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In this day and age, sharing things you love on social media is everything. From posting an epic view from your vacation on Instagram or a dish from an unforgettable dinner on Facebook, family and friends love to see what you—the avid glamper—are up to! This rentals are no different, and you’re sure to be starting your own glamping pinterest page after a stay in any of them.

Since glamping is a completely new experience for some, sharing photos of your unique outdoor getaway has never been more imperative. Impress everyone by documenting your unbelievable stay on your Pinterest board so you can inspire everyone on your social media. Let us help get you started with some jaw-dropping options from our favorite Pinterest-worthy glamping sites you’ll definitely want to post.

1. Amazing Floating Water Cabin in Tanzania

This amazing floating cabin in Tanzania can certainly be considered one of our most unique accommodations. From being situated in the middle of crystal clear water to being able to see the sun rise and set from every angle, this luxury rental is one that you will want to share with everyone—and perhaps, never leave!

2. Luxury Tents near Moab, Utah

With fantastic mountains views and amazing access to hiking and horseback riding trails, there is no better way to experience the Moab Desert than by staying in these luxury glamping tents in Utah. Featuring luxurious amenities like high-quality linens and a private bathroom, staying in the desert has never been so comfortable. The vistas will be something that you will want to remember forever, so make sure to add them straight away to your Pinterest board.

3. Design Tree Houses in Forested Area near Harads, Sweden

Spending a night up in the trees is the dream of many—and now it can be made a reality! These impeccable tree houses in Sweden are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable, featuring snug beds with cozy linens. Guests can wake up to the tranquility of the surrounding forest and truly recharge.

4. Luxury Airstream Trailers for Rent near Downtown Santa Barbara, California

Spend your vacation in Southern California in style while staying one of these modern and unique luxury Airstream trailers and make the most of your stay. Equipped with small kitchens, a double bed, and private bathrooms, glampers will have everything they need while spending the night in an unforgettable Airstream. Just imagine everyone’s reaction when they see where you stayed during your California getaway.

5. Breathtaking Beachfront Tree House Rental near Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Experience the beach like never before while staying in this incredible oceanside tree house in Mexico, which boasts stunning unobstructed views while providing the utmost comfort during a unique outdoor getaway. Snap and post as many pictures as you possibly can to make your Mexico memories last a lifetime!

6. Peaceful Safari Tent Camping in Coastal Woodlands near San Francisco

These astonishing safari tents near San Francisco make glamping an absolutely memorable experience, allowing guests to enjoy the wonders of nature right from a cozy tent. With high-end linens, a private deck, and amazing outdoor access, what more could you ask for while sharing your glamping story to the ones who will want to follow your footsteps?

7. Magnificent Panoramic Views Windmills off the Island of Santorini, Greece

Amaze everyone you know with photos from these stunning windmills in Greece. Not only are these windmills unquestionably unique, they are a situated on one of the most picturesque islands in the Mediterranean. Glampers can enjoy relaxing on the beach and sampling the amazing Greek gastronomy by day and savor the views from their charming windmill as the sun goes down by night.

8. Stunning Deluxe Tents in Yellowstone, Montana

What better way to explore the wonders of Yellowstone in Montana than by staying in your very own tent or tipi! These authentic and luxurious tents boast unbelievable amenities such as a private bathroom, fireplaces, and designer furniture, all while providing guests immediate access to the incredible Montana terrain.

Make your glamping stay last forever by sharing your favorite vacation with family and friends by adding your amazing photos to your Pinterest board. Check out ours for more inspiration here!

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