Glamping with the Stars

From Justin Bieber to The Real Housewives of Orange County, it seems that Hollywood has quickly caught on to the world of glamping. When Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves hosted their glamping-style wedding at their Texas estate, they put all of their guests up in full-service luxury tents. Why weren’t we invited?

Another celebrity endorsement of glamping occurred at the launch party for Tori Spelling’s then-new children’s clothing line, Little Maven. The precious, glamping-themed launch party was complete with toddler-size tipis, fishing, and a fire pit to lanuch the latest Tori Spelioing clothing line. Tori is a working mother and incorporates her four adorable children into every project she does.

For other fabulous, hard-working moms out there like Tori, glamping is a great way to spend time in nature with your family without the backaches that go along with sleeping on the ground. You work hard, so let someone else be in charge of pitching the luxury tent and making dinner. Why not make your next family getaway a glamping trip at a family-friendly site? We suggest such these Family Friendly Yurts with All Amenities in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This site features kid-sized yurts with bunk beds, a pool, playground area, and ski boats.

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