Our favorite spots for Friendsgiving

By Marta Gintowt

Practicing gratitude is important every time of year, but the Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to reflect on what is important in your everyday life. Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday is reserved for spending time with family, whether that is driving halfway across the country to a relative's house or hosting a gathering at your own home.

Friends, however, also become your family, and those friends deserve to enjoy a time dedicated to sharing delicacies, laughing endlessly, and appreciating one another. Going glamping is the perfect way to acknowledge the importance of the simple things, while indulging in the right way. This collection of our favorite glamping spots for Friendsgiving is intended to inspire everyone to reconnect to what is meaningful during this cozy season.

Upstate New York

While you might meet up with friends every weekend in the city, there is something special about dedicating time to get away and be together in a different environment. This lovely log cabin in Upstate New York is the perfect escape for a Friendsgiving event away from home.

Located in Wilmington, this cabin is well-equipped for the perfect celebration. The gorgeous, full kitchen can accommodate a feast for all, while the lovely dining area is comfortable and warm. Nearby, the Adirondack Mountains boast beautiful landscapes that are perfect for bonding, where you can go hiking and skiing during their getaway.

Lake Michigan

Even in November, a beach trip is sometimes just what everyone needs. While a warm, summer breeze will be swapped for potential snow flurries, there are amazing lake views to be savored from the warmth of this beautiful, beach cottage.

Perfect for up to 12 guests, this open and airy cottage welcomes friends and family alike for some unforgettable memory-making. Located along Lake Michigan, an after-dinner walk can be enjoyed along the shoreline, while groups can go explore nearby Holland State Park during the daytime.

Northern Georgia

The American South is famous for its mild, year-round temperatures, so hosting a Friendsgiving gathering in an outdoor setting is more than possible in late November. These unbelievable, lakefront safari tents are perfect for large groups and epitomize glamping at its finest.

All tents can be rented out together and include real beds, heating, and private bathrooms. For group gatherings of up to 37 people, you can make use of the gorgeous boat house, which features a full kitchen and dining area, perfect for preparing and serving a delicious, Thanksgiving-inspired meal.

Austin, Texas

In Texas, why not make your Friendsgiving getaway more like an extended summer vacation? Trade cozy sweaters for a swimsuit and apple cider for a cool beer while enjoying a November afternoon at this western-style cottage, ideal for a friendly fiesta.

The property features two separate cottages, both beautifully decorated with amazing vintage furnishings for a cozy, yet elegant, ambiance. Outside, you can relax in the sun by the pool and work up an appetite before partaking in bread-breaking and thanks-giving festivities.

Idyllwild, California

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, residents of Los Angeles could very well be still experiencing a heat wave. The best way to indulge in a festive, fall Friendsgiving in Southern California is to escape to the mountains! This grand, pet-friendly mountain cabin is perfect for everyone looking to spend some time in the cooler temperatures of Idyllwild.

With six spacious bedrooms and multiple decks, you can celebrate each other in the wide-open spaces both within the cottage as well as in the shadows of the surrounding mountains.

Washington State

As the mountains and forests around Seattle, Washington, collect snow and residents start making Thanksgiving plans, friends can plan their break from the festivities and head to this cozy ski cabin in Skykomish, Washington. It's the perfect escape from the city, which allows you to appreciate the surrounding beauty while celebrating friendship and life. After a filling meal enjoyed at the cabin, you can go skiing, hiking, and even horseback riding to burn those holiday calories. After a full day of exploring (or eating) guests can relax in the luxurious sauna, watch a film inside, or snuggle around the fire pit.

Keep an eye on the Glamping Hub blog for more Thanksgiving inspiration, ideas, and getaways coming soon!

13 spooky cabins in the woods

By Kyomi Wade

Easily spooked? Scroll down if you dare...

We have unearthed 13 of the most goosebump-inspiring cabins in the woods to inspire you this Halloween season. From an abode in the lands of Dracula to woodland cabins near Sleepy Hollow, New York, this collection of glamping sites is perfect for those who crave adventure this Halloween!

1. The Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

This is an ideal retreat for two brave romantic souls looking to escape from all things that go bump in the night. Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is nearby, where you can walk among the dead and their unique above-ground vaults.

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, also lives here, and it's said that if you follow the instructions to wake her from her slumber, she'll grant your wish. With no TV distractions—and only some solar power for simple lighting and phone charging—take shelter from the dark spirits outside with a cozy stay in this rustic cabin.

2. Sleepy Hollow, New York

Situated deep in a quiet forest, this woodland cabin should be on our list based on its supreme seclusion alone, but it's also only a stone's throw away from the town that inspired The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Around the time of Halloween, there are many thrilling events put on by the town, and with your base in Carmel, you can visit them easily and return to your for a good night's sleep. Lifelong adorers of spooky stories can feel close to the action while enjoying a peaceful, scare-free slumber.

3. Mount Hood, Oregon

If you've ever watched the horrifying classic that is "The Shining," this may send a chill down your spine. Contrary to popular belief, the movie was shot almost entirely in Hertfordshire, England, but the exterior of the solitary Overlook Hotel was based on the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon.

Book this cabin and prepare to embrace your own seclusion in the Hood River area of Northern Oregon. Spending an evening around the cozy, indoor fireplace, while watching the world-renowned thriller inspired by the region, is the definition of a perfect Halloween night.

4. Narrowsburg, New York

Though there are no well-known spooky stories set around the town of Narrowsburg, New York, this rustic cabin is sure to inspire any passionate storyteller. If you listen closely, you can hear the woodlands whisper their benevolent secrets.

We suggest an itinerary of cozying up with scary movies with a big blanket after a day of exploring. With an antique-style kitchen and a wood-burning fireplace inside, as well as a spacious fire pit and riverfront access outside, every spot on this property serves for both inspiration and respite.

5. Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand

This secluded glamping getaway has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, making it perfect for are cozying up to your partner any time of day. From majestic mountains in the distance to pitch dark skies dotted with shimmering stars, it's an ideal place from which to prepare terrifying tales to share while admiring the surrounding scenery.

The nearby forests also boast endless hiking trails, so you should be sure to ask the area's guides and historians about any mysterious local legends that would make for an interesting outing before nightfall.

6. Accord, New York

In this fast-paced society, many of us crave solitude when vacationing, and this remote glamping rental, nestled near the Mohonk Preserve in New York, is ideal for those wanting to take a peek back in time. Far removed from city life, it's easy to enjoy the property's rustic farm life, rugged terrain, and antique furnishings.

You can even head into town to ask questions about the local history. Meanwhile, the homey, antique atmosphere is sure to inspire even the most reluctant guests to imagine that they've time-traveled to a different world overnight.

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

We invite you to venture into the trees and stay at this upscale tree house on an old farm. The rental is surely luxurious, but if its walls could talk, it would surely want to share stories about the surrounding woodlands and farmland.

Settled in the late 1800s, this region of Minnesota is rich with history that speaks volumes in the small-town feel, paired with many museums and cultural sites. While reflecting on a busy day exploring over a glass of wine or hot chocolate, you can share a scary story or two that you learned in town to set the mood for an unforgettable night sleeping in the trees.

8. Monteagle, Tennessee

Paranormal fanatics can gather the crew and get ready to investigate "the most haunted location in Tennessee." This is the terrifying statement made by the website of the infamous Old South Pittsburg Hospital. The best part? It is 20 minutes away from this tree house cabin in the woods of Monteagle, Tennessee, so those not intending to scream are a safe distance away. Whether you're looking forward to adventuring to the hospital deep into the night or de-stressing in the private hot tub, this tree house cabin has it all.

9. British Columbia, Canada

Fall can be considered the most beautiful time of year, and with the cool, crisp air, the atmosphere becomes mysterious as the moon rises. Inside this cozy cabin in British Columbia, you will truly feel as if you are escaping from the outside world.

The moody, mid-latitude rainforest surrounding the cabin sets the perfect tone for slowing down and appreciating the surrounding views. Watching the morning mist rise from the forest floor while enjoying a coffee will stimulate the imagination of any ghost story enthusiast.

10. Misiones, Argentina

Just you, the one you love, and your own personal slice of rainforest is enough to tempt anyone to embark on a tropical escape. Where neighbors consist of native species who you can hear communicating during nightfall, this Argentinian escape boasts many opportunities to get close to nature. A relaxing outdoor shower, swinging hammocks, and a private deck allow you to experience all the unknown mysteries the rainforest has to offer from the comfort of a secure accommodation.

11. Transylvania, Romania

Do you dare enter the home of Dracula and head to Transylvania? Tread with caution, as it's easy to get caught up in the tale! This countryside cottage sleeps six, allowing for the perfect spot for history buffs to congregate and share their experiences. Infamous legends of evil kings and vampires are synonymous in this region of Romania, but this property couldn't be any more secure.

You can leave your bulbs of garlic at home while looking forward experiencing guided tours of Bran Castle, where the mythical Dracula was born, and other local towns, churches, and fortresses that are rich with history.

12. Vancouver Island, Canada

"The Cabin in the Woods" is more than just a famous horror film—it's also this accommodation on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Fans of the movie may relish in the idea of a modern-day reenactment with friends—or simply appreciate the luxurious, eco-friendly amenities provided indoors. Sleek furnishings, a warming fireplace, and a modern kitchen will allow even the most easily-spooked to feel at ease.

13. Essex, England

With a rich history that dates back centuries, England boasts plenty of spots for Halloween-enthusiasts. This stately barn can be found in the countryside of North Essex, near Colchester, one of the oldest towns in British history. With enough room to accommodate a group of fear-loving friends, the location is perfect for seeking out spooky excursions.

You'll find yourselves close to the haunted mansion of Borley Rectory—the most haunted mansion in Britain, due to its ghost stories that span over one hundred years. The property is also only 30 minutes away from the Tower of London, one of the U.K.'s most petrifying locations.

Which of these cabins in the woods will you visit this Halloween? Let us know on our social media platforms!

Best Halloween destinations in Europe

By Eric Wright

If you're looking for a fright fest on All Hallows' Eve, consider heading to Europe for some spine-chilling scares. From the birthplace of Dracula and vampire balls to macabre dungeons and abandoned insane asylums, these 10 unnerving destinations are sure to give you a bloody good time this October!

1. Dublin, Ireland

With its ancient Celtic traditions, Ireland is actually one of the birthplaces of Halloween, as 2,000 years ago, the pagan inhabitants celebrated the end of their pastoral year at the festival of Samhain. The mysterious druids would ceremonially extinguish and relight the flames of old fires while evil spirits were released from the Otherworld to be seen by mankind for one night of terror.

Nowadays, the Samhain Parade begins at 7 p.m. in Parnell Square, and the enormously popular spectacle sees the streets filled with horrific creatures, frightful monsters, eerie ghosts, and colorful dancers. At the end of the parade, ghouls and demons alike can enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.

2. Transylvania, Romania

As the native home of the most famous vampire of all time—Bram Stoker’s Dracula—this Halloween destination will send a shiver down the spine of even the most daring adventurer. The world renowned bloodsucker is mostly inspired by the aptly named Vlad the Impaler. During the 15th century, he struck fear into the hearts of his enemies and subjects alike after holding a banquet in which he had all of the guests savagely stabbed and then impaled on spikes and left to twitch to their untimely ends.

Today, those with the courage to visit the infamous region can enjoy a remarkable Halloween party at Dracula's birthplace, the medieval citadel Sighișoara, or experience the chills of the underworld at the Halloween monster party on the October 27 at the absolutely stunning Bran Castle.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Even though the Scottish capital is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it hides a harrowing and grisly past. During the 17th century, the cities overwhelming rat population spread a deadly plague throughout its inhabitants.

The belief at the time was that the infected were damned, and for this reason, over 300 helpless residents of St Mary's Close in the Old Town were entombed alive until the lethal epidemic had passed. Present-day visitors to the city can take a tour of these now subterranean lanes and hear the nightmarish tales of the doomed Scots.

Those looking to combine thrills and chills can head out on a tour of the haunted pubs on the Royal Mile before checking in at Frankenstein's bar for a night of hair-raising partying.

4. London, England

As the prior hunting grounds of one of the most infamous serial killers in the world, Jack the Ripper, the cosmopolitan capital of England has a long and gruesome past of macabre dungeons, bubonic plagues, and unnerving back streets.

During Halloween, brave visitors can take a chilling tour to the sites where Jack the Ripper brutally murdered five of his victims; experience the pure terror of the London Dungeon with its blood-curdling torture devices; or watch a show at the world's most haunted theater, Drury Lane, where the menacing soul of the Man in Grey is said to stalk the upper circle to this day.

If spine-chilling scares are what get your blood-pumping, London is sure to give you one heck of a time this Halloween.

5. Derry, Northern Ireland

As the Samhain moon draws near, the creatures of the night flock to the one-of-a-kind festival in Derry. Originally a fancy dress party in a local pub three decades ago, the event has mutated into an extravaganza with tens of thousands of people enjoying a uniquely chilling experience.

The celebration contains over 100 events in 40 venues across the city, with an action packed schedule of music, food, arts, and cultural and contemporary entertainment. Ghouls, witches, banshees, and vampires flood the city's streets and 17th century walls before the wild festival culminates in a truly magical fireworks show by the River Foyle.

6. Venice, Italy

Fabled as a city full of shadowy lanes, mysterious canals, and secretive masked balls, it goes without saying that the City of Bridges is one of the most unforgettable places in Europe to spend Halloween.

Visitors looking for a real fright can tour the abandoned island of Poveglia, which is full of tragic history. During the Roman Empire, it was the place plague sufferers were taken to die. More recently, the insane asylum on the grounds was home to the screams of tortured souls, resulting in wide-spread rumors from the mainland of heinous experiments carried out by disreputable scientists and doctors.

For a night of horror on the water, a Halloween party on a haunted galleon is sure to do the trick. Party the night away on a phantom vessel surrounded by zombies, skeletons, witches, and vampires.

7. Paris, France

Although a global center for fashion, the arts, culture, and gastronomy, the City of Lights hides a dark and disturbing past. Deep below the wide boulevards and Gothic cathedrals lie the bodies of more than 6 million Parisians.

The macabre Catacombs of Paris date back to the 18th century, when the overused inner-city mass graves were cleared out to stop the decaying stench from poisoning the air any further. It's said that the rotten flesh from the bones was even stripped from the bodies and used to produce local soap, but the memory of the gruesome acts has never been washed away.

If the tombs don't satisfy your bloodlust, the Halloween Vampire Ball at Pachamama is the location for the insatiable vampires of France to leave their sorrowful castles for one sinister night of excess. Attend the frightful ball at your own risk!

8. Amsterdam, Holland

Renowned as one of the most progressive cities in Europe, Halloween in Amsterdam is the place to be for visitors looking for debaucherous parties, blood-curdling costumes, and spooky ghost tours.

Those seeking some gory history can make the visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon, which has thrilling shows, amazing special effects, and over 500 years of Amsterdam's dark past. The party animal of the group will be drawn to the terrifying costumes at Obscene Halloween, which showcases a real horror extravaganza. Visitors tough enough to last the night will encounter everything from pagan sex gods to satanic burlesque vampires. Whatever your darkest fantasy may be, you're sure to find it here.

9. Berlin, Germany

As the resting place of the the Brothers Grimm, it's no surprise that the capital of Germany is filled with fairy tales and folklore. Tierpark is one of the hot spots during Halloween, as the gorgeous park is transformed into an enchanting forest filled with winding paths, dark shapes, and daunting figures. The park's extravaganza is growing in popularity and this year's festivities will be more terrifying than ever!

The children of the night will definitely want to gaze upon the incredible laser show at Schloss Friedrichsfelde, while the intriguing Berlin Dungeon show will sweep you away to the dark world of the The Grimms' Fairy Tales.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

As a city steeped in Gothic fantasy, walking through the foggy narrow streets and around the winding medieval lanes is sure to fill any visitor with a sense of wonder and awe. The stunning architecture and imposing statues, however, are also the base for many ancient legends and local ghastly ghost stories.

The main Halloween attractions in this complex city include the Torture Museum with its harrowing instruments; the somber church of Sedlec Ossuary made from the bones of over 40,000 human skeletons; and the Old Jewish Cemetery, which contains more than 100,000 bodies buried beneath medieval headstones, many of the graves containing multiple lost souls stacked up to 12 deep.

When darkness falls, the city center puts on a wide variety of fiendish parties and events and anyone wondering the creepy roads at night is sure to find some freaky fun with fellow terror lovers.

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Scary fireside stories to tell this Halloween

By Neil Graham

When days grow short and nights get cold,
And autumn trees turn red and gold,
Halloween will soon be here,
When every soul will quiver with fear.

We dare you to read these scary fireside stories,
Full of blood, guts, and evil laboratories,
They may be false, they may be true,
Find a trick, or a treat,
For you...

The No-Show

'Twas a chilly winter's night, and the wind was particularly strong when Mrs. Turner opened the curtains to see if she could see any sign of her guests arriving. It was The Turner's 13th booking through Glamping Hub, and there had never been any issues in the past. Perhaps they were lost? Or worse!

Mrs. Turner called the Support Team at Glamping Hub, who assured her that her guests had just called to say they had arrived. She rushed outside to the yurt to find no one there. As she stepped inside, her breath was visible in the crisp air, and the fireplace she had on to warm up the yurt had been put out. Each time she tried to relight the fire, a cold gust of wind would quickly quell it. As darkness fell, the guests had still not arrived...

The next day, she went back to the yurt, which had been locked, to find all the beds unmade, all the cabinet doors pulled out, and the dreamcatchers tossed around. She rushed back to reception with the intention to call the police when she noticed that the guestbook was open. She turned the book around and, to her dismay, an elegantly, handwritten review had been left that simply read: "We felt invisible the whole time."

The Time Traveler's Wi-Fi

Jess hated being without her cell phone, and she hated everything about the countryside—the smell of farm animals, the dirt, and especially the lack of Wi-Fi. She worked in Public Relations and relied on social media for fashion and anything current. It was her husband's birthday; he loved the great outdoors, and they were glamping as a birthday treat. Jess squealed as her feet squelched in the muddy field while she carried her things towards the tipi.

That night, Jess found it extremely difficult to sleep. The ground was hard, and her husband was snoring loudly. She decided to go outside for a walk. To her amazement, she started receiving text messages all at once. She had one bar of Wi-Fi! Jess decided to try and follow the source to see if she could get a full signal.

She tried several different directions before the signal started getting stronger and stronger with each step. However, it also started to get colder and colder. It got so cold that Jess couldn't go any further. As she decided to walk back to the tipi, she noticed the Wi-Fi signal had completely disappeared. Spooked, she ran all the way back.

She climbed into the tipi as fast as she could, and when she got inside, there was blood everywhere and no sign of her husband! Suddenly, she got a full signal again and started receiving messages. Two were from her husband. One read, "Hey Jess, where r u?" The second message simply read, "Get help." It was then that she noticed the name of the Wi-Fi connection: "YOU ARE NEXT."

The Lost Hiker

A man was walking through the forest, as it was starting to get dark, when he noticed a young woman looking lost. He asked her what her name was and told her to follow him back to the cabins. She thanked him profusely and started to walk with him. They tried to make polite conversation. After a few minutes, the girl fell silent. The man asked which cabin she was staying in, but when he turned around, the girl was gone. She had completely vanished! When he reached the cabins, he tried to tell the host about her. The host didn't know of any girl...but her own daughter was killed in the woods many years ago, hiking in the forest at night...

The Keyhole

As they followed the host outside towards their pod, the youngest of The Campbell's noticed one pod away from the others that had been boarded up and heavily padlocked. Without little Matthew having said a word, the host turned to the family and said "No one is allowed in there; it's just a store room, and it is off limits." She reminded the family of this several times before letting them in their pod for the night.

The next night, Matthew sneaked outside in the middle of the night, and he saw a small flickering light coming through the boarded up windows from within the mysterious pod. He tried the handle of its front door, and sure enough, it was locked. He bent down and looked through the wide keyhole. What he saw was an old mattress on the floor, and in the corner, there was a woman whose skin was incredibly pale. She was leaning her head against the wall, facing away from the door.

The next day, he returned to the door and looked through the wide keyhole. This time, all he saw was redness. He couldn't make anything out besides a distinct red color. Perhaps the guests of the pod knew he was spying the night before and had blocked the keyhole with something red.

At this point, Matthew went to the front desk, embarrassed that the pale guest had known he was spying. "Did you look through the keyhole?" the host asked. Matthew told her that he had, and she said, "Well, I will tell you the story of what happened in that pod, but you mustn't tell anyone else." Matthew nodded and she continued, "A long time ago, we had a guest there, and whenever she stayed, all of the other guests would get terrible, vivid nightmares. But one day, she disappeared without a trace. She was not ordinary. She was white all over, except for her eyes...they were red!"

Lovers of the Silver Stream

Humphrey and Gwyneth were celebrating their engagement with a romantic adventure in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. It was a particularly pleasant afternoon when they finally reached the charming little town of Moffat, where they had booked a stylish vintage Airstream for the weekend. They were laughing and making eyes at each other as they were sipping on coffees in a cute café downtown.

The locals were extremely friendly, and everyone stopped to welcome them. The hollow-eyed waitress asked them where in town they would be staying. When Humphrey mentioned the Airstream, the waitress stopped him abruptly. "Be careful, you two..." whispered the waitress. "Do you know about Frederic and Laura?" she asked quietly, as she looked around to see who else was listening. Humphrey and Gwyneth shook their heads. "Meet me out back in five minutes," begged the waitress.

They stood in the parking lot and the waitress told the story. In July 1947, a dazzling Hollywood actress named Laura Freemartins was last seen in her brand-new Airstream trailer on the set of an untitled Halloween film. Her disappearance was disturbing to all and shocked the town of Moffat. The film was never finished, and the set remained untouched. Some theories blamed Frederic, Laura's husband, for the death, as there were rumors that he was involved in a cult. He was tall and gaunt and later became a recluse on his desolate property...

Before the waitress finished, the customers from the café were all gathered in the parking lot, all staring eerily at the three of them. "Rosie!" one of the older customers shouted, before quickly changing her tone and smiling towards the couple. "We must apologize for Rosie; she has a flair for the dramatic." A younger customer chipped in, "You are going to have the best time at Frederic's." Another gave out a dreamy sigh: "It is so romantic!" Rosie gave the couple one last look before walking away.

One could tell the grounds were once extravagant and luxurious; however, it appeared bleak and lifeless as the couple pulled up to the Airstream. There was a faded, muddy newspaper mixed in with the leaves on the floor. Gwyneth noticed the headline: "FREEMARTINS’ DISAPPEARANCE STILL A MYSTERY." Maybe Rosie was telling the truth?

Frederic's maid checked them in and opened the Airstream. In contrast, the interior was elegant and glamorous, with red velvet furniture and gold furnishings. The couple felt reassured. They were easily lulled to sleep.

During the night, both experienced nightmares, and the couple simultaneously awoke from a sudden jolt. As they peeked through the curtains, they saw everyone from the town standing around the Airstream, including the customers from the café, as well as Frederic and his maid. Terrified, the couple tried to open the door to find out what was happening. It had been locked...from the outside!

The elderly maid removed her hood; she looked familiar. Humphrey recognized her. It was Laura Freemartins! It was her! She was alive! The elderly maid breathed on the window and started writing in the condensation...L A U R A F R E E M A R T I N S. The couple shrieked as the letters started to move around...A I R S T R E A M F U N E R A L.

Your friends may be scared to death, but don't let them starve to death. Make them some of our favorite fall campfire snacks!

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Our favorite fall campfire snacks

By Marta Gintowt

Some of our favorite, quintessential fall things include pumpkin carving, apple picking, leaf raking, and trick-or-treating. Fall (in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere), however, can also mean the final days of the year where spending an evening outdoors can be enjoyed without shivering!

Taking in the fragrant autumn air under a starry sky is a beloved pastime, which can be made more cozy with the presence of a crackling campfire. As Halloween approaches, both young and old can enjoy traditional ghost stories and seasonal snacks, so let us share with you our favorite fall campfire snacks that deviate from the ordinary.

Spiked apple cider

'Tis the season where apples are falling abundant in orchards, making way for a bounty of apple-inspired dishes. From homemade apple sauce to sugary apple crisp, the possibilities are endless. When socializing around a campfire, however, what could be better than a fall-inspired cocktail? Whether you want to brew your own cider or buy the store-bought version, adding a little whiskey or other hard alcohol to your steaming beverage while enjoying a romantic fireside evening is perfect for making memories.

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket can be considered an All-American hors d'oeuvre and are perfect for snacking while telling spooky stories. Tasty both warm and at room temperature, these snacks can be made the traditional way or with a gourmet twist, for those with a more refined palette. Prepared with hot dogs or sausages wrapped in crescent rolls and then baked, you can feel free to experiment by adding fancy ingredient, such as tiny gherkins, blue cheese, or whole-seed Dijon mustard, depending on the mood you want to set around the fire.


S'mores are to campfires as cookies are to milk, so this seasonal snack will never disappoint when the opportunity arises. The traditional, rustic method never fails and is made even better when using fallen twigs from nearby trees. Add sweet chocolate and graham crackers, and the storytelling will have to be postponed until everyone is finished savoring their sweet—and potentially messy—snack!

Spicy nut mix

After carving pumpkins, do you ever wonder what to do with that abundance of leftover seeds? Fortunately, we have a delicious solution! Lightly roasting the seeds in the oven will dehydrate them and make them beautifully crunchy. With the addition of spices (sweet or spicy) and other ingredients, there is a combination for every type of snacker. Our favorite is a spicy, salty combination of pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, pretzels, and popcorn, mixed with a little bit of cayenne pepper, Old Bay seasoning, and, of course, sea salt.

Gourmet candy apples

When throwing a party, the main concern is usually if the guests will be impressed and happy. Mixing rustic with gourmet, these candy and caramel apples will surely make a campfire get-together truly unforgettable. Host and guests alike can participate in choosing their flavor and then decorating them with an interesting topping, all to be enjoyed while sitting fireside.

Pumpkin spice Rice Krispies® treats

The classic Rice Krispies® treats recipe we all enjoy and love is getting a new fall twist. They are the perfect fall dessert to complete the night as the fire dies down. The steps are simple—melting butter and marshmallows in a saucepan over high heat and then adding pumpkin puree, cinnamon, powdered ginger, grated nutmeg, and crispy rice cereal—these treats can be made ahead of time and easily transported to any fireside fiesta. You can even use fall-inspired cookie cutters and colorful sprinkles to make them extra festive.

Mulled wine

Chilly weather calls for warming beverages, especially when huddled around a campfire on a chilly night. Mulled wine might remind you of Medieval Times, but it is a truly delicious treat to make when the temperature drops. What makes mulled wine extra special is that is can either be made on the stove or, more spontaneously, outside over a crackling fire. All you need is a few bottles of red wine, spices (such as cinnamon and cloves), oranges, and a bit of sugar. Simmering is key so that the flavors can blend, and, after about a half an hour, this lovely, hot beverage can be enjoyed.

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Top 5 states to go glamping this fall

By Neil Graham

This fall, drive along the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia for an unforgettable road trip!

Just as we all look forward to flowers blooming in spring, barbecues in summer, and a white Christmas in winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!), there are certain things about autumn that we wouldn't swap for all the beach days in California. It's the time of the year when we can break out our cozy sweaters, sip on hot, pumpkin spice coffee, warm up to the crackle of a roaring fire, and, of course, admire the breathtaking sights of fall foliage blanketing the landscape.

Despite the seasonal highlights, why not make it different this year? Experience autumn in all it's glory with a trip to our top five states to go glamping this fall.


Admire the fall foliage in the North Georgia Mountains from our stunning cabin rentals!

With an array of stunning state and National Parks throughout, Georgia has to be one of the finest places in the world to enjoy leaf peeping. Head to Amicalola Falls State Park and marvel at the sublime views from the top of the southeast's tallest cascading waterfall or hike along the rim to several outlooks at Tallulah Gorge State Park for epic canyon vistas. For a taste of Southern living, sip on a Georgia sweet tea from the deck of a luxury cabin and unwind in style.

Upstate New York

Be original and stay in one of our extraordinary acommodations in the hills of Upstate New York!

Although hiking throughout the Adirondacks or the Catskills is the obvious choice for admiring the fall foliage, those yearning for an adventure can explore the landscape by kayaking along the Hudson River or on Lake Champlain and witness the oil painting-like reflections colorfully shimmering on the water. A zip-line tour on Hunter Mountain in the Catskills makes for an exhilarating experience through its fiery hue canopies. Keep your vacation unique with these exceptional accommodations in Upstate New York.


Disconnect from the daily grind and chill out in a secluded cabin in Virginia!

For the ultimate sense of escape, hit the open road in crisp morning air with the rumble and smell of American muscle and take in the extraordinary foliage views from the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. This All-American Road links Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with plenty of opportunities to stop and visit old Appalachian farm buildings, a plethora of scenic hiking trails, and perfect spots to relax with a picnic.


Explore the stunning natural beauty of Montana from one of our majestic vacation rentals !

The American west is encapsulated in Montana, with its vast wilderness, rustic ranch life, and rich Native American history. What better way to explore Big Sky Country in fall than with a unique glamping getaway? Discover the unrivaled beauty of Glacier National Park on horseback before riding through the Rocky Mountains on your chrome horse along the outrageous Going-to-the-Sun Road. End the day in true cowboy style with a stay in a traditional cabin with superb mountain views.


Admire the vibrant colors of fall in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic places in North America for fall foliage, making it a dreamy destination for a romantic escape. Replace the bustle of the city with the rustle of fallen leaves in The Berkshires, or disconnect on Martha's Vineyard and explore the trails of Manuel F. Correllus State Forest before enjoying an exquisite seafood dinner. For a slice of Americana, savor a piece of Boston cream pie and a hot cup of Joe while relaxing at a lakefront cottage in Cape Cod.

For more incredible fall getaways, check out our top accommodations in Vermont and North Carolina!

The ideal New England fall foliage road trip

By Marta Gintowt

As late September bids farewell to hot summer days and October welcomes sweater weather, each region of the country experiences fall differently. Synonymous with pumpkins, apple cider, and changing leaves, New England undoubtedly boasts the most magical fall scenery that the United States has to offer.

Cruising along Interstate 95 is the perfect way to take advantage of the vibrant fall foliage happening during the autumnal months. With impressive forests, charming small towns, and peaceful terrain, each state has something special to offer road-trippers making their way through New England.

New York

New York State is much more than just the Big Apple, and in just a matter of a few hours, you can trade sterling skyscrapers views for vibrant, chromatic vistas. The mountains of the Catskills and the Adirondacks are famous for their lush woodlands and nature escapes, especially in the fall. Whether you're spending the weekend or just passing through, New York will certainly be an unforgettable first stop.


Home of the perfect summer getaway, Massachusetts also beautifully embodies cozy in the fall months. College campuses are filled to the brim, and cities are preparing for the winter ahead. From the hills of the Berkshires to the shores of Cape Cod, spending a day on the road embracing the best of what autumn has to offer can be experienced best in Massachusetts.


Mostly known for motifs like winter sports and ice cream, the state of Vermont boasts a lesser-known secret: stunning watercolor vistas from late September to winter's commencement. An afternoon hike through the Green Mountain National Forest or a picnic along Lake Champlain will be accompanied by striking, fragrant foliage, allowing the perfect backdrop for a photograph or oil painting.

New Hampshire

Travelers who are reluctant to leave Vermont will regain their enthusiasm when crossing the state line into New Hampshire. With similar topography like lush forests, rolling hills, and peaceful farmland, it's the ideal place for a relaxing afternoon drive to absorb all of the scenery. The White Mountain National Forest stretches across the northern part of the state, while the south is sprinkled with lakes and meadows, so there is something to suit everyone.


The northernmost state in the continental US is the final—and perhaps most picturesque—stop on this New England road trip! Maine's idyllic landscape is covered by thick woodlands dotted with crystal clear lakes and sleepy, coastal fishing towns. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the crisp, cool autumn air perfumed with the nostalgic aroma of a new season patiently waiting.

Planning a fall foliage getaway? Check out all of New England's best glamping sites here!

Blogger Spotlight: Chloe goes to Colorado

By Jessica Armstrong

Colorado is always a perfect choice for fall glamping, and Chloe of Time Travel Blonde can tell you that firsthand. After visiting this breathtaking cabin near Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, in Nederland, CO, Chloe has a thing or two to share about how to do glamping right. One thing she made sure to pack for the adventure? Her adorable family, to share the experience of glamping together for the first time.

Follow along for the ride as Chloe shares the ins and outs of her stay with her family to this beautiful cabin in Colorado.

Chloe and Cam relax in the cozy living room

Bundled up on the couch, Chloe and baby Cam have found the perfect setting to bond and relax.

What is your favorite part about glamping in the fall and why?

I loved glamping in the fall because of the fall foliage. Colorado has some of the best in the country and to be in the thick of it is just amazing. What we especially loved about our mountain cabin was being up in the mountains, completely surrounded by trees. It was stunning!

Do you prefer to go glamping solo? In small groups or big group?

I prefer both small and big groups. I love going glamping with my husband, our son, and our dog—making memories just us. However, it's also so fun going traveling with friends! Being with my family is more relaxing, where as being in a big group is just a fun party. It just depends on how we're feeling!

View from the cabin's deck in the fall

Chloe was mesmerized by the picturesque views from the cabin's deck.

What is one of your most memorable glamping experiences?

Probably this one to Nederland was our most memorable. We had never gone glamping as a family before, so to bring Cam along for the fun was so sweet and memorable. We also love staying in cabins in National Parks, such as Bryce Canyon and San Dunes! It's so fun! I can definitely see many more glamping trips in our future.

The master bedroom of the cabin rental.

No tossing and turning for these glampers- Chloe found all the comforts of her own home in this rustic cottage.

What has glamping taught you about travel and nature?

What I love about glamping is that it can be as slow-paced or as adventure-driven as you would like it to be. For us, we loved being completely surrounded by nature and being able to reconnect, with out having to sacrifice comfort. Being so surrounded by nature was such a nice reminder to get off our phones and laptops and just enjoy each others company. However, when we do feel active, I love being able to walk out the front door and go on some amazing hikes!

What is your favorite type of accommodation and why?

I love all different kinds: unique houses, cabins, five-star hotels...My husband and I have traveled throughout the world and have so many fond memories of all the different accommodations that we've stayed in. From camping in Europe to traditional huts in Thailand, it just makes the memories that much better!

Romantic bedroom set-up

The Time Travel Blonde, living up to her name, truly enjoyed the vintage vibe of her cabin rental.

What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

I always think of what season it is when planning a trip. When we planned our glamping trip, we knew we wanted to be up in the mountains to catch a glimpse of the leaves changing. Colorado is famous for having such beautiful fall leaves and that definitely played a part in our planning. Also, I love using Instagram for travel inspiration. I've learned about so many cool places from travel influencers, and it definitely sparks our wanderlust.

Beautiful fall view of Eldora valley view

The stunning views of Eldora valley make for an excellent fall getaway.

How has glamping changed the way you vacation?

One of the things that I loved most about glamping, especially with Cam, is that it feels more like home. We've got plenty of room to wash his bottles, play, another room for him to sleep in and put the baby monitor up (especially if we want to stay up without waking baby)...it's like all the comforts of home but while we're away! Being in a hotel is nice and all, but sometimes you feel so cramped, especially with how much we now bring for Camden.

Another aspect that we like about glamping is that it's a good way to get out into nature without having to sleep in a tent. Josh and I used to do a ton of dispersed camping here in Colorado before Cam arrived, and it was fun. But now that we have a little baby with us, I love that glamping still provides the nature aspect with out having to compromise comfort.

Chloe and baby Cam enjoy the view of the expansive woods outside the cabin

There's no better way to get in touch with nature than glamping out in a sea of green.

To find your very own Colorado getaway, browse through our collection of unbeatable Colorado accommodations!

Don't forget to check out Chloe's blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more glamping adventures to come.

Blogger Spotlight: Gina glamps in New York

By Jessica Armstrong

Join along in on the journey as Gina of What the Doost takes glamping by storm. From visiting charming cabins in Upstate New York to creating tips and how-to's for new glampers all over the globe, she has got it down. Check out her blog post and most recent visit to Hunter, NY to find all the information you need to know before embarking on your own outdoor adventure.

The Doosts prepare for their glamping getaway in Upstate New York

The Doosts are taking fall getaways to the next level with a glamping excursion in Upstate New York.

1. What are your top must haves when glamping in the fall?

When I first heard about this glamping trip, my thought was how perfectly aligned the season is for this. Watching summer turn to fall is one of my favorite seasonal things to do—I vibe with Mother Nature and all its beauty.

The first thing I grabbed was my camera and then my Arya essential face oil, as well as some Ritual products, too. A couple comfortable sweaters and my favorite sneakers to get plenty of hiking in were necessary, too.

2. How does your travel style change between seasons?

I love colors and being able to change my hues with the season is always exciting. For fall, I stick to tones of golden, red, and green. While traveling, I try to be as versatile as possible, so I often think of a theme and base my outfits around that.

Rustic cabin hidden in the forests near Albany, NY

Gina was lucky to find this cozy, rustic cabin tucked away in the woods near Albany.

3. How do you plan your vacations? Around destination? Around style? Around accommodation?

I plan my vacations around experiences and the destination. Everything else comes secondary. There are so many beautiful places in the world, and the more I see, the richer my soul feels.

4. Are you an overpacker or underpacker? How so?

I've managed to steer away from those days when I over-packed; I really enjoy traveling light. But like most people, I have those "oops" moments. Though I try not to stress over materials I forget—most things can be bought or replaced—I always love supporting the towns I visit.

Steak dinner cooked on the cabin's outdoor grill

They took full advantage of the outdoor grill and fired up some steaks to enjoy with a drink and a view.

5. What is your favorite piece of fall apparel?

Cozy sweaters, soft and big!

6. How do you advise fall glampers to plan for their glamping stay?

While there are many things to do, give yourself a good amount of time to do nothing—to sit out and take in the views, to be with your own thoughts, and to appreciate it all.

Front porch of the rustic cabin

The rustic exterior of this cabin intertwines perfectly with the beautiful fall scenery.

7. What was your favorite part of your glamping accommodation? Why?

I have two favorites for this one: the location and the built-in sauna. It was everything, beneficial for the mind, body, and soul.

8. How would you describe your glamping style and vibe? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

I love both spectrums, from stylish to rustic. For this trip, I would say our style was more charming, rustic, and outdoorsy. We rented a 2018 BMW convertible and really took advantage of the drive and nice weather. The scenery was so vibrant!

Beautiful fall foliage surrounding the glamp site

Like the Doosts, any glamper will be sure to fall in love with the incredible views and rustic escape this glamping adventure has to offer.

Make your next escape to the great outdoors a fall weekend adventure and visit one of our Upstate New York accommodations!

Follow along with Gina and her next glamping travels on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Best Fall Weekend Glamping Trip

By Jackie Dreyer

This post was written by a guest author.

If you’re planning an upcoming glamping trip—or if you’d like to try glamping for the first time—it might be difficult to find the perfect location. To make your decision easier, we’ve chosen the following five best places to reserve a glamping getaway this fall.

A view from outside of the cedar green house in Silverton, Oregon.
There's nothing quite so dreamy as this level of seclusion at this Oregon cottage.

1. Peaceful Cedar Green House – Silverton, Oregon

It’s hard to believe someone living in the Pacific Northwest would need an escape to nature when so much of the region is made up of incredible natural landscape. Still, nature calls, and glamping is the perfect way to experience the areas outside of the hipster haven of Portland.

This cottage in Silverton, Oregon, puts you directly in touch with the nature around you. The greenhouse-style dwelling has floor-to-ceiling windows broken up only by cedar support beams, so you can see the lush trees surrounding the place. If that’s not enough to sell you, consider the fact that there’s a hot tub inside of the house, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be booking your weekend here ASAP.

Two of the lovely eco-cabins at this glamping site in Texas Hill Country.
Get ready for a relaxing yoga retreat at this Texas glamping gem.

2. Eco-Cabin in Texas Hill Country – Spicewood, Texas

Just outside the hustle-and-bustle of Austin, you’ll find this peaceful cabin, nestled in a community that centers upon serenity. Once you book your stay, you can also sign up for yoga classes and massage package to make your experience all the more relaxing.

Even if you don’t sign up for extras, you can take advantage of the communal Floating Cabin, which is a great perch for reading and spotting wildlife. You can also swim and kayak from the Floating Cabin’s edge, too!

One of the cozy log cabin rentals available at this glamping resort in South Dakota.
A cozy log cabin stay is just what the doctor called for in South Dakota.

3. Charming Log Cabin Rentals at Resort – Spearfish, South Dakota

This property was named one of the top 10 must-see log cabin vacation sites—and for good reason. It’s smack-dab in the middle of all of South Dakota’s most incredible parks, landscapes, and historical sites. Just down the road, you can find Deadwood, a key town in the midst of the national gold rush. A 90-minute drive will take you to the Black Hills, an awe-inspiring National Forest just next door to Mount Rushmore.

Spearfish itself is a place of incredible natural beauty, too, so you can certainly stick to your glamping destination if you’re just there for a weekend. The property has many on-site amenities, including a pool, fire pits, and a dog park, making it a great option if you’re bringing four-legged glampers along.

The beautiful interior of the tree house's bedroom in California.
Make your childhood dreams come true at this California tree house.

4. Magically Romantic Tree House in Eucalyptus Grove – Petaluma, California

Glamping in this California tree house brings you up close and personal with nature—tree limbs jut through the house and into the living space—but that’s all part of the place’s rustic, romantic charm. It sits in Sonoma County, and its height gives you a bird’s eye view of the Golden State’s incredible rolling hills.

Of course, being that you’re in Sonoma County, it would be a shame to miss the area’s best wineries, and you can also drive to many of the Bay Area’s natural highlights, including Point Reyes National Seashore. Or consider yourself "outdoorsy" by grabbing a glass of wine, cracking open a book, and reading while sitting in an actual treetop—the choice is yours.

The inside of the waterfront cabin in Woodstock, New York.
This waterfront rental is the perfect Upstate New York destination from which to enjoy the fall foliage.

5. Historic Former Mill Turned Waterfront Luxury Rental – Woodstock, New York

If you’re glamping with friends, a trip to Woodstock, New York, could be in the cards. This historic mill—built along both Cooper Lake and Sawkill Streams in the 1800s—sleeps four and has all of the comforts of home, including a gas fireplace.

And, while the Woodstock Festival no longer takes place in this town, it’s still a popular destination for artists of all mediums. You can take a break from outdoor pursuits by exploring the thriving local cultural scene to see it for yourself. Otherwise, the mountains, waterfalls, and hikes to both will give you the taste of beautiful nature you seek.

Where will your first glamping trip take you? If this list has proven anything, it’s that you can glamp just about anywhere in the U.S., from the luxurious rolling hills of Sonoma Wine Country to the wild forests of South Dakota. All you have left to do now is decide which is the right destination for your next trip, pack a bag, and get glamping.

Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts!

Headshot for Kaycee of The Drifter Collective.

Author Bio: Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing, and inspiring posts.