Staff Picks: Finding your perfect writer’s retreat with Kyomi

Kyomi, one of our editors has picked her favorite destinations for writers’ retreats. With some wonderful, rustic options, there is plenty of inspiration in these amazing destinations for aspiring writers.

Keep reading to discover Kyomi’s favorite destinations for a writer’s retreat

The writers retreat—an enthralling concept for any writer who takes themself even semi-seriously. There is something about carving out the time to just write, in beautiful surroundings, that makes you feel like something great is happening. And this is all thanks to one of our core values here at Glamping Hub, nature—the beauty of it, its propriety for adventure, and its ability to let you be alone with your own thoughts.

I’m a writer myself and studied English and American literature in Kent in the U.K.—an area that is known as the “Garden of England”—so there has always been a personal overlap between nature and writing for me. Whether it was studying writers influenced by nature or being inspired by nature for my own work, nature has always been a catalyst for my creativity. Once I started to truly explore the world of Glamping Hub, I became inspired by so many potential places to escape to and just write at.


A writer named Henry David Thoreau famously escaped to nature to undertake a huge writing project, known as “Walden,” where he declared, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

And it is with him in mind—as well as his famous counterparts, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, who discussed the divinity in nature—that I present six hand-picked glamping accommodations perfect for a writer’s retreat, from various corners of the world.

England, U.K.

<alt=”out-of-the-ordinary tree=”” house=”” on=”” lizard=”” peninsula,=”” cornwall,=”” england.”=””>

First stop, my original home: the U.K. I’ve started with an accommodation that is as glamping as you can possibly get, a tree house, which is situated on the breathtaking Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall, England. If you can tear yourself away from writing in this cozy, handmade masterpiece, you’ll enjoy leisurely walks on the beautiful coastline, littered with rocks and tall cliffs, because as we all know, a good walk is perfect for writing inspiration! For further inspiration or material, guests can wander down to a nearby picturesque fishing village and get to know the locals.

Cadiz, Spain

<alt=”beautifully decorated=”” tented=”” cabin=”” in=”” cadiz,=”” spain.”=””>

Next up, I chose something I have my eye on, as it is rather close to my new home of Seville in the south of Spain. This tented cabin is quite literally enveloped by the Bay of Cadiz Nature Park (Parque Natural Bahía de Cádiz) and offers writers a wooden deck to look out to the lush greenery. You can just imagine yourself there with a good book or your notepad. What’s more? Being in this part of Spain, you are most likely guaranteed the sun will be shining on your face while doing so. Location-wise, you’ll never be far from the natural beauty of the coast or the stunning city of Seville.

Otiake, New Zealand

<alt=”glamorous camping=”” tent=”” with=”” magnificent=”” views=”” near=”” otiake,=”” new=”” zealand.”=””>

Two words: The view. If you are partial to travel magazines or blogs, you will know that the natural landscapes of New Zealand are often raved about, so I had to take a digital visit when compiling this list. It made the final cut for a few reasons.

Firstly, the essential luxuries offered by this site really epitomizes my idea of glamping, including the extremely comfy-looking bed and the restaurant-quality food (just check the reviews). Secondly, the nearby mountains and lake will allow you to really feel like you have enjoyed a key part of New Zealand’s offerings. Lastly, but once again, the view. If that doesn’t inspire creativity or a vast change from the standard day-to-day, I don’t know what will.

Ontario, Canada

<alt=”rustic lakefront=”” cottage=”” rental=”” on=”” shores=”” of=”” lake=”” erie=”” in=”” province=”” ontario,=”” canada.”=””>

There is definitely something about the gentle movement of calm waters that really inspires reflection—and, hopefully, many prolific writing sessions! I can’t say if I was swayed more by the library wall, the charming decor of the cabin, or the fact that it’s quite literally perched on a lake. Either way, this accommodation feels like it was simply made to inspire creativity. If you are staying during the winter, you can enjoying cozying up to the wood-burning stove, and in summer, you might want to go for a row on Lake Erie to take in some fresh air and encourage further inspiration for your next writing session.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

<alt=”cottage with=”” wooden=”” turret=”” in=”” the=”” berkshires,=”” massachusetts.”=””>

I chose this next glamping site for two very good reasons: (1) it’s in Massachusetts, the home of Thoreau’s original Walden project; and (2) I genuinely feel like this has been taken out of a children’s fairytale. The cottage is popular among honeymooners in particular but is completely suitable for a solo writer’s retreat, too. It offers up the comfort of a dreamy king-size bed and all the basics you could want for your simple-living retreat. When you want to go outside and reconnect with nature, you can undertake the nearby Appalachian Hiking Trail or stroll through the two acres of woodland walking paths on-site.

Fun fact: If you have a car, two hours will take you to Thoreau’s actual cabin—inspiration at its finest!

Asheville, North Carolina

<alt=”incredible and=”” unique=”” luxury=”” camping=”” rental=”” with=”” hot=”” tub=”” near=”” asheville,=”” north=”” carolina.”=””>

Last, but not least, is this charming restored barn near Spring Creek in Madison County, North Carolina. This is quite literally the home of a writer, so it has authentically been designed with a writer’s wants in mind! An artistic look and feel, a library, a hot tub and more, this glamping site offers comfort, but also well-needed solitude to simply write, as the host original bought the land for this purpose.

You will have two bases to choose from when getting down to some serious writing: the big wooden desk with a library wall as a backdrop or a huge porch with views of the greenery. With two National Parks nearby, too, nature is truly on your doorstep with this cabin.

Inspired to book your next writer’s retreat in nature? (I personally can’t wait!) Head to to start your trip or to get a gift card for a loved one!

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