Host Spotlight: Anne

Editor’s note: Each month, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Anne, who manages a unique room rental and loft within a repurposed barn, as well as a romantic tree house—all amid the Healing Springs in Crumpler, North Carolina.

1. When was the first time you heard the term glamping?

I don’t exactly remember when I first heard the term, but I thought that it perfectly suited to what I was trying to convey with some of my lodging options.

2. What inspired you to have your own glamping site?

I love the way that it makes you feel rustic, but with touches of little luxuries.

3. If you could describe your property or the glamping experience you offer in three words, what would they be?

Cozy, romantic, and comfort.

4. What was your first glamping/camping experience?

I have been camping/glamping for years! It’s all about bringing little luxuries with you to enhance the experience of enjoying the outdoors.

5. Why would you recommend people to go glamping?

It allows you to appreciate the connection with nature and the outdoors without sacrificing life’s little comforts.

6. What should people expect when they come to your glamping site?

Cozy, romantic luxuries surrounded by the beauty of Ashe County.

7. What makes your property unique?

The history, the Healing Spring, and the fact that we are in some of the prettiest country that North Carolina has to offer.

8. What’s your favorite part about owning a glamping property?

The people! I love all the folks that I get to meet. I love hearing about what a nice time they are having and how they enjoyed my property.

9. What makes your property eco-friendly?

The use of recycled materials. Our tree house is built almost entirely out of reclaimed materials that are over 130 years old.

Interested in a glamping getaway to North Carolina? See more of what Anne and her rustic glamping rentals can offer here, here, and here!

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