Guest Spotlight: Glamping in Slovenia

Editor’s Note: We’d like to introduce you to one of our incredible Glamping Hub staff members and the experience of her first time glamping! Allie, from our support team, stayed at these luxury tents in Bled, Slovenia, while on holiday with her family and significant other.

The setting was surreal—a hazy layer of fog capped the colossal surrounding mountains, and rain pattered gently on the windshield. I drove through thick clouds, as if I was driving through the sky, and the quiet countryside was just waking up with cows grazing in the bright green pastures. The silence of the morning was perfect, all adding to the excitement of my much anticipated glamping excursion.


In my day-to-day life, I’m set behind the scenes, helping Glamping Hub hosts navigate the web and tend to their future guests, but this time it was my turn to relax amidst the pristine nature of Bled, Slovenia. Since my first day working at Glamping Hub, I had dreamt of making the trip to see the tree houses and safari tents settled amid this most exquisite backdrop.


What made this glamping location and accommodation one-of-a-kind was the thoughtful attention to every single detail and the uber-friendly staff. Upon arrival, I was ushered to the lush dining area, sat at a grass-filled table, and treated to a flute of limoncello and a decadent pastry while the staff checked me in. Already, I was feeling indulged.


I became a child once again as I unzipped the doors to my safari tent and marveled at all of its beauty. You’d think the term “glamping” would have soaked in after my years at Glamping Hub, but it was like experiencing it for the first time. It was like camping, but it was glamorous! Better yet, I didn’t need to pack a thing!

The tent was fully equipped with warm blankets and a china cabinet with necessities for a snack or a warm cup of tea. The bathroom was as nice as any hotel’s and had a double vanity with warm running water and a shower with a retracting roof granting a shower under the sun or stars, if my heart so desired. I slipped my feet into the provided slippers, wrapped myself in a fleece blanket, and sat on my front porch. There were no words. It was a dream. It was peace.


The maintenance staff was like quiet, nature fairies: rarely seen, but always tending to the alluring landscape and magnificent gardens of the glamping grounds. Mid-morning, there was a wonderful man adding freshly chopped wood to my hot tub’s chimney. “It should be perfectly warm for a soak this evening!” he said. The crackling wood piping out of the smokestack offered the most satisfying aroma.


Vines of vegetables covered every inch of the glamping grounds, and every plant was labeled and carefully grown and nurtured. Everything grown also contributed to their farm-to-table restaurant. I was even told that I could pick whatever I wanted to keep for myself. Fearlessly, I grabbed the plumpest red tomato, took a bite, and enjoyed its juicy nectar.

Now, I have to tell you that I absolutely love my job. But if I could find a way to live life like this every day, there’s no chance in the world that I would pass it up…especially since I’ve decided that this must be just about the most beautiful place on earth.

Photography credit goes to Roberto Lasso de la Vega of Forraje Films.

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