Live Like A Celebrity On Vacation This Summer 2021

enjoying cocktails at one of the best summer destinations

With summer almost upon us, we are reflecting on some of the most glorious summer vacation spots and wondering to ourselves, “Why on earth haven’t these people gone glamping this summer?” Maybe they haven’t realized just what glamping can offer them. For example, we think everyone deserves to live like a celebrity once-in-a-while and that’s where these travel ideas for summer 2021 come in to the mix!

Jay Z and Beyonce enjoying summer vacations Pictured: Jay-Z and Beyonce. Photo from Popsugar

Live like a celebrity and channel the type of fun Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have on their summer vacations in 2021

We shall start this post by mentioning the phenomenal Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. After their hilariously entertaining and downright riveting music video covering their safari trip and set to Toto’s well-acclaimed “Africa,” we think the world could use an encore.

Maybe a music video featuring a walking tour in Australia complimented by the one and only “500 miles” by The Proclaimers—just an idea guys, just an idea. But in all seriousness, Kristen and Dax, we are begging you.

photo of Kristen Bell and Dax for how to live like a celebrity Courtesy of Today

Beyonce & Jay-Z showing us how to live like a celebrity while on vacation in Hawaii: go glamping and discover your perfect 2021 summer

While we sit back and watch the love story of Beyonce and Jay Z continue to unfold, we are hopeful that maybe a romantic getaway in Hawaii is just what they needed.

Though we find Hawaii to be beautiful vacation destination, we think these two need a place that is magical, mysterious and unique, much like the pair themselves. We are thinking the next destination for this dynamic duo should be Slovenia—a fairy tale-esque wonderland that will give you plenty of affordable options for how to live like a celebrity this summer 2021.

discover how to live like a celebrity with Jay Z and Beyonce Photo from Christalrock

Explore the best summer destinations and enjoy a vacation like Taylor Swift in 2021 

Last, but not least, Taylor Swift. With the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian social media explosion that erupted in mid July (when will these two ever make amends!?), we think she could certainly benefit from a secluded tree house in the mountains or maybe a tent along a secret beach cove.

Taylor Swift with friends enjoying one of the best summer vacation spots Photo from [](*

How about this summer beach spot? Set in Tuscany, this glamping Italy site is a secluded coastal property, making it a complete paradise for celebs looking to escape the spotlight. This is the perfect place to splash around with new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, while Instagram-ing photos of yourself having the time of your life, T-Swift. We’ll make sure you remain the envy of all who view your social media—don’t you worry!

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