Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts, Australia 2021

The best Father's Day gifts for Australian Father's Day

Father’s Day 2021, Australia, falls on September 65th, so you’ve still got a decent amount of time to plan what you’re going to buy dad for Father’s Day. Gifts for dad can sometimes be quite hard to buy. Are you going to get him something he wants or something he needs? Do you get him a gift to open, or buy him a trip or an experience? To help you find the perfect gift to say “Happy Father’s Day”, we’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for dad and things to do Father’s Day 2020. So keep reading, and find the best father’s day gifts to show dad how much you appreciate everything he does for you. Without a doubt, one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give dad is the gift of travel. After a long year of not being able to travel as much as any of us would like, the prospect of a relaxing holiday, whether in a different state or an in-state staycation, is something we all need.

plan a beach holiday for one of your father's day gifts

Give dad the gift of travel, the best Father’s Day gifts

Buy a Glamping Hub gift card, one of the best gift ideas for dad, and give your old man something fun to look forward to on Father’s Day 2020 with the prospect of an escape into the great outdoors in some exceptional areas of natural beauty, all while staying in a unique rental. With so many things to do in Australia, your dad can plan a wide range of trips. From exploring the bush and forests to a beach holiday and whale watching, the possibilities are almost endless when you go glamping in Australia. There are still some domestic travel restrictions in force in Australia, so it’s vital to remember to regularly check any developments when planning your father’s day getaway.

The new GH gift cards

A portable barbecue, the best gift for an Australian Father’s Day

Once your dad has his trip booked, why not treat him to another one of the best gifts for dad on Australian Father’s Day? A portable barbecue is perfect for when you all head off on a beach holiday so you can still enjoy the best possible meals while relaxing on the sand. There are a number of good, reliable brands out there, each offering something different to fill all your grilling needs. Something like the Baby Q grill from Weber is the ideal option. The perfect size for easily packing away, it’s still substantial enough to grill a veritable feast for the family while relaxing in the great outdoors.

A barbecue, one of the best father's day gifts

Make your dad’s foray into the great outdoors better with power bank

It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but a power bank or portable charger is without a doubt one of the most useful things you can buy for anyone, and as such, it’s one of the best gift ideas for dad. We all use our phones more and more, and when we’re out, exploring the great outdoors, we want to be sure that we have all our gadgets fully charged, just in case. With most of the options for the best power bank featuring multiple ports for charging cables, your dad can power up more than one device while out on his adventure.

A power bank for your father's day gifts

Organize a beer delivery, gift for a celebration at home for Fathers Day, Australia

Obviously, with the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, many of us still prefer to stay at home, or least minimize non-essential travel, so Father’s Day, Australia 2021, could be spent at home relaxing with the family. If that is the case, and your dad decides to spend the day in the comfort of his own house, why not ensure that it’s still a happy Father’s Day? Organize a beer delivery to your dad with a selection of some of his favorite amber nectar, and even add in some beers that he may otherwise not have tried. If you can’t get dad to the pub, get the pub to dad with a beer hamper, the perfect Father’s Day gift.

A beer delivery is one of the perfect father's day gifts

Give your dad the gift of beard care or shaving essentials

Whether your dad is the consummate beardsman or if he can’t start the day without a refreshing shave, rising trends in essentials for both have opened the door to great Father’s Day gifts for all of us. If your dad is rocking the lumberjack beard, beard balm, beard oils, and even a beard brush are all sure to keep him happy. Similarly, for the dad that keeps his face fresh and fuzz-free, decent shaving soaps, as well as pre and post-shave lotions and moisturizers gives you plenty of products to choose from. Guaranteed to bring a smile to his bearded or beardless face, you can’t go wrong with a good selection of male grooming products.

Shaving essentials are great Father's day gifts

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