Host Your Own Glamping Olympics 2016

Glampers must have noticed the amazing buzz in the air that only seems to come around every four years. We’re referring, of course, to the hype surrounding the Olympics! It’s always a really exciting few weeks, and with the opening ceremony and first events kicking off on August 5, there’s not much time left to wait.

Whether your little ones are desperate to prove that they can give Usain Bolt a run for his money or you need to get those sleepy teenagers up and out of bed, Glamping Hub is here to help you get the whole family involved in the Olympic action during your vacation this summer.


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We’re convinced that getting everyone together to bring out a bit of competitive spirit during your vacation will be great fun. To help out, we’ve put together the best events to include that will both challenge and thrill glampers of all ages and abilities. The perfect way to round up the whole gang, you will definitely want to allocate a day or two of your summer 2016 glamping vacation to hosting your very own Olympics!

The Glamping Olympics Itinerary

To get things going, and in keeping with Olympic tradition, an opening ceremony is the only way to start your games. A couple of packs of colorful balloons won’t take up much room in your suitcase and will allow you to set up a fun stage area where each team can perform something that they’ve prepared. This can be a couple of days, if you’re feeling generous, or just a few hours, if you want to keep athletes on their toes!

Obviously, each team will need their own mascot to bring them luck. Again, as much or as little time can be spent on these, but how about making it a little more challenging by requesting that the mascots represent a certain aspect of the local community? With the focus of glamping being a retreat deep in the heart of nature, a rural theme or something having to be made completely out of natural materials is a great way to mix it up!


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When it comes to the actual events, glampers can mix and match and be as inventive as they like. We’ve come up with a few that we promise will keep glampers of all ages entertained for hours.

Plate discus is a fun alternative to the traditional discus sport, which usually requires throwing a heavy metal disc as far as possible. It turns out that paper or plastic plates work just as well and are much less worrying to hand over to your five-year-old. Aim high and see if you can beat the Olympic record of 74.08 meters!

Another throwing event that any Olympics simply can’t take place without is the javelin. For a fun glamping version, each athlete can try their hand at throwing a plastic straw the furthest distance possible. The rules are that nothing can be put in the straw, and it must not get damaged.


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Not actually an Olympic sport (although it’s so entertaining we vote it should be), an egg toss is the perfect way to get everyone laughing. Glampers should stand in pairs a small distance apart and throw a raw egg between them. Sounds easy? The distance has to increase with each throw. The pair who can throw over the longest distance without the egg breaking wins.

Football and volleyball are great events to include, too, because the whole team can play at once. If glampers have more than two teams, they can even set up their own mini-tournament. A game of volleyball is even more fun on the beach, with the sand softening the blow of all those dives. We think that this amazing villa and this luxury rental are the perfect properties to enjoy a fun game of Olympic beach volleyball.


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Aquatics are another very important part of the Olympics. Swimming races are perfect, because glampers can get competitive while avoiding the summer heat. Change the distance depending on the abilities of the athletes competing. These glamping sites both have pools that are the perfect place to race—and cool off after the competition! Check them out here and here.

The ultimate track event to finish with is a relay, since the whole team can get involved. However, seeing as this is a very special glamping Olympics, we need to spice things up a bit. Remember those balloons you brought with you for the opening ceremony? Make competitors hold them between their knees while they run and pass that instead of a baton—both resourceful and hilarious!

P.S. For glampers looking to enjoy the Olympics from the heart of the action, check out these glamping properties in Brazil that offer endless possibilities for adventure and the perfect spot to watch the action live on TV!

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