Host Spotlight: Rick

Editor’s note: Each month, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Rick, who manages these unique glamping rentals made from up-cycled shipping containers in Florida.


1. When was the first time you heard the term glamping?

A little over a year ago.

2. What inspired you to have your own glamping site?

I built a unique home (the only one of its kind in Florida), and it fit with the glamping theme perfectly.

3. If you could describe your property or the glamping experience you offer in three words, what would they be?

Secluded, unique, and fun.


4. What was your first glamping /camping experience?

Actually, while I was building the container house, I lived there during construction.

5. Why would you recommend people to go glamping?

Glamping can allow people that may not enjoy such a rustic camping experience to get to enjoy all that nature has to offer, but still feel comfortable.


6. What should people expect when they come to your glamping site?

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in a container home and get to do a multitude of adventures right outside the back door.

7. What makes your property unique?

The fact that it is a house built out of shipping containers. It comes with kayaks and bikes, all while being located on the Loxahatchee River and just a stones throw from a great State Park.


8. What’s your favorite part about owning a glamping property?

Seeing people make great memories with their friends and family that will last a lifetime. I really get a kick out of sharing my knowledge of the area.

9. What makes your property eco-friendly?

We up-cycled shipping containers into a comfortable home environment.

10. Anything else you’d like to add?

This property has been a dream come true for me, and it’s not over yet.

To book Rick’s incredible Florida accommodation, click here! This past year, his property has also been featured in other blog posts, such as our "10 Best Summer Road Trips" and our "Top 10 NYE Destinations 2015".

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