British Post Lockdown Holidays – The Best Places to Go in the UK in Summer 2021

Durdle Door, along the Jurassic Coast in the West Country

Having announced the long-awaited end to lockdown in the UK, we know that glampers up and down the country are chomping at the bit to get back out there and enjoy some of the best UK summer holiday destinations to celebrate as we move into a new normal that can embrace the freedoms we once took for granted in a safe and responsible manner. So for your Post Lockdown holidays, make sure you check out some of the best places to go in the UK in Summer 2021 – we know that previously domestic tourism isn’t exactly the top of the list for people, but now is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself that you don’t need to go abroad to find the best places to go on holiday.

So from north to south, there are some truly remarkable destinations for your consideration when you are looking for places to go in the UK in summer and we all know the code – come rain or shine, we will enjoy ourselves. As an island nation, you’re never too far from the sea and it’s always worth a cursory look at the destinations in your area, from all types of beaches to craggy cliff lines with hiking routes, coastal holidays are to be found all around. Not only the coast is your playground however, with many areas of outstanding natural beauty inland from forests to dales and more, by picking a glamping getaway, you can be sure to stay away from the crowds and holiday in a responsible manner. Just remember to check the governments’ updates and travel rules before you book.

Caernarfon Castle, one of the best places to visit in Wales

South England – Places to visit in Devon, Where to go in Dorset and other hidden gems in England for Coastal Holidays

Beginning in the South, take a look at where to go in Dorset – this county is the doorway to the West Country, the famous destination and the first place generally people associate with the best places in Britain to visit (Maybe your school trip to Swanage is the exception to this rule). Home to the Jurassic Coast – named for the fossils found in the area from up to 250 million years ago, there are some really incredible destinations on the coastline, from the arch of Durdle Door to the stacks of Old Harry Rocks, these destinations double up as a lesson in geology and how erosion works and a natural marvel to be enjoyed. History lovers are advised to pay a visit to Corfe Castle also, this structure was built by William the Conqueror in the 1100s and can be seen from miles around.

Moving to the west, for the best places to visit in Devon, you’d be remiss not to pay a visit to the English Riviera and find some places to go camping around the towns of Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham you can view the incredible coastal sights that are on offer from any of these great destinations, making this one of the overlooked hidden gems in England. Tourism is the main industry here, meaning that there’s a deluge of great accommodation to pick from within viewing distance of the sea and surrounding area or maybe you can even snag one right by one of the many beaches in the area. Dartmoor National Park is to be found further inland and is a paradise for ramblers and wanderers from every walk of life, the rolling hills and marshy terrain make it a great place to come and visit.

At the end of the Southwestern peninsula is perhaps the most famous of the three at Cornwall, and there are truly a great number of amazing beaches and quaint towns to visit during your time here. The simple and idyllic hills of these little villages will remind you of something out of a Tolkein book. But for glampers who want ideas on where to visit in Cornwall, you can make a trip to Tintagel on the northern coast where legends told of the birth of King Arthur. Whilst the historical accuracy is slightly dubious, this outlet is a must-see, with only one way into and out of the headland up and down steep steps which conjure mental images of the mythical figure and his Wizard companion Merlin, who’s name is used in the cover underneath the landmass. If you fancy something a little more grounded, then pay a visit to the town of Port Isaac and eat a Cornish Pasty as you watch the waves roll up the slipway of this pleasant destination to enjoy one of the best places to go in the UK in summer.

Old Harry Rocks, one of the hidden gems in England

Walking Holidays in Northern England and the best things to see in the Yorkshire Dales! Where to go in the Lake District & Places to Go Camping

Of course it’s not all about the south when you are planning a domestic trip within the UK, there’s plenty of destinations up north for you to check out of a different flavour entirely! Visit the Lake District in the northeast, peppered with forests, lakes and hills, a hiking holiday here is sure to delight all. So as for where to go in the Lake District, amongst the highest points and the deepest lakes are here at Scafell Peak and Windermere respectively. Usually, in the same breath, you will hear the Peak District mentioned also as a great place to visit in the north, as one of the best sites for viewing the rolling hills of the Pennines. Peak District holidays are easy given the proximity to the hugely populated areas of Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and other surrounding counties.

The Yorkshire Dales are another site worthy of a visit further to the east that make up this area that spans across the north of England, providing glampers with a variety of different natural areas to choose from. With many lovely towns and villages found throughout, you can cycle or drive through and stop to see the sights that are around here at this pleasant destination. There’s plenty of things to see in the Yorkshire Dales, and what better way to round it up with than with one of the many different trails that can be found throughout the area that will guide you to the best spots to see it all here in Yorkshire, it’s truly one of the best places to go in the UK in summer.

One of the best places where to go in the Lake District

Take your time with Holidays in Scotland or Enjoy the Best Places to Visit in Wales for a Glamping Getaway

For those who’ve done it all and seen it all in England might be inclined to look north of the border to enjoy holidays in Scotland – you’d be right to also, with the Scottish Highlands providing long hikes through the mountaineous regions found here. The region’s geography is markedly different than the rest of the Scotland and indeed the British Isles, with the western shores resembling something closer to the Norwegian Fjords with the Isle of Skye and the deep Lochs found to the north of Glasgow.

Then we move to the west and to Wales, the famed Brecon Beacons, which are in the south of the country are one of the most visited natural spots in the UK for the amazing natural beauty that can be found during a visit here to this location. Further to the North and with Wales highest mountain at Snowdonia, with the extensive hikes to be found through the area. There’s also a fair bit of culture to be found here with castles erected during the reign of Edward I of England to exert influence and control over the previously separate nation of Wales. Caernarfon Castle along the banks of Menai Strait is a dramatic example of this. Also compare notes with what you learned at Tintagel with regards to King Arthur and hear the legends to be told by the Welsh here to get an idea of how the legends regarding this figure were built. These are just a few of the best places to visit in Wales, which is also famous for its dark skies, which are amazing for stargazing up and down the country.

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