Blogger Spotlight: Liz falls head over heels for Michigan

By Jessica Armstrong

Look out for Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, because she has got glamping down to a T, and we can't help but want to share her style and mojo. Cozying up with her hubby in a charming Michigan cabin was just one of the things that made Liz's stay even more wonderful and whimsical.

Why Michigan you ask? Well, not only does Michigan have an abundance of one-of-a-kind glamping sites, but it is a state where one can truly experience the wonders and magic of nature all around.

Check out more of Liz's romantic stay and how her style changes with her travels and the seasons.

Liz climbs up to the cozy cabin's elevated bedroom.

Meet Liz, the lifestyle blogger keen to guide you through her whimsical glamping adventure.

What are your top must-haves when glamping in the fall?

A fringed wrap and ankle bootie are two must-haves for glamping in style. And with embellished denim being so trendy right now, a style with embroidery, patchwork, or a released hem will definitely channel that rugged romance.

How does your travel style change between seasons?

My style always turns more bohemian and eclectic during the fall. There's something about the changing leaves and cooler temperatures that makes me crave earthier colors and cozier textured fabrics.

The rustic log cabin is nestled in the evergreen woods of Ellsworth, Michigan

Nestled away in the forests of her home state, Liz found her dream getaway accommodation.

How do you plan your vacations? Around destination? Around style? Around accommodation?

When it comes to longer vacations, I definitely plan around a destination's museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions. I want to experience the arts and culture scene of a place, and I love when I can find accommodations with a folksy, locals vibe.

Two chairs on the patio which are perfect for viewing the natural surroundings.

The cabin offers perfect views of Michigan's scenic fall foliage.

Are you an overpacker or underpacker? How so?

I like to keep with a single carry-on when I travel, even for a week abroad. To do this, I stick with a focused theme and color palette, and include pieces I can mix and match in a variety of ways. I love accessorizing my looks, so packing statement jewelry doesn't take much space, but it sure adds personality to a look.

What is your favorite piece of fall apparel?

This fall, I am loving ruana wraps. They are so chic and comfortable, and they have this relaxed elegance that fits right in whether you're visiting the city or the country. Wear one with a long-sleeved tee, skinny jeans, and riding boots. Or throw one over a little black dress for an evening out.

Liz models her chic outfit in front of the equally chic cabin.

Each day (and each outfit) calls for the new adventure.

How do you advise fall glampers to plan their wardrobe?

For me, the best part about glamping is the glamor element. It's an invitation to be fashionable and practical with your wardrobe. In addition to your standard flannels, blue jeans, and boots, pack a fun beaded necklace, a cozy fringed scarf, or a colorful printed kimono. Start by packing the practical items, and round things out with more fanciful statement pieces.

Liz's pup, Georgie, enjoys the cottage's spacious living room

Georgie sure enjoyed the change of scenery at this pet-friendly cottage.

What is your favorite type of accommodation to style for?

I love packing for a cabin getaway on the outskirts of town. I can dress up for an evening at the art gallery and wine bar. And then I can change into leggings and a wrap for a night by the fire with tea and a book. I like accommodations that give me different occasions to dress for, whether it's a morning walk through the woods, an afternoon drive to the orchard, or a sunset stroll along the beach.

How would you describe your glamping style? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

My glamping style is rustic-meets-romantic. I'll wear jeans and cowboy boots, but wear a pink fringed kimono and crystal beaded necklace. I'll pair a floral sun dress with ankle boots and a denim jacket or wear a tiered maxi skirt with a tied chambray shirt. It's about mixing feminine glamor with rugged bohemian elements for an eclectic effect.

Lake Michigan's glimmering beach is just a short walk from the cabin.

Keep in mind our many glampsites near lake Michigan when planning your next getaway.

To find your very own romantic Michigan getaway, get some inspiration from our fun glamping stays in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas!

Be sure to catch Liz's next vacay on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

Blogger Spotlight: Rachel visits British Columbia

By Jessica Armstrong

Safari tents, frozen lakes, and bears...Oh my! Majestic nature and more awaits glampers when visiting Canada for a glamping adventure.

Let Rachel of Meander the World take you on a mystical exploration through British Columbia. From kayaking over Chilko Lake to biking through local trails, Rachel found the adventure in glamping and we can't help but want to visit this safari tent heaven, too. Rachel shares details of her magical getaway below.

Enjoy this beautiful lakeside view from the safari tent cabin.

In pursuit of a new adventure, Rachel was lucky enough to stumble upon the incredibly scenic Bear Camp.

What was your initial reaction upon arriving to your glamping spot?

The initial reaction was a bit of wonder and panic of where to go first. The scent of a sweet and spicy treat wafted from the main building, which was a cozy log cabin that served as the dining hub. Beyond that was an elevated platform that housed the tents for sleeping in and overlooked the crystal clear green water of Chilko Lake, with a backdrop of pure wilderness. It was truly a gorgeous setting.

A view of the lake and safari tent cabin rentals.

One step outside the luxury tents leads to an endless path of exploration.

What are the three words you would use to describe your getaway?

So. Much. Fun.

There were so many extras included in our stay—all the food, booze, and sports equipment. The guide that showed us around was so friendly that we felt like we were staying with close friends rather than some anonymous hotel.

What activities did you most enjoy while glamping at your destination?

We started our first morning off with a paddle in a kayak along the misty river watching the sun rise over the mountain peaks. Each afternoon followed with further water explorations with other boats and SUP boards. We also checked out the local hiking trails by foot or with the mountain bikes. Not ones to sit around, we loved the ability to get out and see the abundant nature using a variety of activities.

A stunning glimpse of British Columbia's nature from the safari tent cabins.

Highlights include: paddle boarding on the reflective surface of the Tsuniah Lake...

The frosty lake in the early morning.

... kayaking through the morning mist...

A quick glimpse of a BC bear getting his breakfast.

...and of course, casual bear-spotting.

What are your tips for new glampers and beginners?

Pack a warm sweater or jacket, some cozy socks, and a tripod. The stars were out in full force during our stay, and we kept wanting to sneak out of our tents to enjoy the show. Having some warm gear nearby meant we could move easily from tent to deck without having to bring the blanket with us.

What are your five go-to’s for your glamping stay?

My main priority is going somewhere unique: a new location, a special type of house (in this case elevated wall tents), an area where being active is possible, the right time of year to experience all the best the region has to offer, and something that pops out as memorable. The location at Bear Camp in the Chilcotins covered all those needs.

Can you share with us the top five items you always make sure to pack for a camping or glamping getaway?

Cameras (something capable for night shots and action shots), warm socks, a toque (what us Canadians call a warm hat), bathing suit, and a warm jacket for the evenings.

The inside scope of the luxury tent rental.

The cherry on top of these beautifully-furnished tents are the electrical blankets that'll keep you warm in the cool Canadian air.

What is your biggest piece of advice for planning steps before booking a trip?

I’m a visual person, so I look around at the region with Google images to understand what types of things I’ll see when I’m there. I want to know if I can hike, bike, kayak or explore the area safely with a guide or on my own. I try to find out when the best time to go is for wildlife or weather. Understand the area you are going to so you can see things that would interest you rather than missing out and learning about the options after you’ve left.

Glampers will see their fair share of bears when visiting this retreat.

They don't call it Bear Camp for nothing!

Where are you looking to glamp next and why?

I love the wilderness of Western or Northern Canada and Alaska and will be definitely looking at glamping options there next. Being a local to this area, it amazes me how much glamping can add to a short break, feeling quite exotic and make a long weekend truly memorable.

What was your most memorable moment from your glamping stay?

Without a doubt, watching the sun rise among the mist of the river while searching for grizzly bears.

Glampers will not get enough of the epic views from the deck of the tent.

Sometimes the best vacations are the most unconventional.

Find your very own magical getaway in British Columbia, here.

Be sure to check out Rachel's future travels and adventures on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Chloe goes to Colorado

By Jessica Armstrong

Colorado is always a perfect choice for fall glamping, and Chloe of Time Travel Blonde can tell you that firsthand. After visiting this breathtaking cabin in Longs Peak, Chloe has a thing or two to share about how to do glamping right. One thing she made sure to pack for the adventure? Her adorable family, to share the experience of glamping together for the first time.

Follow along for the ride as Chloe shares the ins and outs of her stay with her family to this beautiful cabin in Colorado.

Chloe and Cam enjoying the picturesque views from the cabin.

Chloe and baby Cam are both mesmerized by the picturesque views surrouding their charming cabin rental.

What is your favorite part about glamping in the fall and why?

I loved glamping in the fall because of the fall foliage. Colorado has some of the best in the country and to be in the thick of it is just amazing. What we especially loved about our mountain cabin was being up in the mountains, completely surrounded by trees. It was stunning!

Do you prefer to go glamping solo? In small groups or big group?

I prefer both small and big groups. I love going glamping with my husband, our son, and our dog—making memories just us. However, it's also so fun going traveling with friends! Being with my family is more relaxing, where as being in a big group is just a fun party. It just depends on how we're feeling!

A view of the deck of the cabin.

Spacious both indoors and out, so even man's best friend has plenty of room to explore.

What is one of your most memorable glamping experiences?

Probably this one to Nederland was our most memorable. We had never gone glamping as a family before, so to bring Cam along for the fun was so sweet and memorable. We also love staying in cabins in National Parks, such as Bryce Canyon and San Dunes! It's so fun! I can definitely see many more glamping trips in our future.

The master bedroom of the cabin rental.

No tossing and turning for these glampers- Chloe found all the comforts of her own home in this rustic cottage.

What has glamping taught you about travel and nature?

What I love about glamping is that it can be as slow-paced or as adventure-driven as you would like it to be. For us, we loved being completely surrounded by nature and being able to reconnect, with out having to sacrifice comfort. Being so surrounded by nature was such a nice reminder to get off our phones and laptops and just enjoy each others company. However, when we do feel active, I love being able to walk out the front door and go on some amazing hikes!

What is your favorite type of accommodation and why?

I love all different kinds: unique houses, cabins, five-star hotels...My husband and I have traveled throughout the world and have so many fond memories of all the different accommodations that we've stayed in. From camping in Europe to traditional huts in Thailand, it just makes the memories that much better!

The vintage fireplace in the cabin rental.

The Time Travel Blonde, living up to her name, truly enjoyed the vintage vibe of her cabin rental.

What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

I always think of what season it is when planning a trip. When we planned our glamping trip, we knew we wanted to be up in the mountains to catch a glimpse of the leaves changing. Colorado is famous for having such beautiful fall leaves and that definitely played a part in our planning. Also, I love using Instagram for travel inspiration. I've learned about so many cool places from travel influencers, and it definitely sparks our wanderlust.

A view of the woods outside the cabin.

The stunning mountain views make for an excellent fall getaway.

How has glamping changed the way you vacation?

One of the things that I loved most about glamping, especially with Cam, is that it feels more like home. We've got plenty of room to wash his bottles, play, another room for him to sleep in and put the baby monitor up (especially if we want to stay up without waking baby)'s like all the comforts of home but while we're away! Being in a hotel is nice and all, but sometimes you feel so cramped, especially with how much we now bring for Camden.

Another aspect that we like about glamping is that it's a good way to get out into nature without having to sleep in a tent. Josh and I used to do a ton of dispersed camping here in Colorado before Cam arrived, and it was fun. But now that we have a little baby with us, I love that glamping still provides the nature aspect with out having to compromise comfort.

A view of the expansive woods outside the cabin.

There's no better way to get in touch with nature than glamping out in a sea of green.

To find your very own Colorado getaway, browse through our collection of unbeatable Colorado accommodations!

Don't forget to check out Chloe's blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more glamping adventures to come.

Blogger Spotlight: Karen adventures to Washington

By Jessica Armstrong

Whether its playing with monkeys in Bali, taking strolls down the beaches of Belize, or cuddling by the fire on the lake in Washington, Karen and her family are always up for a getaway.

Travel Mad Mum has flewn all over the globe with her two babies, Esme and Quinn, and her husband, Shaun. These parents are travel pros and during their U.S. tour, they made their way to Washington's Olympic Peninsula for an unbeatable lakeside getaway.

From the comfort of this beautiful cottage, the jetsetting fam reconnected with nature and got some R&R between their crazy travel schedule. Hear all about their stay below!

Breathtaking sunset view of the Olympic Peninsula

Take a gander at Karen's surreal glamping retreat along the Olympic Peninsula.

What is your favorite thing about end of summer traveling?

On a personal level, I love traveling towards the end of the summer. As we have a newborn baby, it's a much more comfortable temperature for getting out and doing hikes or general exploring. As our kids are not school age just yet, everywhere seems less crowded with tourists. We quite often have special places all to ourselves, like our recent hike to a waterfall in the Olympic National Park—it was such a nice experience!

How does the type of accommodation you choose differ between the two seasons?

In the autumn, we love cabin stays in the forest. I love when we have a log burner and all of the tree leaves are turning orange outside. It's definitely all about the coziness in autumn.

In the summer, we love to stay in glamping tents, yurts, or beach cabins. We love being near the ocean in the summer so we can go for regular swims.

Suburban-style bed and breakfast cottage, perfect for family getaways.

This lovely two-story cottage housed Karen and her family for their end-of-summer excursion.

What kind of places do you prefer to visit in the summer? In the fall?

We are laidback most of the time and generally go where the wind takes us. However, as we have the newest addition to our family, Quinn, being only three months old, we always want to make sure it’s not too hot or cold or him. We have had some beach stays with him over the summer—as long as we have some shade, we are happy.

Furnished patio with view of the Olympic Mountains.

With stunning views like this, it may be hard to leave.

When traveling with your family, do you prefer cozy accommodations or spacious rentals?

We are just about to take a small RV through Yosemite National Park. In contrast, we stayed in a gorgeous cottage in Union a couple of weeks ago, and it was quite spacious for us. We are so easy about it, and I love that Glamping Hub has lots of options for all preferences.

What is your biggest piece of advice when planning a vacation in the summer? In the fall?

It's such a lovely time to get away from the traditional hotel stay and stay in the forest. We love doing it because of the cooler temps for hiking and exploring.

Hot tub conveniently placed for stunning views.

Reap the benefits of luxurious amenities, such as this perfectly placed hot tub, while still feeling right at home.

What was your family's best memory from your most recent glamping stay?

Most definitely hanging out on the private pontoon watching the sun set over the fjord. It was so beautiful!

Tell us about one of your favorite summer trips.

One of our favourite summer trips was glamping and surfing in northern Spain.

Hidden terrace with a lush garden found just behind the cottage.

The Travel Mad Mum even had access to a private garden for some well-deserved alone time.

Do you and your family have your eyes set on a new glamping getaway?

We are traveling full time at the moment. I noticed that Glamping Hub has some awesome places in South America, so I am sure we will plan another stay very soon.

The calm, reflective waters of the Olympic Peninsula.

What better way to end an activity-filled day than to take in this breathtaking sunset?

Washington is calling your name for a glamping getaway this fall, so find your dream destination here!

Check out the newest adventures of Karen and her family on her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Best Fall Weekend Glamping Trip

By Jackie Dreyer

This post was written by a guest author.

If you’re planning an upcoming glamping trip—or if you’d like to try glamping for the first time—it might be difficult to find the perfect location. To make your decision easier, we’ve chosen the following five best places to reserve a glamping getaway this fall.

A view from outside of the cedar green house in Silverton, Oregon.
There's nothing quite so dreamy as this level of seclusion at this Oregon cottage.

1. Peaceful Cedar Green House – Silverton, Oregon

It’s hard to believe someone living in the Pacific Northwest would need an escape to nature when so much of the region is made up of incredible natural landscape. Still, nature calls, and glamping is the perfect way to experience the areas outside of the hipster haven of Portland.

This cottage in Silverton, Oregon, puts you directly in touch with the nature around you. The greenhouse-style dwelling has floor-to-ceiling windows broken up only by cedar support beams, so you can see the lush trees surrounding the place. If that’s not enough to sell you, consider the fact that there’s a hot tub inside of the house, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be booking your weekend here ASAP.

Two of the lovely eco-cabins at this glamping site in Texas Hill Country.
Get ready for a relaxing yoga retreat at this Texas glamping gem.

2. Eco-Cabin in Texas Hill Country – Spicewood, Texas

Just outside the hustle-and-bustle of Austin, you’ll find this peaceful cabin, nestled in a community that centers upon serenity. Once you book your stay, you can also sign up for yoga classes and massage package to make your experience all the more relaxing.

Even if you don’t sign up for extras, you can take advantage of the communal Floating Cabin, which is a great perch for reading and spotting wildlife. You can also swim and kayak from the Floating Cabin’s edge, too!

One of the cozy log cabin rentals available at this glamping resort in South Dakota.
A cozy log cabin stay is just what the doctor called for in South Dakota.

3. Charming Log Cabin Rentals at Resort – Spearfish, South Dakota

This property was named one of the top 10 must-see log cabin vacation sites—and for good reason. It’s smack-dab in the middle of all of South Dakota’s most incredible parks, landscapes, and historical sites. Just down the road, you can find Deadwood, a key town in the midst of the national gold rush. A 90-minute drive will take you to the Black Hills, an awe-inspiring National Forest just next door to Mount Rushmore.

Spearfish itself is a place of incredible natural beauty, too, so you can certainly stick to your glamping destination if you’re just there for a weekend. The property has many on-site amenities, including a pool, fire pits, and a dog park, making it a great option if you’re bringing four-legged glampers along.

The beautiful interior of the tree house's bedroom in California.
Make your childhood dreams come true at this California tree house.

4. Magically Romantic Tree House in Eucalyptus Grove – Petaluma, California

Glamping in this California tree house brings you up close and personal with nature—tree limbs jut through the house and into the living space—but that’s all part of the place’s rustic, romantic charm. It sits in Sonoma County, and its height gives you a bird’s eye view of the Golden State’s incredible rolling hills.

Of course, being that you’re in Sonoma County, it would be a shame to miss the area’s best wineries, and you can also drive to many of the Bay Area’s natural highlights, including Point Reyes National Seashore. Or consider yourself "outdoorsy" by grabbing a glass of wine, cracking open a book, and reading while sitting in an actual treetop—the choice is yours.

The inside of the waterfront cabin in Woodstock, New York.
This waterfront rental is the perfect Upstate New York destination from which to enjoy the fall foliage.

5. Historic Former Mill Turned Waterfront Luxury Rental – Woodstock, New York

If you’re glamping with friends, a trip to Woodstock, New York, could be in the cards. This historic mill—built along both Cooper Lake and Sawkill Streams in the 1800s—sleeps four and has all of the comforts of home, including a gas fireplace.

And, while the Woodstock Festival no longer takes place in this town, it’s still a popular destination for artists of all mediums. You can take a break from outdoor pursuits by exploring the thriving local cultural scene to see it for yourself. Otherwise, the mountains, waterfalls, and hikes to both will give you the taste of beautiful nature you seek.

Where will your first glamping trip take you? If this list has proven anything, it’s that you can glamp just about anywhere in the U.S., from the luxurious rolling hills of Sonoma Wine Country to the wild forests of South Dakota. All you have left to do now is decide which is the right destination for your next trip, pack a bag, and get glamping.

Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts!

Headshot for Kaycee of The Drifter Collective.

Author Bio: Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing, and inspiring posts.

Blogger Spotlight: Louise Claire Johnson

By Jessica Armstrong

She's at it again—and this time visiting one of Glamping Hub's most unique properties, a hobbit house in Quebec.


This November, Louise Claire Johnson embarked on her fourth Glamping Hub stay, and we can see why it was the adventure of a lifetime! After days of exploring "Middle Earth" Canadian-style in this snowy wonderland, LCJ is giving us all the feels by sharing the ins and outs of her latest stay.

At this property, glampers get a taste for it all with a tipi, a yurt, and a tree house all on site. Glampers can get a first-hand glimpse below and see for themselves with Louise's latest glamping video: Hobbit House.



Choose three adjectives to describe the glamping site you stayed at before your trip and another three words to describe it post-stay. How did your expectations measure up to reality?

Before: Cool, cute, and cozy.

After: Same as above, PLUS wintery, whimsical, and wonderful

Nestled in a wooded winter wonderland, the hobbit house exceeded all of our expectations.

Who did you go glamping with, and what was your favorite memory that you made together during the stay?

I went with my youngest sister and (one of my) best buds, Meredith. There were a lot of memorable moments from our recent trip. If I had to choose? The winter hike to a lookout point over Lake Nominingue and slow mornings sipping coffee in our little hobbit house.


What was the best part about the accommodation? How does it compare to past places you’ve stayed?

The structure in itself was so unique with its circular frame, intricate carvings, and curved windows that it made for an incredible experience. We loved the custom bunk bed, breakfast nook with a map of “Middle Earth,” and the giant oval window that was perfectly shaped to fit the curve of your back while reading.

It’s hard to compare to any other places we’ve stayed since it was truly one-of-a-kind. It’s fun to look back and be able to say that we’ve officially lived in a true hobbit house!


Describe to us the area around the glamping site. What do you think the perfect time of year to stay here would be, and why?

The hobbit house was deep in the forested property of Les Toits du Monde in Nominingue, Quebec (about 200 k.m. from Montréal in the Laurentian Mountains). We stayed there just after a HUGE blizzard, which made for an unforgettable adventure. Everywhere we looked there were more titling trees dripping in crystal white snow.

The hobbit house is available all four seasons, and I’m sure you would feel just like Frodo and Bilbo Baggins bopping around The Shire in the fall, spring, or summer—but I can’t imagine anything more stunning than the snow-scapes we witnessed while staying there in the winter. It added an extra element (no pun intended) that gave us an excuse to cozy up by the fire and make s’mores every night.

Tell us one thing about your glamping experience that surprised you and why.

In our tech-dependent world, I’m always surprised at just how little you need to survive and have an enjoyable time. Without the distraction of devices, we were able to spend some real quality time together, just talking, making meals, reading in comfortable silence, going for winter walks, and tending to the fire. We left feeling so refreshed and clear-headed.


If you could have invited a famous celebrity (dead or alive) over to your glamping site, who would it be, and what would you have done together?

It might sound corny but I wouldn’t have changed our sister-bonding time together for anything—except to include our other sister, Grace!


What is your ideal food item and beverage for a glamping trip, and why? If you have a special secret or recipe, please share with us—if you’re willing, of course!

With only a propane cook top, we boiled a lot of water for instant coffee and tea to drink (along with some beers/ciders, which we kept outside in “nature’s fridge.”)

Egg-in-the-hole is my go-to glamping breakfast. With limited utensils/supplies, the recipe is pretty simple: cut a hole in a slice of bread (I use a tin camping mug), and toast it (along with the center piece that you cut out) on a frying pan as you crack an egg into the empty space. Eh, voila, egg-in-the-hole!

S’mores were a nightly treat, since we rarely have access to a real fire anymore.


Do you prefer a more active or more relaxing getaway? Which did you opt for at the glamping site, and what was the best related activity in the area?

My favorite glamping getaways are ones that offer both adventurous activities and moments of relaxation. Savoring a cup of coffee in the morning and then going for a challenging hike would be the ideal day for me.

Les Toits du Monde offers a variety of activities for every season from kayaking in the summer to dogsledding in the winter. The hike overlooking Lake Nominingue you can do all-year-round, which I would highly recommend.


Fill in the end of the sentence: “This glamping site would be the perfect place for ____________________,” and tell us why!

This glamping site would be the perfect place for hobbit adventures! The hosts have done an incredible job at creating such a unique hideout. You feel as though you’ve stepped into a storybook.


Would you recommend glamping to family and friends? Do you see yourself going glamping again? Let us know why!

YES x2 ! It’s the best way to give that overworked brain of yours a much-deserved break.


Where will she go next? Never miss a LCJ adventure, by checking out her blog and vimeo page for all the updates on her explorations and travels to new destinations.

Blogger Spotlight: Ariana

By Jessica Armstrong

This November, Ariana, editor of In Clover Magazine, took her sights from the UK to Oregon for an adventure at one of the luxury tents at this organic and solar energy-powered farm in Oregon.

We got a chance to catch up with her to find out all about the magic of her stay at this idyllic property. How can we not want to explore it ourselves after the charming tales of her luxurious glamping experience on the farm?


Choose three adjectives to describe the glamping site you stayed at before your trip and another three words to describe it post- stay. How did your expectations measure up to reality?

Before: Remote, rustic, and slow living.
After: Magical, cozy, and personal.

I knew that it would be beautiful but I wasn’t expecting to have such a sense of community; our hosts were so welcoming and willing to share their knowledge of running an organic farm. It was all the personal touches that made the difference.

Who did you go glamping with, and what was your favorite memory that you made together during the stay?

I went with my dear friend Aimee from London, as well as my cousin who is based in Portland—and a camping pro! My fondest memory from our stay was teaching Aimee how to make s’mores. Growing up in the UK she had never had them.

We spent the night chatting, drinking wine by the fire before filling up our hot water bottles and heading to our toasty glamping tent! (It was only toast, because Suzanne from the ranch had kindly built a fire in our chiminea.)


What was the best part about the accommodation? How does it compare to past places you’ve stayed?

I honestly think it was the best sleep we had during our trip. The beds were so comfy and the extra touches of building us a fire at night and showing us around the farm all made it so lovely. It was quite fun getting up in the morning had having to harvest our own food for breakfast!

Describe to us the area around the glamping site. What do you think the perfect time of year to stay here would be, and why?

It was very wild, but the land was also obviously well maintained. In the morning, there was a lovely fog that settled over the fields, which made for the perfect start to the day. I went in mid-October and it was quite chilly, but I’d still recommend it then! I think September time would be perfect, getting a mix of hot and cold days!

Tell us one thing about your first glamping experience that surprised you and why.

I didn’t realize that Suzanne gave farm tours—there was so much to learn and I can’t wait to go back!


If you could have invited a famous celebrity (dead or alive) over to your glamping site, who would it be, and what would you have done together?

I’m a big fan of Maya Angelou. I can’t imagine anything better than sitting by the campfire listening to her tell stories, read poetry, and sing.

What is your ideal food item and beverage for a glamping trip, and why? If you have a special secret or recipe, please share with us—if you’re willing, of course!

One recipe that I actually picked up on this trip was a salad recipe with toasted quinoa! I’d never heard of toasting it before. It’s such a fast way to give an extra crunch to any salad!


Do you prefer a more active or more relaxing getaway? Which did you opt for at the glamping site, and what was the best related activity in the area?

With my job, I’m juggling tours, events and photo shoots—it's pretty hectic. So when I’m on vacation, I really like to just switch off, catch up on my reading, new recipes, and exploring the city I’m in.

I do hope that eating can count as an activity—trying new restaurants is my favorite activity! I was surprised but delighted to hear that there was a notable restaurant in town called Smithfields.

“This glamping site would be..."

...the perfect place for old friends. In my experience, your oldest friends tend to live the furthest from you. When you get to see them, it’s a rare treat, one you treasure.

Would you recommend glamping to family and friends? Do you see yourself going glamping again? Let us know why!

I already have recommended Glamping Hub to a few people! I’m thinking of even organizing a family reunion for next summer…but this time in the U.K.! :)

Follow the rest of Ariana's adventures on her blog and Instagram.

Blogger Spotlight: Mandi

By Jessica Armstrong

Today we are bringing you one of our favorites, glampers! We love Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest not only for her exceptional lifestyle tips and incredible photography skills, but for showing the world how easily glamping can become a necessity in everyday lives.


Having recently visited two of our one-of-a-kind sites in California—a bell tent near San Francisco and a stunning cabin in Big Bear—and one of our New York tree houses previously, she is no first-timer when it comes to exploring glamping sites across the states. You can read all about her most recent adventure with her gal pals right here.


We had to ask Mandi for her insider's scoop, so we're always as prepared for the next big adventure just like her. Read on for some of her best glamping memories and tales.

What is your favorite part about glamping in the fall and why?

I have to admit, with my work-at-home mom lifestyle in the suburbs, I mostly get to enjoy the changing leaves and beauty of fall from the windows of my car as I drive from place to place. But a whole weekend of glamping in the wooded mountains and rolling hills of the west coast blew me away! I loved getting to soak it all in constantly, without having to worry about all the distractions at home.


Do you prefer to go glamping solo? In small groups or big group?

I definitely enjoy glamping in a group. I've learned that as my friends and I grow older, it is far more difficult to connect with one another, especially when so many of us have moved to new homes around the U.S. Having one or two weekends a year where we can get away from it all and really connect fills us up for quite a while, but it also gives us a unique experience that bonds our ties of friendship even more.

What is one of your most memorable glamping experiences?

I had never been to California before my most recent glamping trip, and I was blown away by the landscape. I think my best memory was driving through the mountains with my friends who kept yelling, "SHUT UP!" about how amazing the views were! We kept stopping to take photos.


What has glamping taught you about travel and nature?

Glamping has taught me that when nature doesn't fit naturally (ha) into your everyday life, you should schedule it in and make it a point to get out there and soak it all in. I believe that humans are refreshed and inspired by nature more than human-made environments, yet so few of us make it a point to surround ourselves with nature and feel revived.

What is your favorite type of accommodation and why?

My dream home would be a mid-century cabin (an A-frame in particular), so it would be so much fun to stay in one during a glamping trip. I love the experience of nature, but being able to cook in an equipped kitchen and sleep in a warm bed inside a home really makes a trip stress-free for me—someone who isn't much of a camper, admittedly. Some of the cabins I've stayed in through Glamping Hub created an escapist experience for me, making me feel way cooler than I actually am!


What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

I doubt I'm very hip to the trends these days, but I do like to look up nearby establishments and ask followers on social media if there are any places they recommend visiting while I'm in the area.

How has glamping changed the way you vacation?

Glamping gives me a fresh perspective on the places I visit, getting me out of the off-the-highway hotels and shopping areas and into the beautiful landscapes and quaint areas I really crave.


Give us the scoop on your glamping go-tos: What’s in your bag?

My last trip was actually my first time narrowing down my bag contents to fit inside of a carry-on! I packed light with two pairs of jeans (black and blue), a couple of t-shirts (gray and white), a couple of sweaters, and one chambray shirt. I brought active wear as well, but didn't end up using those!

I wore boots and a poncho on the plane (along with one of my t-shirts and jeans) and packed spare toiletries, and my camera and lenses, as well as a couple of books. I even had room to bring a few souvenirs for my family.

I picked up a friend before driving to the cabin, and she filled up our vehicle with games, and then we stopped at a grocery story to get enough food to last us a couple of days. It was a lot of fun cooking with friends!


Follow the rest of Mandi's adventures with Glamping Hub on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Blogger Spotlight: Cheryl

By Jessica Armstrong


Summer coming to an end doesn't mean our travel plans have to!

Travel and fashion blogger, Cheryl of Oh to Be a Muse shows us just what we need to pair a perfect getaway to Mexico with the transition of seasons. Having her glamping style down, Cheryl shares with us on her blog all the details of her trip with Glamping Hub to these beachfront casitas in Tulum, Mexico.


Glampers can sure pick up a tip or two from her travel-wear to how to pack for any season, destination, or accommodation. Read on to get all the styling answers you'll need before your next glamping escape.

What are your top must-haves when glamping in fall?

It depends. If I want to glamp in a fall setting, then I want to make sure that I'm wearing cozy clothing and surrounded by beautiful fall scenery. Or I might want to get away from the cold and glamp some place warm, in order to hold onto the last warm days of the year.


How does your travel style change between seasons?

No matter the season, I always make sure I travel in my athleisure to stay comfortable. In the spring and summer, I like to make sure that I pack a lot of sunglasses and hats. In the fall and winter, I keep scarves, cable knits, and booties as part of my travel style.

How do you plan your vacations? Around destination? Around style? Around accommodation?

I plan around the destination for sure. It's all about the location, because my main purpose for traveling is being able to see new places. My wardrobe and accommodations just accessorize my surroundings.



Are you an overpacker or underpacker? How so?

Definite overpacker. I never want to be in a situation where I run out of something important—and important can range from face moisturizers to fedoras. I always pack a couple extra of everything.

What is your favorite piece of fall apparel?

Right now, I'd have to say that my favorite piece of fall apparel has got to be the floral bomber jacket. It might not seem like your typical fall piece, but it's so perfect for adding layers to your look. I'm also a fan of lace-up sweaters this season as well.


How do you advise fall glampers to plan their wardrobe?

Always bring more than you think. It's much easier to remove a few layers than to add some, especially if you didn't pack the right amount. Also, you can turn one look into three just by switching up your scarves and cape blazers.

What is your favorite type of accommodation to style for?

I feel like I could be comfortable styling for any accommodation, really. I always ask myself if I prefer a beach view, mountain view, or city view, and I think each setting has its benefits. From a beachside cabana or tree house in the woods to a loft apartment with a skyscraper view, it would be hard not to find the beauty in any of those accommodations.


How would you describe your glamping style? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

Chic and stylish, for sure. That doesn't mean that I need a full face of makeup, but I do need a little more than just a can of bug spray. It is glamping, after all.

You can learn more about Cheryl, her travels, and her style on her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and blog.

Blogger Spotlight: Megan

By Jessica Armstrong

As the summer season continues on down under, Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan took a trip with her partner down to Victoria, Australia, to give glamping in the green countryside a go!


Bikes, comfy socks, and camera in hand, this glamping gal was well prepared for another adventurous getaway—this time to this contemporary cabin on Gippsland Lakes in Victoria. At this luxury cabin retreat, Megan and her partner enjoyed the comforting luxuries of their cozy farm stay, the on-site Jacuzzi, the regional wine, and they even made a few friends in the Australian wildlife.

Now that she has said goodbye to camping life and taken a plunge into the world of glamping, Megan has some unique advice for travelers on taking the next steps and transitioning to a more luxurious and nature-based way of life. For more information on her glamping must-haves, must-dos, and can't-live-withouts, check out her interview with Glamping Hub and photos of the stunning countryside accommodation she stayed at below.


What is your favorite part about glamping in the fall and why?

Glamping is all about spending time in the great outdoors and enjoying nature, and there's no prettier time of year than fall. It's such a spectacular sight to watch as the leaves change, regardless of whether you're in Australia or glamping along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina!

Fall glamping feels a lot more romantic than other times of the year because of the color of the trees!

Do you prefer to go glamping solo? In small groups or big group?

I prefer glamping with my partner—most glamping sites offer a wonderful opportunity to disconnect and therefore reconnect with each other, and the cozy atmosphere makes for an amazing romantic trip.


What is one of your most memorable glamping experiences?

Out first glamping experience was the most memorable—we weren't sure what to expect and were blown away when we realized the level of luxury! We stayed at sleek and romantic cabins in an unspoiled forest setting on the Southern coast of Australia, and it was spectacular beyond belief. This was the moment we realized we would never camp again!

What has glamping taught you about travel and nature?

That you don't have to sacrifice creature comforts to enjoy the wilderness and the great outdoors.


What is your favorite type of accommodation and why?

We enjoy cabins, as they usually come with kitchen facilities, and we enjoy the freedom to cook proper meals.

What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

We always check the season and the time of year against the type of accommodation we're booking. For instance, if it's winter, we'll usually opt for cabins as opposed to luxury tents—there's just that little bit more insulation. Whereas in summer, or in destinations with a mild climate year round, we're happy to opt for tents, yurts, name it!


How has glamping changed the way you vacation?

We now no longer camp!

Give us the scoop on your glamping go-tos: What’s in your bag?

Knowing that we're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, I always pack suntan lotion and mosquito repellent. And aloe vera gel for when I fail to apply the sun tan lotion!

Pack warm clothes, even if you're heading to a warm destination. Sometime,s regardless of the country or time of year, nights can become quite cool.


To see more of the beautiful properties Australia has to offer, check out Glamping Hub's Australia portal, here.

Be sure to follow Megan and her newest adventures on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.