How to take photos of your accommodation and its surroundings

By Eric Wright

We all know the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and this couldn't be more true when it comes to the images on your listing. The photos are the first thing a potential guest will see and are absolutely vital to ensure you achieve as many confirmed bookings as possible.

We've compiled some simple, yet effective, ways on how to take photos of your accommodation and its surroundings to get your property more exposure.

1. Call attention to unique features.

Whether your property has a spacious deck with mountain views or a pristine pool the whole family will love, your guests will want to know about it instantly. So if your unique accommodation has an awe-inspiring view, a majestic fireplace, or even friendly goats roaming the yard, make sure you set it apart from the rest with quality images. You'll be getting more bookings in a flash!

2. Brighten up the interior

Bright interior shots of your property can do wonders in terms of getting bookings, and if your property has stylish decor and a beautiful living room, you need to bring them to light. Try taking your photos during a sunny day—open the windows and doors, flood your property with natural light, and even turn on the lights. This simple piece of advice will give your guests a glowing perspective of your retreat, because after all, nobody wants to be stuck in a darkroom on vacation.

3. Make sure you have exterior images

If you don't have quality images of your accommodation's exterior, this can have a negative influence on receiving booking requests, as most guests want a general overview of the getaway they're booking. If your property is a picturesque tree house in the forest or a cabin backed by snow-capped mountains, you really need that exterior image to show it off. Try to take photos on a bright and sunny day or during golden hour, i.e., the first or last hour of sunlight of the day. Go ahead, get out there, and give it a shot!

4. Focus on horizontal photos

On Glamping Hub, both in the search results and on the individual pages, we use a landscape, or horizontal, format for all images. Even if you don't have any landscape photos for your portfolio yet, a medium- to high-quality smartphone will be able to take some crisp and clear horizontal images that will make your unique rental pop. With just the click of a button, your properties potential will develop instantly!

5. Take a variety of pictures

You'll want to make sure that all of the amenities your guests are going to have are perfectly clear from the get-go. Showing off an extensive set of images for your accommodation is a great way to capture the moment for all those potential new glampers. Including a mix of exterior and interior photos, as well as of the surrounding views and neighborhood, is an easy and helpful way to allow your guests to truly understand what it will be like to vacation at your property.

6. Set the scene

Here's where all of you aspiring interior designers can get creative. Imagine you're about to have an open house—get rid of any unnecessary clutter, arrange some flowers, and make sure those surfaces are spick and span. Stylish, clean, and tidy spaces are more inviting to guests, but the main objective is an accurate portrayal of the way the accommodation will look when your eager glampers arrive. This straightforward tip is a sure fire way to get your property snapped up in seconds!

7. Use the best camera you have

Higher resolution images are a fantastic way to leave your accommodation looking picture perfect, so utilizing the most powerful camera you have is key. On Glamping Hub, the aspect ratio for horizontal images is 3:2, and the ideal photo dimensions are 1440 pixels in width by 960 pixels in height. Most smartphones now can take high-quality images, but don't be afraid to release that inner photographer should you have a digital, reflex, or compact camera lying around the house.

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The latest trend in nature therapy: Forest bathing

By Eleanor Stanesby

When you think of bathing, water immediately comes to mind. The Japanese art form of forest bathing, however, encompasses bathing in a completely different way. Through mindfulness and the use of your five senses, this type of nature therapy allows you to soak in the natural environment around you, which in turn, can lead to amazing health benefits, both physically and mentally!

Read on to find out why this scientifically-proven form of nature therapy is trending in the Western world, with doctors, forestry commissions, and even royals getting on board!

What is forest bathing?

Originating in Japan in the 1980s, Shinrin-yoku forest therapy was invented by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and has become an essential preventative healthcare method in Japanese medicine. Shinrin-yoku translates to "taking in the forest atmosphere," or "forest bathing," as its now known in Western culture.

"Taking in the forest atmosphere" is the best way to explain this form of holistic medicine and what it encompasses. The idea is to truly immerse yourself in nature, to be present and engage your senses, in order to allow you to reconnect with a calm and mindful approach. Many people take hikes or treks throughout the forest; however, the concept of forest bathing requires a much slower-paced walk, quietness, and a form of meditation for you to feel its healing benefits.

A forest bathing infographic from Lifespark Weekly.

Why you should give it a try

For many years, forest bathing has been used as a form of medical treatment in Japan—so much so that it's now a part of their national health program. The proven health benefits of forest bathing have plenty of research to back them up, largely thanks to the foremost expert in forest medicine, Dr. Qing Li, who through years of research has discovered the following that it:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Improves metabolic function

It's true that nature is undeniably peaceful, from the soothing sounds of birds and streams to the incredible aromas of flowers and plants, so it's not hard to see why this type of therapy has so many benefits on your mental and physical well-being. Just think about how relaxed you felt the last time you were in the middle of nature, taking in your surroundings without any distractions or disturbances. This is what forest bathing is all about!

Don't just take our word for it, though. Dr. Li has written a book on the subject called, "Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness," which will give you an in-depth look on how forest bathing can improve your overall well-being and how you can incorporate nature therapy into your daily routine.

Where to go forest bathing

Duchess of Cambridge at Chelsea flower show from Jersey Evening Post.

Talk about trendy! Even the British royals are embracing forest bathing. The Duchess of Cambridge co-designed a garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where she sourced inspiration from this treatment of Japanese origin and the benefits it brings to the table.

Here are some tips for connecting with nature and getting the utmost from this form of therapy:

  • Find somewhere in nature tailored to you.

  • Engage your senses.

  • Slow down your pace.

  • Take advantage of the silence.

  • Explore with no destination.

Forest bathing is an individual experience that everyone will do and benefit from in different ways. If you need a kickstart to your own nature therapy journey, there are many programs to help guide you through your journey, no matter where you're based in the world.

Forest bathing sounds like the perfect activity to incorporate into your glamping adventure, so get ready to leave your vacation feeling extra rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way!

Fun, outdoor summer adventures and activities for kids

By Eleanor Stanesby

School is out, and summer is here, so as temperatures warm up, it's no wonder that kids want to spend their free time outdoors, whether in the backyard or on a fun-packed day trip. Making sure your kids are entertained for the whole summer can be a daunting task for any parent, but rest assured, as we've complied a list of summer activities and adventures that will supply hours of endless fun.

Read on to find some awesome activities and adventures that will create summer memories your kids will never forget!

Backyard-based fun

1. DIY slip 'n' slide

Cool the kids down (and tire them out!) with this frugal, DIY slip 'n' slide. Visit the hardware store and invest in a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet or a camping tarp. Place the material on a slope, add flowing water from a garden hose and a bit of baby shampoo, and watch the hours of entertainment unfold for the kids, no matter what their age.

2. Outdoor arts and crafts

Photo from Broogly.

Kids love to get creative. When you supply them with paints, pens, and paper, though, things are sure to get messy. An outdoor arts and crafts station allows them to spend time outside on a sunny day and will hinder your worry of them spilling paint on the floors, walls, and everything in between. Combine bubble mix and food coloring, and watch the kids create a masterpiece while simultaneously in complete awe of this cool craft.

3. Obstacle course

Photo from Parents.

A backyard obstacle course can help kids use up the endless amount of innate energy they all seem to have. Create a mini competition for the older kids and offer a small prize, which is bound to make things more interesting. You could even include the aforementioned slip 'n' slide for even more enjoyment!

Using pool noodles is a great way to create your own obstacles while also being safety conscious and preventing injuries. Be sure to check out these other awesome backyard games just using pool noodles, too—who knew they were so versatile?

4. Scavenger hunt

Photo from Soeasybeinggreen.

A backyard scavenger hunt is a great way for kids to use there curiosity and discover new things. Hours of determined exploration to find these items—and the inevitable excitement on their faces when they do—will be a joyous afternoon for both you and them. Check out this free, printable scavenger hunt checklist to make your job even easier!

Day trip adventures

5. Visit a local fair or theme park

It's no surprise that visiting a fairground or theme park during summer holidays is a popular adventure. Kids love the epic rides, fairground games, and food and sweets that are likely to pair with this kind of day trip. With rides and activities catered to all ages, this is sure to be a hit no matter the age.

5. Explore a national park

Share the serene beauty of a national park with your kids, and prepare for a look of wonder to spread over their faces all day long, thanks to the views, lakes, and wildlife spotting sure to ensue. Many national parks have events, trails, and activities catered towards children, which is super helpful to know before choosing which one to head to.

The U.S National Park Service has a page where you can check out what park is best suited to your children's ages and what ongoing events there are to participate in. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, for example, is perfect for visiting with kids, as there are many smaller hikes and free activities available, as well as some adrenaline-pumping activities for eager teens.

Quick tips:

  • Bring the basics, including SPF and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Create games using the surrounding nature.
  • Be prepared for spontaneous exploration.
  • Don't forget to take snacks with you!

Feeling inspired? Want to plan an outdoorsy vacation with the kids? Tiny Camper Pro is ready to help you find the ultimate outdoor getaway for when you don't have a camper here!

Unique ways to celebrate the 4th of July

By Jackie Dreyer

Festivals, fireworks, a surplus in hot dog sales, and a whole lot of red, white, and blue everywhere are just a few of the tried and true elements that make up the Fourth of July. There is something inexplicably lovely about having set traditions, but we think there's something equally as exciting about mixing it up and thinking outside of the box to create some new ones.

That's why we've compiled a list of unique ways for you to celebrate the Fourth of July, with a few fun takes on old favorites.


Have a beach bonfire

You'll have to check with your local law enforcement first for your nearest beach's regulations and permit requirements, but we can't think of a more magical setting for a potluck-style gathering to celebrate the Fourth of July. Grab some towels, a couple of blankets, pack up some coolers with food and drinks, and you're ready to go. (If you want to get extra festive, you can even pack a few tiny flags to stick in the sand.) With any luck, you'll still be able to catch the nearest fireworks off in the distance, too!

Go on a woodland hike

What better way to celebrate the U.S. than by getting outside to explore and appreciate the country's natural beauty? Throw on some activewear and sneakers, and grab your partner or some pals to hit the trails with. If you're not sure where to head to, helpful websites, such as AllTrails, let you easily enter in your city name or a nearby park so you can plan your hike accordingly.

Set up a picnic in the park

You can stay close to home while still having a brand new Fourth of July experience with your nearest and dearest—in the form of a picnic in the park! Eliminating any potential nerves about hosting a get together at home, the park is the perfect place to gather a group of any size for to make merry. Doublecheck with your city's Parks and Recreation Department or the National Park Service in case you need to reserve the park's picnic tables or want to claim the pavilion—and make sure to pack some festive table clothes or some streamers to decorate around wherever you settle down to set the mood.

Plan your own backyard festival

Photo from Reader's Digest.

For those who love to host, go above the traditional barbecue, skip the crowds at the city-run festivities, and put on a full-blown festival in your backyard. With so many tasty, or just plain adorable, recipes at a mere Google search away, there will be plenty of Instagram-worthy moments for you and your guests to capture. A few party snacks that have caught are eye are these Grilled Corn and Ranch Pizzas, simple Red White and Blue Berry Cheese Bites, and, for dessert, these Mini Star Berry Pies or Patriotic Oreo Pops.

Bonus recipe: Fourth of July brunch, anyone? Make these Red, White, and Blue Donuts!


Plan an American movie marathon

Photo from The Lamron.

Celebrating doesn't have to mean drinking nor binging on fried food (although, also fine if it does, we don't judge here)—it can also mean the perfectly planned movie night, complete with a solid line-up of American films and all of your favorite movie snacks within reach.

Check out some of our top picks below:

  • "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
  • "Saving Private Ryan"
  • "Miracle"
  • "Independence Day"
  • "The Patriot"
  • "Apollo 13"
  • "Rocky"
  • "Captain America"

Make a patriotic playlist

Whether you end up blasting your carefully curated playlist in the backyard later, you'll probably at least be indoors when you create it, and we've got a few American-themed lists to serve as inspiration. The inevitable union of country music and patriotism makes this playlist an easy choice, while this 4th of July playlist takes a more classic approach, with everything from John Mellencamp and Creedence Clearwater Revival to Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

Play games

True American cheat sheet, as seen on Pinterest.

You can stick to the game cabinet staples: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity...the list goes on. Or you can keep your (21-and-up) friends on their toes this year with a rousing rendition of True American, the drinking game made popular on the TV show New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. Make sure you have a fair amount of space, enough sofas or objects to stand on (the floor is lava!), and a lot of energy and historical facts stored up before you start!

Host a "Hamilton" sing-along

Photo from Playbill.

We don't know about everyone else, but we're still not over "Hamilton." It doesn't matter whether you've seen the musical in person yet or not; the soundtrack is catchy, infectious, and can fully stand on its own. Host your very own "Hamilton" sing-along in your living room or out on the lawn—wherever you feel most comfortable displaying your talents—and check out the nearest costume store provide some 18th century-style wigs to help get your friends and family into character.

Want to plan a weekend trip for the Fourth of July instead? Let us show you which accommodations are available—click here!

Top 10 Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything

By Fred Jéquier

He's the one that taught you how to ride a bike, how to tie your tie, how to fill out a tax return, and he's also the guy who got in the passenger seat the first time you drove a car. So, even though his jokes may make you cringe, and he has no idea who your favorite singer is, with cries of, "This isn't music, it's just noise," he deserves to be reminded that we do appreciate everything he's done, and continues to do, for us. Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, this year, and if you're still wondering what to get your "old man" as a gift, we've got a few suggestions for you.

Keep reading to find out what our top 10 Father's Day gift ideas are for the dad who has everything.

1. A sleek wallet

Whether your dad is the kind of guy who has a credit card, a driver's license, and a loyalty card to his favorite coffee spot, or if he has a bank card for every day of the week, his I.D., a library card, and a membership card for something that even he can't remember the origin of, a Secrid wallet has him covered. At just 21 millimeters thick, the wallet is the perfect size to sit almost unnoticed in your pocket, and the metal card protector can hold up to six cards.

With a simple press of a button, the cards all pop up and are easy to remove and replace. The case has a pocket for six further cards, as well as space for paper money and receipts. If your dad needs a protector for more than six cards, there is a version available with two card protectors, as well.

2. The ultimate grill

Summer is upon us, and as such, barbecues are being planned, and grills are out. Dads tend to pride themselves on their barbecuing abilities, and there's nothing more satisfying to them than all their pals standing around the grill holding a cold beer, nodding in approval at how well the grilling is going. This is the perfect moment for your dad to explain to his friends that his grill is the best of all the grills, followed by a lengthy, almost scientific explanation as to why. Enter the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill.

Photo from Amazon.

Not only can he cook up to 15 portions for optimum food prep on this electric grill, but he can adjust the heat to give everyone a mouthwatering meal to order. Added to which, there's the all-important cup holder for his drink, and if it starts to rain, he can just take the intricate grilling operation to the kitchen with no adverse affect to his cooking.

3. The coolest pint glass

While dad is busy grilling, he's going to need a cool beverage to sustain him through the grueling task of cooking the best barbecue anyone has ever eaten, and the last thing he's going to want is for his beer to get warm during the process. FREEZE Cooling Pint Glass is the perfect solution. The plastic walls of the glasses contain a cooling gel that maintains a consistent temperature for hours, so all your dad needs to do is pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours in the morning, and then once he's ready to enjoy his afternoon in the sun, he can rest assured that his beer will stay cold.

Photo from HOST®.

4. An electric razor

When a father teaches his son to shave, it's a big moment for them both. A father has the realization that his boy is now becoming a man, and a son starts to see adulthood on the horizon. A classic wet shave is often the preferred method for those who keep a fresh look, but in the morning when you're in a rush to get up, get ready, and get to work, there just isn't time, and a rushed wet shave can result in a rather painful experience. Thankfully, electric shavers are getting better at producing a close shave. With brands such as Philips, Braun, and Panasonic producing some reliable, long-lasting models, there are plenty to choose from.

Photo from The TrendSpotter.

5. Shaving products

It doesn't matter if you wet shave or use an electric razror, pre- and post-shave care is a big part of the process. There are numerous shaving products on the market that help regenerate the skin, keeping you looking fresh and youthful. If you're thinking of getting your dad a razor or an electric shaver, it's definintlely worth considering adding some little extras to the gift. Grooming Lounge has a wide range of grooming and shaving products available, and as it's Father's Day coming up, they are offering a 20% discount on all of their products!

6. A beard bib

We've talked about razors and shaving products, but what about the bearded fathers out there? Well, look no further. For every shaving product, there is a beard grooming product, and this one is perfect for helping your dad with his beard trim. The beard bib is almost a double gift; it's not just for dad, as you can be sure your mom will be thankful for it, as well.

The beard bib fits around the neck and then attaches to the mirror. As the wearer starts to trim their beard, the hair is caught in the bib and can be disposed of properly—rather than lining the sink. Mom will be relieved when she's getting ready in the morning that she doesn't have to compete with the leftovers of dad's beardscaping!

7. Beard accessories

While the clean-shaven man has pre-shave cleanser and post-shave moisturiser, the bearded gentleman has oils, balms, brushes, combs, and even shampoos—all designed to maintain a tidy, clean beard from the well-defined, neat beards, all the way to the bushiest, lumberjack beards. Beard Brand has been building an impressive online presence over the last few years, and the founder, Eric Bandholz, created the company to foster a culture of pride in male grooming. If you're looking for products for yourself, or as a gift for Father's Day, Beard Brand has everything you want, need, and didn't even know you needed.

8. A heavy-duty travel mug

We talked earlier about how vital it is to ensure dad's beer stays cold in the summer, but what about his coffee? Whether he's doing the school run, on his way to work, or going on a hike, ensuring his coffee stays hot is a must. The YETI Rambler Mug is perfect for all scenarios. The double-vacuum design ensures that a cup of coffee will stay hot until the final sip. Additionally, the mug is relatively light at 14oz, and the creators pride themselves at having designed one of the most durable and over-engineered travel mugs on the market. If your old man is an avid hiker, climber, and adventurer, there are a wide range of products on the YETI website that I'm sure he'd love.

Photo from YETI.

9. A hiking backpack

This particular product is in a higher price range, but with the Topo Klettersack backpack being both incredibly durable and multi-purpose, your dad is sure to to get a lot of use out of it. This stylish backpack is perfect for anyone who enjoys long hikes in rugged terrain, and the material—1000D Cordura Nylon—is thick and strong enough for most environments. It has numerous pockets and zips designed to carry any equipment one might need on an excursion, but additionally, the bag can hold day-to-day items, such as a 15-inch laptop, so he can also use it for work or as a carry-on when traveling.

10. A glamping adventure

You've bought dad his travel mug, you gave him a durable backpack, so why not complete the present with the gift of glamping for an unforgettable adventure? With so many incredible destinations and unique experiences available, a Glamping Hub gift card is easy to give and exciting to receive. Help your dad get away from the grind of his day-to-day for a long weekend or a vacation, where he can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience!

Need some inspiration of where to send Dad for his glamping adventure? Check out this blog with some suggestions for an unforgettable weekend getaway!

A glampers' guide to the Glastonbury Music Festival

By Fred Jéquier

Somerset, England, is famous for its rolling hills, sleepy towns and villages, and some great cider. But every June, thousands of people make their way to the quiet county for a wholly different reason. Since 1970, Glastonbury Music Festival has been a mecca for music and contemporary art fans across the world. With rock acts, such as T-Rex and Rage Against the Machine, Britpop favorites like Blur and Oasis, hip hop represented by the likes of Jay-Z, Divas in the form of Beyoncé, and country legends like Johnny Cash all gracing the world-renowned Pyramid Stage, the race is on to reserve a place at this iconic annual event the moment tickets are released.

Photo from Festicket.

The 2019 festival is no exception to previous years, with a plethora of new and established artists getting ready to play in front of thousands of fans, hoping to make their way into the annals of Glastonbury folklore like so many before them. Bands, such as The Killers, The Cure, Liam Gallagher, Janet Jackson, and Wu-Tang Clan are just some of the many artists that fans can look forward to seeing this year.

To make your festival going experience as fun and hassle-free as possible, we've created the ultimate glampers' guide for the Glastonbury Music Festival.

Location, location, location

Despite being named after the historic town of Glastonbury, the festival itself is not actually in the town. The festival is held on Michael Eavis' family-owned Worthy Farm, which lies on the edge of the idyllic village of Pilton. You might be thinking that the last thing a small village in the West Country would want is over 100,000 people descending upon them for the biggest party of the summer. However, the villagers are allotted a certain amount of free tickets each year, which I'm sure we all can agree is both right and proper!

Photo from Geograph.

How to get there

With at least 135,000 people expected to make their way to Worthy Farm this summer, it is hardly surprising that getting there will prove to be an event in and of itself. The A303, the road connecting the West Country to the rest of Southern England, gets busy around Glastonbury and Pilton in the days leading up to the festival, so your best bet is to take the train to Castle Cary, the nearest station to both Pilton and the festival site. In fact, Castle Cary has become so synonymous with the festival that the station received an official dedication as "Castle Cary, Station of the Glastonbury Festival" in April of this year.

Photo from Somerset Live.

National Rail Enquiries has regular updates on departures and arrivals at all of the U.K.'s train stations, and for ease, there is a free app for your phone. Once you arrive at the station, there are shuttle buses to take festivalgoers to the site, which is about six miles from Castle Cary.

Food and drink

We're sure if you've ever been to a festival, you've had your fair share of overpriced, yet underwhelming, food. The last thing you want when you're in need of energy is bland and boring food, and thankfully, the stalls at Glastonbury this year promise to be anything but. Here are a few examples of food stalls that are sure to get your taste buds zinging before you head to the main stage and your ears start ringing.

1. Paellaria

Founded by four friends over 10 years ago, Paellaria cooks up various types of paella with some delicious, bold flavors, bright colors, and pretty generous portions. This is sure to fill you up before you head out on your next festival adventure.

2. Anna Mae's

Based in London, the Anna Mae's stall serves up mac 'n' cheese, the perfect comfort food after a day on your feet. Expect a load of cheese and a range of tasty sauces.

3. Biff's Jack Shack

Biff's Jack Shack is the perfect place to indulge in some junk food with a twist. With an entirely vegan menu, everyone can enjoy their stunning burgers and range of vegan fried chicken dishes. Biff's Jack Shack is gaining popularity as they hone their craft, so don't be surprised to see them at several other festivals this year, too.

4. "Food For A Fiver"

There's no getting away from the fact that at festivals, we often pay a premium for food and drink. The organizers at Glastonbury have teamed up with various vendors to provide affordable food for festivalgoers on a budget. Participating stalls all carry the "Food For A Fiver" sticker, and you can look forward to drink deals, meal deals, and even smoothies, milkshakes, coffees, and cakes.

Photo from NME.

What to bring

There are certain items that we always need to pack when getting ready for a festival. Beyond the obvious items, such as a tent and a roll mat, thanks to British summers being somewhat unpredictable, there are obviously a few essentials that you'll need to remember so you're ready for all eventualities.

Photo from GlastoFestFeed.

1. Wellies

All it takes is a couple of hours of rain, and the whole site can end up covered in wet mud. Wellies are a real must to keep your feet dry and your mood bright through any rainy weather. There's nothing worse than going for a three-day camping trip and having to endure soggy socks and damp trainers.

Photo from The Independent.

2. Portable phone charger

It happens to all of us. It's the final night of the festival, and half of the group want to see The Killers, but the rest of the group want to head to the other side of the site to watch The Chemical Brothers. Once the sets are done, you need to find the rest of the group so you can enjoy the rest of the festival together, but after a whole day, your phone will inevitably be running low. Thankfully, there are numerous portable phone chargers of varying sizes and prices to choose from, so you can rest assured that you'll be able to find the rest of your group when the time comes.

3. Reusable water bottle

After the festival has come to an end, and everyone has made their way home to hot showers and comfy beds, the work for the organizers is not yet over. The end of the festival means the start of the clean-up, and over the years, there has been an enormous amount of rubbish to be disposed of. After 1.3 million bottles of water were bought at the festival in 2017, the organizers decided to ban plastic water bottles, so you will need to bring your own. There are free water stations throughout the site, so you can fill them up while going from stage to stage.

If you enjoy festivals but want to avoid muddy campsites, check out some of our great festival glamping sites!

Host Spotlight: Marina and Valeria

By Jackie Dreyer

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have mother-daughter duo, Marina and Valeria, who manage these stunning hut rentals in Sardinia, Italy.

A photo of Marina and Valeria at their glamping property.

1. What is the story behind you starting your glamping site?

Since I was a child, I waited impatiently on Sundays for my family to make our weekly trip from our town of Nuoro to the countryside—ready to run and do somersaults in the meadows and collect mushrooms, beets, wild fennel, and asparagus. Growing up, I chose a course of study that would allow me to learn more about this wonderful world: five years for the diploma in agriculture, plus an additional two years for two certificates, "Expert technician in the recognition and cultivation of medicinal and aromatic essences of Sardinia" and "Expert technician in the manipulation and transformation of the medicinal and aromatic essences of Sardinia."

2. What did you do before becoming a glamping host? What drew you to glamping?

I worked in the agricultural and herbal sectors, recognizing this as my real passion. But I decided to make a change in my life with my own business project. For two years, I searched for agricultural land that was perfect for my project, to start building it and dedicate myself to the land. After about two years of wandering in different areas of Sardinia, I found the right place—11,000 meters of land on a hill—to welcome people from all around the world to experience the real Sardinia.

From here, you can see the sea; the Posada River that flows along the plain; the bird varieties of the Tepilora River Park; the limestone massif of Montalbo, where you can hike up to its peaks; the nearby lake with its magical landscape; the naturalistic oasis of Usinavà; the ancient village of Posada with its narrow streets up to the castle; and Torpè with its cathedral on display...paradise.

3. In your opinion, how does your accommodation fit the definition of glamping?

For us, this place lets you protect yourself and recharge, in the heart of Tepilora Natural Park in inner Sardinia. Through the rediscovery of your senses and your oldest values, you can recover your lost relationship with nature and feel a part of it completely once more.

4. What is the most special thing about your property?

The property is made of four stone and wooden circular huts with conic roofs, which are called pinettos in Italian—each of which is themed after a type of sensory path and an essential oil. In addition we offer chromotherapy, aromatherapy, wellness treatments, massages, yoga and meditation sessions, and residential seminars.

Since the architecture takes the form of an ancient quadrilobate nuraghe and the chamber is circular and conical, the energy inside the room moves more intensively than in a square building. When you enter one of these structures from an ancient, essential dimension, you create an original sensory experience, enjoy total relaxation, and wake up regenerated, with an inner strength that comes from this 1,000-year-old land.

5. What do you love the most about running a glamping site? What are some of the challenges you face?

We are a team: me, a mother with a passion for officinal plants, and my globetrotting daughter, who came back to Sardinia to give back with the knowledge she has gained. What we love the most, which is also the biggest challenge, is being a mother and a daughter working together for the great Mother—creating an oasis of ancient values, a place where every guest can finally feel at home in his or her essence, finding connection with life through the senses again.

6. Tell us about your most memorable guest experience to date.

It's not because these guests came from Glamping Hub, but Hanna and Boyan from London honored us by choosing us as their favorite location in Sardinia! Here is what Hanna said about her stay:

"We had the best time at this amazing location in Sardinia! The whole stay is an experience, each room has a different colour and combines essential oils and aromatherapy. I stayed in the Myrtle Room, which helps respiratory condition, which is perfect as I suffer with asthma.

The hosts Valeria and Marina were so so lovely, some of the kindest people we have met. We were very well taken care of, the room was very clean and the bed was so comfy. Each morning I woke up to birds and the sun shining and each evening the sky was full of clouds! It really was the most peaceful place.

The aromatherapy in the Myrtle Room was amazing. My breathing was so good while I was there. Especially as the hut is in the middle of nature, flowers and greenery all around. As it is out of the way, there were stars all around to see at night. It was such a unique place to stay.

Perfect views and so many unique touches around, like very comfortable arm chairs around the huge grounds which are lovely to explore. It is also not a far drive to some beautiful beaches and there are shops for groceries in Torpe nearby. We would love to come back again and would recommend anyone to stay here for a truly unique sensory experience."

7. Which three words are most commonly used in guest feedback about your accommodation?

Amazing, relaxing, and peaceful.

8. Tell us about the experience you provide for guests visiting your glamping site.

Scent of wind and lentisk, fresh water on the skin, crickets chirping at night, taste of aniseed and cinnamon, a breathtaking view on the Mediterranean... You enter your sensory hut suite with 100% Sardinian essential oils, and you breathe this natural magic that restores you and makes you feel in step with the life of the universe. Having a purpose and always finding new incentives and connections are only a few of the great benefits of spending time exploring the life cycle of the earth, seasons, plants, and animals again.

9. If you could have anybody stay at your accommodation, who would it be and why?

For me, it is more a type of person than a specific person. Thanks to the time and the experience you have here, something similar to the distillation of officinal herbs in essential oil can happen to you: something like your true essence can come out of you, the most intimate part of you, a few drops of your true nature.

If you're ready for this extraction, if you're willing to get the best from you, you'll take on a wonderful sensory pathway that will help you improve both internally and externally, in full respect of the environment, but without giving up any comforts.

10. Are there any upcoming additions/changes to your glamping site you would like to share with us?

We will be improving the spa and massages services, as well as adding a restaurant service, in order for our guests to have every phrase of their holiday in Sardinia take place here.

All questions were answered by Marina, some of which originally appeared here.

To book an unforgettable stay at Marina's glamping site in Sardinia, click here!

Host Spotlight: Rodney

By Jackie Dreyer

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Rodney, who manages five charming cabin and cottage rentals in Texas Hill Country.

1. What is the story behind you starting your glamping site?

After graduating from college with a marketing degree, I moved to Houston for my first "real" job. After seven months, I quit, moved to Wimberley, Texas, and started building houses. I also had a side job doing home repairs. A lot of the jobs were on rental cabins, which gave me the idea to build my own.

I wanted to do something different and unique from all the others. I looked around for a couple years before I found the perfect piece of property and slowly started building my cabins in my free time—creating the place I would want to visit.

2. What did you do before becoming a glamping host? What drew you to glamping?

Before I started building my property, I was building custom homes and pursuing an acting career. When I originally built it, it wasn't my intention for it to become my primary job.

After sevens years, the cabins became self-sufficient, thanks to repeats and referrals, which allowed me do other things and opened the door to traveling and focusing on my photography. When not at home managing the cabins, I'm out photographing great white sharks, saltwater crocodiles, stampeding horses, surfers, and rock stars.

3. In your opinion, how does your accommodation fit the definition of glamping?

I have five rustic and cozy accommodations nestled among the cedar trees in Texas Hill Country, where you can reconnect with nature while soaking in your own private hot tub. Each cabin has elements of salvaged materials collected from old ranch houses in the area, but with all modern amenities. The cabins are only four miles from Wimberley Square, but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. We also have DirecTV and DVD players, but I hope guests will leave the TV off and go enjoy the outdoors.

4. What is the most special thing about your property?

The cabins are spread out on 10 acres, and each one is its own private oasis nestled into the cedar trees. They each have their own private pool and hot tub, a king-size bed, a kitchen, and a fireplace. It truly is a place to get away and relax with nature.

There are deer, rabbits, fox, the occasional turkey, and, of course, lots of birds. One of my favorite things is to sit on the back porch in the mornings and listen to the doves coo back and forth to each other.

5. What do you love the most about running a glamping site? What are some of the challenges you face?

I leave notebooks in the cabins for guests to tell about their experience. I look forward to reading about their story and how it helped them de-stress from work, reconnect with their partner, or just escape the pressures of the real world for a couple days.

The biggest challenge I face is maintenance. For several years, I did it all. I built them and did all the maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. There are five pools, five hot tubs (about to be six), five water heaters, five air conditioners...well, you get the point. There's always something that needs to be tended to, and the biggies always seem to happen the day before I go out of town.

After doing it solo for 15 years, I finally brought in my brother to help out with some of the workload, and my parents also live nearby, so my dad is able to help out with things when I'm traveling.

6. Tell us about your most memorable guest experience to date.

After 25 years, that's really a tough one to answer. There have been so many. I've had writers that come to get away to finish their projects, couples that have gotten married on the property and come back every year for their anniversary, and people celebrating birthdays, new jobs, and retirements.

7. Which three words are most commonly used in guest feedback about your accommodation?

Relaxing, secluded, and peaceful.

8. Tell us about the experience you provide for guests visiting your glamping site.

My property is all about escaping the city and reconnecting with nature. Guests always ask me what there is to do in Wimberley, but when they get here, most people don't leave the cabin. You can lay out by the pool or soak in the hot tub on the back porch while looking at the stars. Wimberley is a dark sky city so you can see all the stars in the sky.

If you do want to step out, there are numerous wineries in the area, restaurants, zip-lining, swimming in historic Jacobs Well and Blue Hole, and shopping.

9. If you could have anybody stay at your accommodation, who would it be and why?

Anyone? If I could go back in time it would have to be Jacques Cousteau or Sir Ernest Shackleton. I am an adventurer and a wildlife and underwater photographer. I'd want to pick Cousteau's brain on the best dive sites in the world and would love to hear firsthand how Shackleton was able to bring back all 28 members of his crew after his ship was crushed in the Antarctic ice in 1914.

10. Are there any upcoming additions/changes to your glamping site you would like to share with us?

I am always upgrading, redecorating, or remodeling something to keep it fresh and new. The part I'm most excited about is the tiny home addition that will be available in the next month.

While building houses, I also dabbled in the film industry; I even moved out to LA for a couple years, where I worked on a couple big films, but I missed my Texas roots. When I moved back in 2001, I built an 150-square-foot tiny house that I lived in for five years. After I moved out, it sat empty for 10 years and was kind of forgotten about.

This past year I've been remodeling and added on an extra 100 square feet. The tiny house movement has become so popular; it will be a great way for people to try it out to see if it's something they would really like to do. The abundance of natural light and high ceilings definitely don't make it feel like a tiny house, though. And yes, it even has a king-size bed and a hot tub!

A sneak peak of the backyard of the soon-to-come tiny house.

To book an unforgettable stay in Texas Hill Country at one of Rodney's accommodations, click here, here, or here for one of the cabins and here or here for one of the cottages!

A breakdown of the best beaches by region in the U.S.

By Eric Wright

Spanning an astonishing 3.8 million square miles and bordered by three different oceans, the U.S. is one of the most geographically diverse countries on the planet. From the vast deserts in the southwest and the plains of the Midwest to the Colorado Rocky Mountains and icy tundras of Alaska, it really is a world unto itself—and it doesn't stop there. The sheer diversity of the U.S. extends all the way to its 12,383 miles of coastline, which means a plethora of beautiful beaches for you to visit and enjoy.

Plan your summer trip accordingly with our breakdown of the best beaches by region in the U.S.

The West Coast

The West Coast cozies up to the Pacific Ocean and offers a fantastic variety of stunning beaches—from rugged, windswept cliffs to soft sand that stretches on as far as the eye can see. Although the temperature may be lower than the beaches of the southeast and Gulf Coast, this area more than makes up for it with its peaceful beauty and awe-inspiring views.

1. Laguna Beach, California

For many, the 36 stretches of Orange County's Laguna Beach are the epitome of a West Coast beach getaway. Whether you're spending the day spiking up a volleyball at the popular Main Beach, exploring ancient caves at Thousand Steps Beach, or snorkeling the epic underwater marine park at Crystal Cove, a summer vacation at Laguna Beach offers something unforgettable for everyone.

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon

The iconic image of Haystack Rock, reaching up 235 feet into the heavens, is one of the most recognizable natural attractions on the coast of Oregon, and Cannon Beach itself is full of majestic coves just waiting to be discovered. The upscale resort town has many charming boutiques and quality restaurants, which are great to stop in at after days of long, scenic walks and, of course, saying hello to the resident puffins!

3. Cape Disappointment State Beach, Washington

Contrary to its name, the 2,032-acre Cape Disappointment State Park on the Long Beach Peninsula is the ideal spot to enjoy a beach vacation, with a great variety of both terrain and wildlife. The freshwater lakes and majestic cliffs create a unique landscape right where the Pacific Ocean meets the Columbia River. If its hiking, calm weather, and endless ocean views you're looking for, you've just found your perfect beach getaway!

4. El Matador State Beach, California

The jagged coastline of El Matador State Beach is one of the most unmistakable coastlines in Malibu, and the area is brimming with long sandy stretches, fabulous rocky inclines, and otherworldly sunsets. With the ocean full of kelp forests, visitors to the area can embark on an amazing whale-watching tour with majestic views of the coastlines massive boulders, steep cliffs, and mysterious sea caves.

5. San Gregorio, California

As one of the many state beaches running along the scenic Route 1 between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, San Gregorio boasts one of the best places to enjoy the gorgeous bluffs, vast sandstone cliffs, and sandy beaches found along this gorgeous coastline. Nature lovers will also be in their element, with a protected estuary housing a variety of native birds and animals, as well as the opportunity to spot a whale passing by.

The Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast stretches on for hundreds of miles through the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida—welcoming millions of tourists each year for summers of enjoying year-round warm waters, idyllic fishing conditions, and water sports. The white sand and emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico are sure to enchant any visitor, making it the ideal beach vacation destination.

1. Galveston Island State Park, Texas

As a protected territory, Galveston Island State Park offers a more peaceful getaway than many of the Gulf Coast beach destinations, with its vast wetlands, dunes, and tranquil beaches being a respite from the busier tourist traps. Located just an hour from Houston, the 32 miles of sandy beaches couldn't be more of a contrast from hectic city life.

2. South Padre Island, Texas

Located off the southern tip of Texas, the half-mile-wide barrier island of South Padre offers a retreat packed with incredibly clean shorelines and shimmering water. The shallow water makes the island a perfect spot for families, while those looking to get their blood pumping can try their hand at boating, kayaking, and parasailing. With some of the best waves on the Gulf Coast, those surfers out there will have also found their slice of southern heaven.

3. Gulf Shores, Alabama

The "sugar sands" in Gulf Shores, Alabama, offer a family-friendly destination full of impeccably well-maintained beaches and glistening ocean. Although Alabama doesn't boast as many miles of beaches as its neighboring states, the champagne shores dotted around this area are simply incomparable, and the 6 miles of soft sand at West Beach are a testament to this. Get ready for relaxing beach days full of collecting seashells, taking a dip in the calm waters, and enjoying the warm gulf breeze.

4. Orange Beach, Alabama

Situated just a 10-minute drive east from Gulf Shores, Orange Beach offers even more white quartz beaches and pristine, green-blue ocean waters. Open year-round, with public beach access, Orange Beach has earned a reputation as one of the best beaches on the Gulf Coast. Why not spend days swimming, sunbathing, and building sandcastles with the kids? You can even take a thrilling parasailing trip high above the scenic beauty of this fabulous area.

5. Gulfport, Mississippi

The second-largest city in Mississippi after the capital of Jackson, the diverse downtown of Gulfport is a southern tourist hub steeped in charming local history. With pristine sands stretching 6.2 miles and outlined by swaying palm trees, this is a paradise for those looking to kick back and enjoy a true beach vacation. The theme and water parks draw many visitors each year, while the various water sports rentals along the coast are perfect for some high-thrill experiences on the emerald waters.

The East Coast

While the West Coast gets a lot of the credit for the best beaches in the U.S., the 3,000 kilometers of Atlantic Ocean coastline on the other side of the country boast their own unique selection of sandy shores, rocky outcrops, and charming beach towns. From the hip vibes of Miami Beach to the peaceful sunsets of Hilton Head Island, the East Coast is a must-visit destination in and of itself.

1. Block Island, Rhode Island

Nicknamed "The Bermuda of the North,” New England's Block Island is home to 17 miles of beaches, which surround the vibrant town center. The clear waters of Crescent Beach are simply unmissable, while the dramatic clay cliffs at Mohegan Bluffs are well-worth making the descent down the 141 wooden steps to the spectacular shoreline. Those seeking some history should head to the northern tip of the island to the North Lighthouse, built in 1867, and nature lovers can spot migratory songbirds at the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge.

2. Miami Beach, Florida

Connected by bridges to mainland Miami, the island city of Miami Beach truly is one-of-a-kind, in terms of the unique atmosphere found in this idyllic area. Models, A-list celebrities, and eccentric locals alike can all be found at South Beach every summer, making it a perfect destination for afternoons of people-watching in the Florida sunshine. The wide beaches, full of fine sand, are just begging for you to sink your toes in them while sipping a mojito, and after sunset, the clubs and bars start to fill with nightlife-lovers ready to dance late into the night.

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Just a short 30-minute drive southeast of Norfolk International Airport in Virginia, where Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. The North American Sand Soccer Championships and annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships both draw in fans from far and wide, while the opportunities to go kayaking, parasailing, and jet skiing are practically endless. An iconic part of the beach is the 28-foot-wide boardwalk, which stretches on for 3 miles, with arcade games, live music, and street entertainers.

4. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Full of tranquil Atlantic Ocean beaches, world-class golf courses, and historic lighthouses, the coastline of Hilton Head Island offers a laid-back vacation surrounded by scenic natural beauty. The subtropical climate also means the boot-shaped sea island enjoys mild weather year-round, while the high-class restaurants, summer festivals, and epic water sports provide something for everyone. With a welcoming atmosphere and small-town charm, this really is one of the best family vacation destinations on the East Coast.

5. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Those looking for an undisturbed, peaceful beach getaway have found their solution with a vacation on Nantucket. Found at the easternmost end of the island, Great Point is widely regarded as one of the most secluded beaches in the U.S. The reason for this is that visitors to the area need a beach permit to drive their 4x4 across the rugged sandy tracks to the historic Great Point Lighthouse. The beauty of this hidden gem is simply breathtaking, while watching the sun set across the vast Atlantic Ocean from Madaket Beach, located on the opposite side of the island, is an unforgettable experience.


From absolutely incredible reefs and some of the most romantic coves imaginable to beaches with green, red, and black sands, its no wonder that Hawaii is widely considered to have some of the best beaches on the planet. If you're looking for a vacation of discovering a stunning new coastline every day, you've found your perfect getaway in Hawaii.

1. Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Located on Oahu's North Shore, the 200-foot-wide Sunset Beach stretches on for 2 miles and boasts prime surfing conditions, so much so that it forms part of the world-famous Triple Crown surfing competition. You can spend an afternoon watching surfers try their luck on the legendary waves or spotting some of the exotic tropical fish in the reef. Don't miss the enchanting sunset over the distant horizon before nightfall, too!

2. Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii

With crystal-clear, aquamarine water and talcum white sand, along with great swimming conditions, it's no surprise that Kailua Beach Park on Oahu regularly ranks at the top of the list of the best beaches in the U.S. Located on the eastern shore, it's difficult to imagine an ocean more turquoise blue than it is here, and with the powdery, 2.5-mile beach, kayaking along the coast is sure to be a dream-like experience that no one will ever forget.

3. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

As a constant rival to Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach also often ranks as one of the best beaches in the world. As the endless, aqua blue waters stretch on seemingly forever, it comes as no shock that the meaning of Lanikai is actually "heavenly ocean." The alluring waters are simply asking to be dived into! One of the main attractions here is the staggeringly beautiful sunrise, so be sure to get up early and make your way down to the beach for some other-worldly imagery at dawn.

Not ready to head back home after you've checked out? No worries! Check out Knock Knock City's of places you can visit and store your luggage nearby.

Upcycled accommodations: The most creative way to ecotravel

By Arran Wallace

Everyone's heard of recycling, but you might not have heard of upcycling. Whereas recycling extracts waste materials from something in order to be used again in the same way, upcycling is the process of using those waste materials to create something even better than what it was before. The graphic below from shows the difference between recyling and upcycling with a classic waste product—a wine bottle.

Upcycling is a great way to minimize our impact on the planet, as well as create something new and exciting, and our Glamping Hub hosts definitely agree. We have properties around the world that are crafted from a variety of different and unexpected materials—from a vintage Boeing airplane to repurposed boats that double as an ever-evolving art installation.

Check out some of our fantastic upcycled accommodations that will give you a creative way to embrace ecotravel.


Upcycled Shipping Container Transformed into Luxury Accommodation, Florida

This creative accommodation in Florida is the perfect place for a truly unique glamping experience. It is made up of three, ocean-going shipping containers that were no longer able to be used and which would have otherwise been melted down. The exterior has a rustic feel, but the interior is anything but—with comfortable beds, a fully-equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar, and French doors that overlook the beautiful Loxahatchee River.

Eclectic Eco-Friendly Vacation Rental for Five in Round Top, Texas

This upcycled shipping container in Texas goes the extra mile by using old lumber from a Kentucky distillery, salvaged glass from a Philadelphia school, cabinets from a Brooklyn laboratory, and countertops made from old bowling alley floors in Texas. The host, Matt, has been antiquing from young on and has a fascinating story to tell, which we captured when he was our Host of the Month last October!

P.S. Check out more fun shipping container accommodations here in Missouri, Colombia, and Portugal.

Amazingly Unique Getaway Made from Repurposed Boats near Shoshone, California

Located near the Mojave Desert in California, this accommodation is actually an ever-evolving art installation created by a collective of artists, whose purpose is to combine luxurious interiors and fine art using repurposed materials. Promoting sustainable design, visitors remark that staying here is like entering the mind of one of the artists.

As well as being visually impressive, guests can stay in comfort here, with features such as comfortable beds for four guests, Wi-Fi access, a flat-screen TV, and a charming outdoor space to enjoy the Californian sunshine. It was also featured in the music video for Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa's song "One Kiss," so head to YouTube to check it out!

Cozy Lofted Rental for Four in Repurposed Barn near West Jefferson, North Carolina

This gorgeous cabin tucked away in the woods of North Carolina, near the Cherokee National Forest, is made from a refurbished barn. This accommodation is unique both for the history that runs through its walls, as well as for the natural spring found nearby.

Discovered in 1883, the local farmers found that after drinking from the spring, the poison ivy sores on their hands disappeared. Soon, the spring was receiving as many as 300 visitors a day, rumored to cure all sorts of ailments, from rheumatism to indigestion. Nowadays, the farm is still running, providing beef, pork, and poultry to the local area, and guests can even help with the daily farm chores!

Converted Grain Silo for Unique Glamping Accommodation in Alvin, Illinois

Dating back to the 1950s, this getaway used to be a storage container for grain for the Illinois farm upon which it's located. The container was used up until the 1970s, when it changed location to be used on a different farm, though it's recently returned to its original location, albeit no longer needed for its practical use.

Today, the grain container is a beautiful rural getaway, featuring a sleeping loft, a comfortable front porch, and an upper deck that offers vistas of the most incredible sunsets. An added bonus to staying at a farm-based upcycled accommodation? You'll not only be helping support U.S. agriculture—you'll also be staying on a piece of living history.

P.S. Over in Tennessee, we have another accommodation made from a not just a grain silo, but also a 100-year-old barn!

Stunning Riverside Cabin Crafted from Recycled Materials near Cockaponset State Forest, Connecticut

Located in Chester, Connecticut, between the Connecticut River and Cockaponset State Forest, this stunning, riverside cabin has been crafted from 80% recycled materials. The wood furnishings of the interior, coupled with the large amounts of natural light let in by the windows, give a warm and cozy atmosphere and an authentic cabin feel.

The crafted cabin is situated beside the Pattaconk Brook and features a breathtaking waterfall, giving guests the chance to really reconnect with nature. Although the cabin boasts incredible natural surroundings, the cities of New Haven and Hartford are reachable in under an hour, and offer cultural activities like museums, theaters, and music venues, as well as opportunities for shopping and dining. For those looking for something a bit more relaxing, the coastline of the Long Island Sound is a 15-minute drive to the south.

Latin America

Unique Pipe Accommodation in Glamping Resort near Mexico City

At this resort, old concrete construction pipes have been used to create little glamping pods, fitted with queen-size beds and storage units. These pipes would otherwise have been crushed up for their raw materials, but we think this is a much better idea! Not just a cool and original place to stay, they're also fantastically located just a few minutes away from the center of Tepoztlan, about 45 minutes south of Mexico City, on the other side of the mountain range. Other cool features that guests will love are the speedy Wi-Fi and an amazing infinity pool.

P.S. Check out these similar accommodations in Cambodia!

Unique Refurbished Vintage 1965 Boeing 727 Airplane, Costa Rica

One of our most unique accommodations, this two-bedroom tree house suite is made from a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727, which in a previous life shuttled travelers around the globe for a South African and then Colombian airline—until its final resting place in San José, Costa Rica. Decommissioned and wasting away in a hangar, it was taken apart piece by piece, transported to the tropical jungles of the Manuel Antonio National Park on Costa Rica's south coast, and reassembled in the tree canopy 50 feet above the ground.

At this height, guests can enjoy ocean and jungle views from the deck and try to catch a glimpse of sloths, toucans, monkeys, and more! Inside, from cockpit to tail, the interior and furnishings are made from luxurious teak, and up to six guests can stay among its two bedrooms. Guests will have access to a nearby hotel's swimming pool, all while being strategically located to enjoy the best of Costa Rica's fantastic biodiversity.


Unique Campervan-Style Vacation in a Converted Vintage Truck near Coimbra, Portugal

This great little accommodation is located in the back of an old Bedford truck. Bedford Vehicles stopped operating in 1987, so it really is a vintage accommodation! The back of the truck has been converted into a cozy living area, but it has much more than just a bed. You'll also find tables and chairs to relax in, an oven and a stove for preparing meals, and a heating unit to keep things toasty. The walls are made of canvas and can be rolled up to let a cool breeze roll through, and there is also a fire pit a few meters away to ward away the cold at night. (Head's up—this isn't a mobile accommodation, despite its appearance.)

Charming Cottage Made from Recycled Materials for a Unique Getaway on Madeira Island, Portugal

This charming cottage on the stunning Portuguese island of Madeira is itself a piece of art—every room boasts a unique touch. Beauty is combined with sustainability, with walls made of car glass, wine bottles, tree branches, and various types of stones. At sunset, the rays of the sun shining through the different colored glass creates a mesmerizing effect.

Outside, there are also many private areas and gardens for glampers to explore. Guests are welcome to enjoy the communal areas, which include a barbecue for some al fresco cooking, dining, and socializing while enjoying the enchanting mountain views.

Be sure to check out all of our eco-friendly collections for more incredible ecotourism options!