Glamping Site Insurance: Where to start?

Editor’s note: Glamping Hub recommends that glamping business owners and investors do their own glamping site insurance research before choosing an insurance company. We do not recommend any individual businesses.

Glamping Insurance – Add it to your checklist

Glamping – glamorous camping – is one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry and an exciting business venture to start or add to your existing property. Of course when you go into the business of vacation rental – especially one as unique and luxurious as glamping – there are many factors to consider. From property type, permits, zoning, and type of accommodation to insuring everything.

Looking into glamping site insurance can be overwhelming when you open up your search engine and don’t know where to start. Figuring out insurance coverage for your glamping business is as highly specific and unique as your business itself. Keeping that in mind we would like to give you a place to start and some pointers for your glamping business checklist. At Develop with Glamping Hub, one of our goals is to make owning a glamping business as hassle-free and fun as possible. So we’ve gathered a couple of tips and tricks from the trade to help you get started in your insurance research.

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Why do I need glamping site insurance?

It may seem a little obvious that you need a specialized insurance solution since your glamping site provides a truly unique experience; starting with your property type, accommodation type, and location. It’s likely you will be required to obtain insurance particular to your glamping site. Basic vacation rental insurance tends to be short-term rentals and may not be ideal for large glamping sites with many units situated on your main residential property or as a Glamping Resort.

Campsite insurance is often insufficient in its coverage or has so much fine print that it does not give you enough coverage. More on that in a minute. Glamping is not a one size fits all type of vacation and neither are its insurance requirements or options but we can give you some general pointers to help you get started.

Getting comprehensive glamping site insurance will give you peace of mind

What kind of glamping site insurance do I need?

There are a couple of basics that most glamping site insurance searchers should cover, so you can make sure your insurance provider is able to cover your glamping site.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): is generally a comprehensive form of insurance that in most cases covers you for business interruption and provides property insurance. It is also possible that you can negotiate a discounted rate for general liability insurance if you add this to your existing BOP.

General Liability Insurance

Although General Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement and can get pricey it is a common business practice to add this to any glamping sites insurance policy. It will cover you in the event of property damage, bodily injury, medical payments that result from legal and defense judgments that may fall under these claims, and even personal/advertising injury.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is worth looking into for your glamping business. It protects the investment you have made in real estate, inventory, and supplies as well as equipment from theft, fire, and natural disaster.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In the US most states will require a business to have worker’s compensation insurance for their part-time/full-time employees and is a good thing to consider adding to your glamping business plan. Worker’s Comp is designed to protect your employees in the event of work-related accidents or injuries. Make sure that your’s includes medical bills, loss of wages, disability, or death as a result of work-related accidents.

Speak to youe insurance broker for a specifically designed glamping site insurance package.

Extras for my glamping site insurance cover

When it comes to Property Insurance for your glamping site, double check if you need any of the following items covered by insurance: BBQs, firepits, outdoor furniture, awnings, washroom facilities, kitchen facilities if they are separate from your units, playgrounds, or entertainment areas.

Does your glamping sites back out on a lake or river or do you have any swimming pool or hot tub facilities? Ask your insurance provider if General Liability Insurance will cover you in the event of any accidents in these areas.

And if you have kayaks, fishing equipment, rowing boats, bikes, or specialized equipment add them to your Commercial Property Insurance under the equipment section.

You may also want to look into Data Breach Insurance and Commercial Umbrella Insurance. Data Breach or Cyber Attack Insurance will protect you and your guest in the event of your systems being hacked and either your business or your guests suffering damage as a result.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance acts like a safety net to your General Liability Insurance and will cover you if the legal costs from any General Liability claims run over the policy limits and need to be covered by you out of pocket.

Think of including extra equipment in your glamping site insurnace coverage.

Where can I find glamping insurance?

The best thing to do is to find an insurance provider that specializes in glamping site insurance, small businesses, or vacation rental insurance. Basic campsite insurance companies will also have a special package designed for glampsites, so they are a great place to start your glamping insurance search. Look out for hospitality insurance companies that have an outdoor specialization – and ask about a specific coverage or a combination of coverage that you need. If your glamping business is currently set up as a limited liability corporation (LLC) or corporation (this is useful to protect your personal assets from your business) then it is also a good idea to look into LLC Insurance and ask about discounted rates for General Liability Insurance.

Make sure to check the fine print on your glamping site insurance policy to avoid surprises later on

Fine print to keep an eye on.

Most glamping hosts are no stranger to a bit of DIY, but do make sure it doesn’t interfere with or even nullify insurance policies or clauses. So get your wood stove installed by a professional and keep the proof. Check with your insurance provider if you need to have anything installed to validate your policy claims; like a fence around the pool, particular signage, or warnings. Do you need to do anything to guard against falling trees if your property is surrounded by forest? Ask as many questions as possible. Ask about rates, overage, and contracts. Ask if your state requires special cover for fire, tornado, or flood protection. Take your time to check the fine print and do some comparative research, it will definitely pay off in the end.

Our advice: ask as many questions as you can from you glamping site insurance broker.

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