Holiday Gift Ideas for: Your Boyfriend who Doesn't Want Anything

By Jackie Dreyer

Holiday Gift Ideas for: Your Boyfriend who Doesn't Want Anything

We're sure you've all heard it, the age-old phrase, "I don't want anything!" It's a classic line, pulled time and time again, and let's be honest—the boyfriends of the world should know by now that your girlfriend is going to get you a Christmas gift, no matter what you say.

Don't fret this year, however, if he tells you "No, really, there's nothing I can think of that I want! You don't need to get me anything." We've compiled a quick list of holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend who doesn't want anything that will help get you out of this annual predicament.

1. Glamping Hub Gift Card

Noone could ever say no to a trip, be it near or far, and a Glamping Hub gift card will allow him to do just that. Whether a romantic getaway with you by his side or a guys' weekend away with his closest friends, he's going to love picking out where he wants to spend his vacation, thanks to you!

2. Rugged Bluetooth Speaker by Buckshot

Perfect for the aforementioned vacation or any time he heads to the beach, the park, hiking, cycling, and more, this durable, portable speaker can connect to any other Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing him to have his music with him—and as loud as he likes—wherever he goes.

3. Book-Shaped iPhone 6 Case by Etsy seller DesignedbySeda

If your significant other also happens to be a bibliophile, this unique iPhone case is a no-brainer. Designed to look just like a real, leather-backed book, it's inherently an anti-theft system, given that it's likely most people will think it's simply a notebook, not an expensive smartphone.

4. The Catchall™ Valet by Etsy seller JigsawFurnishings

Help put a little bit of organization in his life without him ever realizing it! The Catchall™ Valet will prevent him from ever misplacing his cell phone, wallet, watch, and/or keys again, as it has a special place for each item. Set this stand right next to wherever he normally empties his pockets, and watch his eyes light up at the briliance of this invention!

5. Rustic Four-Pack Beer Carrier by Etsy seller MintageDesigns

You'll be upping your boyfriend's "cool" factor without having to do more than click and buy, thanks to this wood beer carrier. Next time his friends call him to come over for a brew or two, he won't have to worry about the carrier breaking or tipping over, due to the sturdiness of its structure—they're bound to be impressed.