Glamping Dictionary: Accessible Wilderness

Believe it or not, there are still places in the world that have yet to be discovered by mankind—unfamiliar territories that are unable to be reached by any kind of ground transportation and vast stretches of land and shoreline that have not been visited by plane or boat.

Over time, many these undisturbed places will be exposed, surveyed, explored, and inhabited, but some areas will become protected and turned into national parks and conservation lands. As a result, this produces thrilling adventure destinations for curious travelers and unique spots for hospitality entrepreneurs to build extraordinary outdoor retreats. These places will become the world’s accessible wilderness.

Accessible wilderness is an area of land that can be reached by car, boat, helicopter or plane, but is surrounded for miles by nothing but nature. It is a phrase that was introduced to us by a remarkable glamping getaway, Eco Beach Glamping Resort, Australia.

This eco-friendly, beachfront glamping property is an award-winning eco-resort nestled in a virtually untouched region on the shores of western Australia. They offer a range of unique, low-impact lodgings, but glampers will be most drawn to their patented eco tents—airy, canvas-covered rooms equipped with king-sized beds, ensuite washrooms, and private verandas overlooking the Indian Ocean.

During the day, visitors can take advantage of the surrounding wilderness with an endless variety of activities, such as whale watching, fishing, cave kayaking, bush walking, paddleboarding, kite surfing, and bird watching. Evenings can be spent strolling in the sand or enjoying a romantic, fireside dinner on the beach.

Eco Beach Glamping Resort’s luxurious outdoor accommodations and pristine, natural surroundings can be reached by helicopter, boat, or an hour-long drive from the town of Broome, just accessible enough to make it a glamper’s paradise. Visit Glamping Hub to find other fabulous wilderness retreats around the world.

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