Staff Picks: Eric’s “Star Wars”-inspired getaways

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”…I remember being awestruck by the fabulous, otherworldly destinations seen in the “Star Wars” franchise and wishing to be able to jump in my brother’s worn-out, miniature Millennium Falcon to seek out such exotic lands. Fortunately for us, many of these incredible places actually exist on our own little blue and green world.

From this hologram message, rebel scum, empire officers, and interplanetary smugglers alike will have access to the coordinates of the picturesque moon of Endor, with it’s thick forest inhabited by Ewoks; the volatile lava lands of Mustafar where Anakin Skywalker met his fate; the vast deserts of Tatooine in which CP30 and R2D2 bumped into Jabba the Hut; and, the most coveted of all, Luke Skywalker’s stunning secret hideaway from “The Force Awakens.”

With so many astonishing locations available, getting out and exploring our fascinating universe is sure to enchant any visitor. The force is certainly strong with these ones.

Unique Dome Structure Perfect for Luxury Camping with Panoramic Bay Views in Ischia, Italy

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Cozier than an Ewok tent, this unique dome provides a luxury camping experience with spectacular panoramic bay views of Ischia in Italy. Glampers will be able to take a scenic ferry to Sicily to hike the majestic Mount Etna, which was used as the backdrop for the volatile planet of Mustafar and the epic battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin. For those seeking the unlimited power of nature, this is the chosen one.

Picturesque Glamping Cabin Rental near Redwood State Park in Northern California

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This charming cabin is near Redwood State Park in California and gives visitors a chance to really connect with nature in a completely serene setting. Visitors can make the short trip to the gorgeous Redwood State Park, allowing guests to discover the raw wilderness that was used as the remote moon of Endor—and the chance to catch a glimpse of an elusive Ewok.

Secluded Glamping Eco-Pod Rental in the Mojave Desert near Ridgecrest, California

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This secluded glamping pod in the vast Mojave Desert is sure to have guests wondering if they are indeed on a far-flung planet. Glampers can take a scenic drive to Death Valley, where CP30 and R2D2 wandered the boundless desert of Tatooine. Brave explorers on this desert planet may even wait for dusk to come when the true power of the dark side makes its stunning entrance.

Tranquil Luxury Tent in Picturesque Ireland

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This property truly does give glampers a new hope to discover the sublime countryside of Ireland while sleeping in the great outdoors in these luxurious tents. Luke Skywalker’s secret hideaway from the modern installments of the saga, Skellig Michael, can be reached via a spectacular boat ride, and the remote mountain island with its crashing waves and rugged coastline is sure to create unforgettable memories.

If the force of nature is calling to you, let Glamping Hub help guide your way!

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