How to Celebrate a Very Glamping Galentine’s Day

What's Galentine's Day? Ask Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec

What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? “It’s only the best day of the year,” according to the beloved Leslie Knope. Our favorite “Parks and Rec” character has made it clear: February is not just for showering your S.O. with love and affection, although I’m sure they’d appreciate a weekend getaway as much as the next person. However, your gal pals deserve a major shout out, too!

Start celebrating Galentine’s Day in 2018, and honor those strong female presences in your life and all of the devotion, support, and respect they give you day in and day out. Gift them a “Parks and Rec” glamping trip, or plan a girls’ getaway for February 13 to really pay tribute to these strong lady friendships. What better way to illustrate the power of “ladies celebrating ladies” than by imagining where the women of “Parks and Rec” would do Galentine’s Day their way? We know just the spots.

The starry night sky of Texas, perfect for a Galentine's Day setting.

The official Galentine’s Day biggest fan: Leslie Knope’s glamping goals

Of all the cabins in Colorado, the sheer number of beds at this enormous rental would mean two incredibly important things to Ms. Knope. One? She would literally have space to invite every female who ever was important to her ever. And two? The many bedrooms at this accommodation are just screaming for a Pawnee Goddesses-style sleepover, complete with pillow fights, puppies, and candy.

A group-sized cabin for rent in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

That’s not all this luxury, winter cabin has to offer, either! It’s many amenities include four cozy, wood-burning fireplaces, Wi-FI in order to post envy-inducing photos all day long, and an inviting games room.

View from a winter cabin for rent in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Where would Ann Perkins celebrate Galentine’s Day?

We all remember Leslie describing her best friend Ann Perkins as “you beautiful naive sophisticated newborn baby“. A classic A-frame cabin is most certainly what Ann would book for a Galentine’s Day escape with her best ladies. A fully-equipped kitchen ensures all the right tools for Leslie to surprise the girls with a full brunch—100% homemade, of course—and the wood-burning fireplace would be the perfect spot for the women to circle up and tell inspiring stories about their favorite females.

A luxury camping cabin in the woods of San Jacinto, in southern California.

Treat yo’ self Donna Meagle style this Galentine’s Day

Without a shadow of a doubt, Donna Meagle would be screaming “Treat yo’ self!” and reserving this luxury villa. Malibu vacation rentals do not come better than this! Complete with a heated, freshwater pool (including waterfalls and a wading pool!), an outdoor bathtub overlooking the rolling hills of California, and opulent décor throughout the entire interior, the girls would most certainly be glamping in the lap of luxury, and let’s face it—they deserve it.

The pool next to a luxury villa for rent in Malibu

April Ludgate: the ultimate solo glamper

You know by now that April Ludgate would pretend to go along with whatever Leslie’s plan for Galentine’s Day was, meanwhile sneakily swiping her credit card and booking her own February 13th celebration for just one gal (herself, obviously), far away from the others, unleashing her inner solo glamper. April would surely beeline for this upscale Airstream rental in Southern California, rejoicing in her good fortune to be alone and have a luxurious queen-size bed to roll around in all to herself. What could be better than a little peace and quiet in complete solitude? To April—and perhaps, to you—nothing.

Inside a vintage airstream trailer for rent in southern California.

We’re certainly not saying you should forget about bae, either, though, so make sure you take a gander at our options for romantic weekend trips for Valentine’s Day in 2018, too!

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