Glamped out Kids Parties and Camps

When it’s time to entertain your kids there are endless options for fun, themed activities. You might say there are too many! Well don’t worry, at Glamping Hub we are picking up on a growing trend that is proving to be quite effective with the little devils and is a hit in both casual and upmarket social circles: glamping-themed camps and parties! Whether it is a birthday party, a sleep over, a day camp, or even a fun family weekend, glamping is suitable for any occasion – even more so when it can be done in your own back yard!

There are many places where you can rent already-made tipis, yurts, tents, and other sorts of unique spaces, and they will come install them in any location you choose. There is a fee, of course, but that is one of the many interesting things about glamping – whatever your budget, you will be able to find a glamping solution that rocks.

Or, if you are crafty, many these types of glamping accommodations can be created using your own hands and a bit of creativity! What’s a tent after all? A piece of fabric held up by poles. Or, put two brooms together and lay a sheet over them, and ta-da…Tipi! A-framed tents are also easy to make – granted they may require some more supplies, but the construction and setup of your glamping structures can be a fun activity for your children as well!

Though the accommodations and decorations are an integral part of glamping-themed festivities, activities hold a very important place too. They are essential in order keep the kids busy and content and give parents some time to relax as well. The setup of the glampsite itself is a great way to get the kids excited, but there are tons of other glamping-themed activities to keep them occupied.

You could set up an arts and crafts area, with caps, canteens, bags or flags that they can decorate as they please. The girls can make bracelets and necklaces from items found in nature. Or maybe a treasure hunt that sends them off to explore all the nooks and crannies of your back yard. If you have a kiddy pool, or even a large bucket, you can create a play fishing area, with fishing poles made out of sticks and rope. You can build a campfire (real or fake) and tell stories while roasting marshmallows or nibbling on tree-shaped cookies. Or, why not have a picnic or tea party under the shade of the trees? As party gifts for your guests you can have some fun and put together bundles of treats on sticks to carry home – filled with candy, little flashlights or compasses, all glamping themed, of course! The possibilities are endless and you can add as much or as little glamping flare to your party as you please.

Now for food! How can you make it appear like authentic camping food while still being nice and tasty? Trail mix, gummy bears and berries are all easy to find and simple to make, or if you have a bit more time, you can go crazy making glamping-themed cupcakes, cookies and cakes. You could decorate these with flame-colored icing or little campfire circles, or even tiny tents and tipis. Swedish Fish, Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bears, Candy Corn, Peeps – all will do. If they are candy shaped as animals, insects or any other outdoor creature and are edible, that is all you need!

Here are some snack and trail mix presentation examples:

And here are some cake ideas:

A great summer idea is to set up a glamping-themed day camp! The following link is an article by that provides ideas around setting up a glamping day camp for the children in your neighborhood:

This is a wonderful idea. What better way to help your children to get to know the other kids on the block? And it would also help parents create ties with other parents, building a stronger and more cohesive neighborhood environment.

After seeing all these pictures and getting all of these ideas I’m sure you’re ready to start planning! These kinds of parties/events/camps will be so successful and memorable that your guests will probably want to go off and host glamping themed parties of their own. And you can bet that you’ll be invited! Well? Go on now and be the first of your friends to give it a go – your son and/or daughter will remember it forever and we guarantee you’ll get a kick out of it as well.

Photo credits to: Kara’s Party Ideas, The Celebration Shoppe, Layla Grace, Hostess with the Mostess, ediTORIal by Tori Spelling, Bubbly Nature Creations, All Is Well, Crafty Texas Girls, The Tomkat Studio, and Cookies & Cups.

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