universal concept that definitely rings true. All too often we forget about the places we want to go and the people we want to be with, in place of work demands and general trivialities. Life is all about experience: what your eyes see, where your footprints lie, and who you make memories with.

That’s why we at Glamping Hub say that life is one big adventure just waiting to be embarked upon, and if you’re looking to awaken your inner explorer, it’s time to get your outdoor adventure on near Billings.

"We love because it’s the only true adventure."- Nikki Giovanni

It is no secret that it’s important to have your adventures with someone you love. That way you can share the memories, halve the excitement, and divide the dream – after all, it’s only fair.

Nested in the verdant wilderness just north of Yellowstone National Park, these vacation cabins were designed with two in mind. A king-size bed, spa bathtub, and private deck area is a trio of the many reasons as to why it’s perfect for couples, but so far it all seems a little tame, doesn’t it?

These cabins are made for a daring duo looking to unleash their inner daredevils hitting the pistes on the Absaroka Mountain Range, rafting on the wild rivers, or going on an enduring hike into the mountains. Paradise Valley’s cabins cater to those looking for adventure and a place to unwind and relax after an adventure high.

“This land may be profitable to those that will adventure it.”- Henry Hudson

If you’re feeling generous, you could always octuple the adventure, and get away to this spacious ranch rental for groups near the Gallatin National Forest in Montana.

With both swimming and fishing right on the doorstep, all you gave to do is wake up with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and prepare for the most refreshing gulp of pure outdoor refreshment. There is also a communal barn building on site where you can all relax with a sunset barbecue, either before or after an afternoon of biking and hiking in your private 115+ acres of pristine Montana wilderness.

“There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”- Roberto Assagioli

Be as adventurous with where you stay as with where you go this year with a stay in this cozy skiing yurt in the bold Beartooth Mountains. An alpine retreat screaming adrenaline junkie, this vacation rental has adventure tattooed on its head.

With Companion Lake and Mount Zimmer right at your fingertips, aquatic adventures and winter sports are unequivocally at the top of the agenda. After a day of skiing, kayaking, and mountain climbing, you can uncurl in front of the warming wood-burning stove and recharge for tomorrow’s adventure.

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.”– Christopher McCandless

An adventure doesn’t have to include adrenaline and risk, in fact, the dictionary defines it as an “unusual and exciting or daring experience.” With this fanciful tipi at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, an original, unique experience is just what you’ll get.

Neighboring Glacier National park, this glamping adventure is ideal for an afternoon of hiking and discovering the intriguing past of the Blackfeet Indians. This site also offers traditional Blackfeet cuisine for those who are brave enough to sample the buffalo, elk, or seafood delicacies.

"No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time."- Lewis Caroll

Let your free, adventuresome spirit soar high when glamping in one of these deluxe cabin rentals near Red Lodge, Montana.

Don’t waste time pondering your next adventure and instead make it a reality with a chic-cowboy-style sojourn and let the adventure come to you. Take the short drive to Yellowstone National Park for an exhilarating hike, enjoy a splish-splash kayaking in Rock Creek, or scale the cragged cliff face of Granite Peak and enjoy the thrilling views atop the highest peak in Montana. In essence, Montana is an all-night adventure rave, just waiting for you to come and join the party.

If you have adventure flowing through your veins and still want more, check out our Montana Weekend Getaways!


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