A Perfect Excuse for Hiking

Luxury camping is much more than just alternative accommodations with wonderfully unique interiors. As glampers, our travel experiences should be as much about adventure as they are about lodging. The key to that is location, location, location. As such, Glamping Hub would like to help you pair our collection of seriously awesome accommodations with specific types of activities and escapades.

Today we’d like to talk about our top picks for all you avid hikers. Whether you prefer wandering down winding forest paths, or trekking through rugged mountains, these United States glamping sites will give you access to some of the glamping world’s best trails and tracks.

It’s no secret that the U.S. has some of the best hiking in the world—the Appalachian Trail curving like a spine down through the eastern states, the Pacific Coast Trail snaking along the California coast, the mountain trails of the Rockies rising to snowy peaks, and the well-worn roads running through the wide open plains and fields of the heartland. Every state has a distinctive landscape and unique network of paths and tracks that tempt us to lace up our boots, fill our camel packs, switch on the GPS, and venture out into the wilderness.

The Wild West

Luxury Tented Camp in Sequoia National Monument, California

The Northern Highlights

Luxury Cattle Ranch Resort with High-End Safari Tents in Montana

Cabins Amidst Untouched Alaskan Wilderness

The Middle Ground

Stay in a Tree House near Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

The Sizzling South

Vintage Airstream Rentals in Tampa, Florida

The Wooded East

Beautiful Yurt Rentals in Upstate New York

Brand New Two-Story Treehouse in the Green Mountains, Vermont

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