Host Spotlight: Ellen

Editor’s note: Each month, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Ellen, who manages a woodland yurt and cabin in New Haven, Vermont.

A photo of Ellen with her horses at her glamping site.

Ellen: I discovered Glamping Hub through a guest that had stayed at my yurt. My purpose with building the yurt was to create a little hideaway in the forest—a sanctuary for getting away from it all while being immersed in nature. This decision followed the passing of my husband, as I was concerned about my future, and this would not only generate an income but also bring some people in and out my door.

What I found was that people seem to have a hunger for this kind of experience. They share their stories and are appreciative of my efforts. Of course, what pleases me most is that they also feel renewed by the serenity they find in nature and the yurt.

Having grown up in rural Vermont, I know how precious nature and outdoor experiences are for our health and well-being. Since the age of six, horses have also been a big part of my life experience. They have been honest teachers, kind, and sensitive, yet strong, in many ways, and they’ve guided me well through the years.

Now I am a certified Equine Assisted Life Coach, supporting others with the assistance of horse wisdom. I am also a certified life energy healer and meditation teacher. This brings me deep satisfaction providing nurturing support for others through Kindred Horse Life Coaching events and experiences.

If I were to pick three words I hear most often about my guests’ stays, it would be unique, magical, and healing. I provide a dreamer’s cottage in the woods. It looks and feels like a fairytale, and I often refer to it as my "playhouse."

You can hear the forest sounds through the canvas walls, along with the rain and wind, so you are aware of what your environment is doing. The nightly glow of the fire from the pellet stove, in addition to the candles, creates warmth to nurture you. It’s a restful, comforting, and quiet place to unwind and catch your spiritual breath.

My only challenge a host has been when I see disappointment from guests that do not read the listing details and expect something we do not offer. We don’t supply a television, air conditioning, or microwaves, because we feel those things distract from a quiet lifestyle.

In the near future, our expansion plans are to host more retreats on the property through my business, Kindred Horse Life Coaching, as well as through Airbnb Experiences. The experience will be called "The Healing Nature of Horses" and will be an introduction to equine-assisted life coaching. We would also like to add a meditation trail amid our 23 acres of fields and forest. Our final jewel will be a tipi, planned for 2020, where we can do meditation and healing ceremonies with our guests.

To book a unique woodland getaway at Ellen’s yurt in Vermont, click here for the yurt and here for the cabin!

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