Glamping Battles the Sexes

Many of the questions we are asked most frequently are centered on whether glamping caters mainly to females of the semi-indoor persuasion. Some query whether the idea of glamping was generated by the upper echelons of society for the sake of frilly women who don’t like to get their hands dirty or be seen frolicking in the woods without a hairdryer. Others question whether men should even be allowed to glamp if they want to consider themselves “real” men. Others still are put off by the term itself.

This is the time to set the record straight! If you answer yes to the following 10 questions, whether you are male or female, it is almost certain that you will love and appreciate the sheer awesomeness of glamping.

  1. Do you enjoy the outdoors and being a part of nature?

  2. Do you like to leave the nest once in a while and experience new things?

  3. Would you rather not have to put up your own tent if you had a choice?

  4. Is it nice when someone else plans the day’s activities?

  5. Are comfortable beds and clean bed linens pleasant to sleep in?

  6. Do fresh, local fruits and vegetables taste good?

  7. Is a private washroom preferable to a hole in the dirt?

  8. Should vacations be the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure?

  9. Do you like to have access to technology if you need it?

  10. Does a watching a brilliant sunset from your own veranda make you smile?

So, all you male-types out there, don’t deny it—even the most hardcore campers would answer yes to these questions. It is true that some glamping experiences are more posh than others, but there are options for even the most manly of men. You want to light your own fires and cook your own food? Done. You want to hunt and fish? Done. You want to get dirty? Go for it. You want to sleep under the stars? Guaranteed.

The best thing about glamping is the immense range of styles, prices, locations, amenities, and activities offered. In case you don’t believe us, have a look at just a few of our Glamping Hub collections.

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The choices are endless and men and women alike can find the spot that fits them best. So don’t be fooled by the term because that’s just what it is—a term.

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