Host Spotlight: Nick

Editor’s note: Each month, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Nick, who manages this eco-friendly cabin in the village of Capertee in New South Wales, Australia.


1. When was the first time you heard the term glamping?

2. What inspired you to have your own glamping site?

The cabin site is very special and peaceful, and we wanted to share it with others.

3. If you could describe your property or the glamping experience you offer in three words, what would they be?

Peaceful, tranquil, and remote.


4. What was your first glamping/camping experience?

Camping as a young man in a two-man tent, with no power or lights.

5. Why would you recommend people to go glamping?

Because glamping offers something beyond the norm.


6. What should people expect when they come to your glamping site?

An exciting 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive) trip to the site, then a very comfortable stay in a rustic, quirky, hand-built cabin.

7. What makes your property unique?

A combination of many things: location, isolation, peace, wildlife, views, comfort, and silence.

8. What’s your favorite part about owning a glamping property?

Meeting lovely people from all around the world.


9. What makes your property eco-friendly?

We use solar power, wind power, and collected rainwater. All waste is treated through a septic system and even the food scraps are not wasted—they go to the ducks!

To book this incredible Australian cabin rental—which has been featured in collections of ours, such as Eco-Friendly Camping Cabins in New South Wales—click here!

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